[ASMR] Tattoo Consultation Roleplay – Part 1 (Soft Spoken)

[ASMR] Tattoo Consultation Roleplay – Part 1 (Soft Spoken)

(I will make a lot of mistakes so sorry about that, I hope you can still undertsand what she says^^) Hi! I’m Tingting. Please have a seat I will be doing a tattoo consultation today Have you gotten a tattoo before? Okay No problem. So first, let’s go over the different styles. So you can pick one For styles I love flowers Like the one on my arm. Wanna take a look? Sure. It’s a full color style I chose to use black mixed deep purple So it makes it look cooler I also have a small one Here on my collarbone Yeah, it’s a little lotus About the lotus, I do have two very special
designs I can show you You can see This is Basic cheap style And this is for color style Yeah, just like mine This flower is very popular in China Because it has a very special meaning This flower It grows in muddy water But it keeps its Purity and harmony People like this attitude So the Tattoos Like to remind them No matter Where you are You can still be yourself Yeah, I like this meaning Most people like to tattoo it On the back of their neck May I? Yes here I also do some Chinese calligraphy style tattoos.
Do you want to see it? Here we have three Very beautiful Chinese characters I think you Always see this character in some temples We call it [ ]
It means think So monks, they write this character to remind them Never stop thinking And keep finding the answer in your heart And this one a lot of people like to tattoo this character My friend She has one On her back We call it 爱 Which means “love” Love your family Love your friends and love yourself, it’s most important And The last one we call it 美 It means “Beautiful” Beautiful inside, beautiful outside Not only surface So what do you think? Mm-hmm okay, you like Chinese style? Okay. I do have some Chinese style pictures
you can take a look So I think when you think about China You would think about Dragons It’s also very popular style We think dragon means brave. Yeah A lot of Men, they like to tattoo it on their back around their shoulders And you can choose to use Different colors, like gold, like blue or green And here we have different style of dragon So, which one do you prefer? This one? So do I. I like the details Should be very pretty on your back If you like any more styles we have Different a choice So here I have One, two, three. One, two, three, four. I have a twelve different animals Yeah, it’s Chinese zodiac I have a mouse Tiger. Horse. A roast. Cow. Rabbit. Sheep. Dog. Yeah and dragon and a snake Monkey And a pig You can choose your zodiac of your families Your love or your lovers or Some animals you like Like dragon is very popular and the horse It’s been successful in China And the pig it’s very cute Okay, so friendly the tribal style So sometimes if you Want to get tattoo, but you just don’t know What you really want I think this style Will be perfect for you Just some basic of shape I think black will be the best color
for some pictures like these This is all I have what do you think? How about right now let me do a quick sketch, so You can see what it will look like Please just wait a minute I will be going to use my ink And here’s my brush to draw the picture [Ooooh it sounds so nice✨💞] Let me just give it a little bit of water Let me think… I can make it special and pretty Hear the strokes Let me show you Just give it a couple second so you can try Okay, so this is just the step one we still can change it, okay What do you think Do you like it? My pleasure yeah, I just have some ideas about this design About Let me see Let me trace this picture um on to your arm Yeah, so you can wear it for a couple of days? Then if you dislike it if you want change it you can just come back Okay So please put your arm here Let me just first clean your arm This one can clean your arm and it also can protect your skin And keep the Tattoo last longer Let me see Maybe on top oh, we like make it like the button Is it medium Just let’s try it today You just relax your arm So this Chinese character we call it 禅 It’s a little bit hard to explain what it means, it’s just uh You can call it zen Every time when I see this character just always makes me very Feel really calmed down Monks, they always said inner peace, inner peace They say that about this character So I forgot to ask you what made you want to get a tattoo today? And somebody will make tattoos because they want Remember some beautiful happy memories I think it’s very very good way to help you
remember something (I’m actually not sure what she said here, sorry) You make a beautiful picture on your body That is the reason why I like tattoos You can take a look Thank you! I’m so happy you like it! You are welcome! Thanks for coming Have a good day Bye bye Thank you to my lovely patreons Hrannar, Jeb, Iris, Matt, Nolan,
Ben, Claude, Kymberly, Cesar for their support If you would like yo to become a patreon Check out my patreon page for cool rewards And don’t forget to leave a like and turn on notifications So you don’t miss any future videos

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  1. Hi everyone, hope you like this role play! I had to cut it up a bit because my Blue Yeti was dying throughout it and the sound got distorted and I couldn't redo it because my temporary tattoos wore off 😛 but I think it's okay ^_^ On Saturday I have a very special announcement so be sure to come back!! <3

  2. Dont put a lotos on the back of my neck put it on my wrist cuz i have a medium-sized knot on the back of my neck.

  3. omg this so amazing and I listen to all ur videos every night to help me sleep I love you role playing it amazing and did I draw all the drawings

  4. Is the character 愛 Japanese and Chinese? Because I am actually learning Japanese and that was one of the first words I learned. Can anyone tell me?

  5. I really appreciate her asking if she can touch us during the role play! She does it so effortlessly and it helps me to feel even more at ease

  6. I feel like if I look at her wrong at a bar or something I'd die a few days later mysteriously due to some Yakuza members

  7. Tingting, I LOVE your videos, but I can't watch them anymore. The advertisements play AFTER the video and they always wake me up! Sorry, but if the asmr results in me being awake, it does not work. 🙁

  8. I like when you talk about Chinese culture etc because I love China so much and I would like to learn mandarin (I know some words) and live in China for maybe a year and also you are very talented, anyway I really love your work!!

  9. Tattoo's and piercings?… That's a no no ting ting. I'm afraid your off my 10 list. Take a note ladies, it's ugly and masculine. Not attractive.

  10. The only thing i love about this channel is that her english is improving very much (no offence) add up with her lovely Chinese accent and you will be drifted into sleep in no time

  11. I love watching your videos not only because it helps me sleep, but I love the way you talk (your pronunciation, your tone, your accent, etc.) and I don't know why, but your smile makes me feel relaxed and happy. You also have such a gentle soul and you seem so positive. I love your videos 💕

  12. hold up.
    美 means beautiful
    国 means country (more precisely enclosure but whatever)
    and 美国 means america (if u cant tell thats the above two chinese characters combined)

    hmm . . .
    btw this is not actually how chinese works so dont take it seriously. i.e 死 means death but 疼死 means pain. so it kinda is different.

  13. Hi Tingting. I like this video very much. I see by your IG post you are in LA. I would love to meet you and treat you to dinner while you are here. You can contact me, if you are interested, on IG or Patreon, where I am a patron. Xie xie ni. Bao bo

  14. My blind ass thought you were holding a cat in the thumbnail..

    Now that’s an ASMR video I would like to see. TingTing ASMR – ASMR – Brushing my kitty and puppy – pet pampering

    lord i’m sorry

  15. Black makes dark "PurPur" Whaaa…..??? 🤔😂🤔 ( I'm not bein a hater but…. Whaaaa….. )

  16. “No matter where you are, you can still be yourself” this is an amazing quote ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Ting, ting, listen here. I can not even express how scared I was when i saw the thumbnail. Mind you, this was before I saw the title. I thought you "ruined" your flawless, perfect, beautiful skin. Yes yes, I know tattoos aren't burdens nor flaws, but Ting's skin is sooo clear. It's to pretty to wear the ink.
    Yes I do know these aren't real tattoos~

  18. Tingting, you are the most amazing, beautiful lady. Your soothing voice and finger tapping give me the most amazing tingles. When you were mixing your ink, my tingles had tingles! Incredible. Thank you.

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