Ashley Meets With Don’s Mistress | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ashley Meets With Don’s Mistress | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– I’m pregnant by Don. – I’m sorry.
You what? What did you say? You have the nerve to sit here
in front of my face and tell me that you’re carrying
my husband’s baby? This just a [bleep] up
situation. And I will need to see
a paternity test to even believe that the child is Don’s. – ♪ – I hope that you’re ready
to be a single mom, if it is Don’s,
because Don ain’t got [bleep]. So child support,
all that type of stuff, like good luck with that. – And I don’t think
you understand it. I wasn’t in this for that. I’m here because I was try–
– I mean– – –apologize to you. Whether you accept it or not,
I was wrong. And I’m apologizing for
the role that I played in destroying your family.
That is it. – If your child
is my husband’s child, I would never, ever, ever
accept your apology. I will never respect you
as a woman. Point, black, period.
– This is not the first time. I’ve been pregnant by Don
twice. There’s the money
for the abortion that he asked me to have. – ♪ – Oh okay, so let me
get this straight. You got pregnant by him twice. You’re showing me screenshots
of money that he gave you for an abortion?
[clapping] Congratulations,
you’ve played yourself. You look like a fool, okay. Trap Queen,
that’s your new name. – That’s your hood terminology.
– That’s your new name. – It’s okay to be ratchet.
– That’s your new name, slut. Both of y’all [bleep] up, okay? And you deserve it
just like he do, okay? – I don’t deserve [bleep]
from you though, but let me go ahead and let you
have your moment. – Good. Okay. You were [bleep] him on
three, four times a week. – –we are in a bookstore
if you didn’t notice. – How did my [bleep] taste,
Ashley, I’m curious? – No, bitch, how my [bleep]
taste because I [bleep] him in the morning
before he [bleep] you. – To know that Don had threw
away his family, his marriage, and everything that we worked
so hard for, for her? It hurts. But it tells me how much Don
really thought we was worth. – You look like a [bleep] idiot.
– You’re the idiot. Me and him are separated.
I’m done. I don’t give a [bleep]
about you and Don. – Just be classy and wipe
the lipstick off your teeth. – No! No! Bitch, wipe the
[bleep] off of your lips, so [bleep] Don [bleep]. – You’re not intimidating me.
You’re like [bleep] 40. – But you’re a little bitty ass
slut bitch Trap Queen to me. You’re such a bum, sweetie. – Go ahead and run back to your
husband like you always do. – Go take care of your baby,
okay? The second baby– – Sweetheart,
go ahead and leave! – Take care of that! When you had two kids
by a married man, okay? – Go ahead and continue
to act like a hood rat. – Goodbye, Trap Queen!
– What? – Goodbye, Trap Queen!
– What’s up? – Don’t do this. Get the [bleep] out of my face
before I got to jail.

100 thoughts on “Ashley Meets With Don’s Mistress | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. This is so painful to watch. This wife is so dumb yo how u getting mad a girl your cheating ass husband choose. Gtfoh

  2. Ashley, had every right to speak out towards trap queen needed to hear. A married woman doesn’t loose her rights is the sidekicks that do.

  3. Haha! Sidepiece looks wife dead in the face after confessing to having had two abortions of children by the wife's husband and tells her that it's okayyyyy to be ratchet. I guess she's speaking from experience? Someone please. Make it make sense? Welcome to 2019.

  4. I don't know when will Ashley start acting like a grow woman…she wanna be fight over this man forever….u gonna step to the wrong woman 1 of these days.

  5. Reality tv exposes the dysfunction in certain people and their communities. I really hate seeing black folks, and black women at that, displaying this type of dysfunction for all to see. So my hypothetical question is. When did tattoo artists and their garbage ass lifestyles become entertainment?


  7. Only one looking stupid here is Ashley. I would tell her you can have him and just get up and leave.. only one you should be mad at is your husband for wanting to have sex with these other women instead of you

  8. Ashley should be ashamed of herself. The side chick did not make vows 2 you, your husband did. All of that aggression should be directed at him.

  9. Being pregnant by a married man look so ridiculous. I can’t believe there’s women out here that will beg the universe to be a single mother.

  10. That's why I don't watch that or basketball wives anymore. Our people be fighting and degrading each other on TV. And white people or other races be laughing at our ass.

  11. It's funny seeing her always call the other women stupid when your husband has cheated on you during the entire relationship before the marriage during the marriage so whose really the fool here 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. It's sad how we parade around for people to look at us as if we have no sense of integrity or morals at all. Look at the glares

  13. I wish black women would accept and educate themselves about polygyny and that our black men stop having sex with any random woman because they feel that's what makes them a man

  14. Whew I’m a whole year late 😂 I had no idea this was going. I was rooting for them !! Just wonder why she continues to stay with him? 🧐

  15. Ok teachable moment: Ladies Ladies Ladies smh…… whenever there's a situation with a man and he's married or not which really is relevant because when you're cheating on your spouse you're cheating on your spouse when the women go out at with one another you are disabling the man and deflecting the fact that he is the responsible person so as you two are arguing he's off doing what he's doing again again and again.
    Second thing when Ashley says to The Other Woman you know your worth the question is ladies do you know your worth because when a man continues to do this you are accepting and saying that it's okay it's time to take responsibility to shift yourselves I know I've been there it's not about shame or blame but it's about healing and when I see this it just really agitates me because the man or the one who's at fault continues to get away with the mess they made. If you want something differwnt you have to become something different….FACTS👀👀💥👊#100

  16. How she gone say ashley look like the idiot but you had a married man get you pregnant TWICE. Come on now, what did she think the end game was going to be.. a big happy family🤨

  17. Mmmmmm I respect women but there's a point where I feel like you just pathetic and evil. Like you will try to hurt another woman by lying, scheming and giving false apologies. Like that's not okay

  18. "Before I go to jail" lmao that sounds like a "you" problem.. actually the side chick shouldve facilitated Ashley going to jail maybe she'd get some sense while in there

  19. Yall women in here must be the strongest women on America.. tell this women how to feel an what to do. It ain't that easy for pple to just leave.. yes I know I sound dumb but WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE even ur parents. Our gmas were STRONG WOMEN!!. but she has years an two kids with him .. that side peice just wanna meet up to get publicity.. I feel bad for Ashley. But now in 2019 looks like don has calmed down an is being a good man

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