Aquaman v Superman – Hero Swap

Aquaman v Superman – Hero Swap

So… it has come to this. I can still remember the screams. The pain. I was enjoying a good ole’ time with two of my best friends. When suddenly… NoOooOoooOOoOOooooOoooooooo! I saw the monsters responsible for this terrible act. And I knew I had to work hard to defeat my enemies. I trained myself to be stronger… better… faster! I even got myself some sweet tattoos. And now I’m ready to take you down! *grunts* *zap* *poof* You done? I’ve got a date with my girl in her bathtub so… if you’ll excuse me. Nay! You will stay here and face me! You can’t expect this to just blow over! Yes I can! Psheeewww! Rrraaaaaaaaaagh! Thankful for taking me back to shore my trustful friend *dolphin sounds* Where is he?! Where is this steelish man?! You’re one act behind, Fish Face. Superman, is fighting a NEW threat now. His… Doomsday! Hahahah. HAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What in Poseidon’s name?! Raaaaawr! Ocean Friends! I call upon thee to destroy this monstrosity! *fish roars* Timothy! Gregory! Tim! NO! Not you too! Say… Your mom’s name isn’t Martha too is it? You again? You’ve got to be stopped! Oh my gosh! Will you get over it? We’ve got bigger problems now! Okay fine! Avengers! Assem.. I mean LET’s DO THIS! Well that was easy. Raaa! Splash! Splash! Hey! Cut it out!
Splash! Now my suit’s all wet! Splash!
Let us fight this battle! Splash! Splash! Superman! I found the Kryptonite Spear I threw away! Aha! I have awesome spear throwing skills! Here! Let me help! Huaah! *stabs* Oops. Whyyyyyy? *dying gasp* I failed him in life… I wont fail him in death. Failed him?! You killed him! Can we keep that between us? Hey! Where are you going? Gathering the others! You can stay here thanks! But I can help! You’ve done enough! Awe come on! I can talk to the creatures of the ocean! Sharks and stuff! It’s So Awesome! Thanks but I’d rather have the guy who runs really fast. But I can SWIM really fast!

100 thoughts on “Aquaman v Superman – Hero Swap

  1. Aquaman can control water and all these living organisms are made of water, including superman. So he's actually a bigger threat than you might think.

  2. I like to think of Superman as the George Washington of superheroes. Or was captain America the first famous superhero?

  3. Tbh didnt find this funny. It's like a 12 year olds level of jokes, Aquaman is lame supes is stronger. Yeah cool

  4. Funny stuff so is there going to be more DC movies coming out, a sequel to justice league? This was great

  5. This animation is awesome
    Also, if you guys compare Aquaman to Hawkeye, well at least Hawkeye has really good aim, he would've killed doomsday with that arrow instead of hitting Superman

  6. I think will make aqua man cooler if he had weapons I don't know like a gun or a sword or stronger team than a Splashing people

  7. Damn youtube recommedndations. You morons took all these years to introduce me to this masterpiece. Where are the other? 😂😂

  8. Superman is weak to magic and aqua mans trident is full of it it’s basically like a criptinite spear anyway

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