‘Anti-Swearing’ Pledge for Girls Only?

‘Anti-Swearing’ Pledge for Girls Only?

queens of peace high school in north
arlington the girls at this high school were asked to sign an anti curves up
latch ed the interesting thing about this story is it was a little girls that
had to sign the pledge the boys were not has to do so and then i realized out
that would sign the pledge they found out after the fact that they’re like
what the hell is going on so they ask administrators on-campus why they decide
to do that and uh… laurie’s planet teacher uh… apple school said the
following at least act like leaks no well it here in town i uh…
uh… well once the boise that the women are
curtailing their offensive speech certainly they’re going to want to but
that was the really to lead but but the ladies lead by example right right it
because that always works the i’m with the did you do do women at
women first like sailors lending constantly hikers like the sailor
graphically and i have to be honest with you when i first started working here
and did not personally concealer but the guys deftly had a bit of an
influence on me i was the only one man in this company
from like four years i think it was on before we start hiring more women and i remember having a discussion with some of my
friends and one of my friends referred to me as
one of them most boulder people choose overmatched why don’t we
talk like that aside on the shop for six years and
nothing has ever made news except for the one time when i said fuck you to
greg got held on fox news while that’s the one thing that made
news they deserve it had sequences the d_x_ definitely
whatever and joining us today and i guess there and talk to you great not up like do you think you’re not going to do
what did no one can turn off that all my kids ran down my senses very much so
unless i’ve if i’m not paying extra for it that’s it repeatedly uh… curse at
me while you with instead mine uh… but acted what’s disturbing to me
is that this is what the school is so concerned with but this is what they’re taking their
time to write a pledge to have we don’t want to have females uh… reddit with
there’s probably something about global warming that you could be learning yeah
some some basic arithmetic there’s probably something more important than a
person pledge going on in your insures the yeah by the way yeah you’re catholic school in jersey you
should burst into flames just walking into that school haha best as i’ve seen
the shore i know what goes on this issue every like an anti-tank pledges that
which is nice exactly my first stop sign that you will not need to know gcl and
you will not come out of your life at the city crazier it’s that that that is what are the most
other stories that they were not that he was the yes it was sexist and yes it was
misguided and it seems silly was just seems
incredibly silly but it was more that that people were wasting time tackling
this particular issue right absolutely and like this stereotyping and pushing
certain gender expectations is obviously something it’s on my nerves you talk
about on the show on a regular basis it also there’s nothing wrong with expressing
yourself if you really upset anyone use the word like fuck it’s not the end of
the world ec one segment obviously you should learn where you can and can’t see
it there certain professional environment so it doesn’t make sense let some discussion about that you’ll have a class about like i don’t
know doing job interviews or how to how to perform at the workplace that make
sense that she can fuck unqualified so i think that mother fucker outward that trying to say that i just
like that resume crowds today

100 thoughts on “‘Anti-Swearing’ Pledge for Girls Only?

  1. "Argh, no cussing for you littles misses! *hack* Act like a woman!"
    Okay, this is pretty dumb, but its waste of time to put this shit on the news…

  2. I was going to post a bunch of obscenities in response to the video, only to see that is has already been done. Fucking god tit pissing damn shit.

  3. Funny most guys love a woman who talks dirty…Are you old? From the old days when girls only say what they were told to say without question?

  4. A better pledge for children is to only use swear words when you mean them, not as everyday speech.
    If you swear in every sentence then when you need to really swear, you have nothing to say.
    This is just a pledge for girls not to use words as weapons or retaliate verbally.

  5. There's no way to stop cursing in school and it's not that big of a deal anyway. Obviously people shouldn't be cursing to teachers and out loud, etc.

  6. Now I get it, you're unaware about the context of those slogans. Those signs you saw at SlutWalks, it all started when some policeman at a safety forum said, “[W]omen should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” It's called victim blaming. In some Muslim countries, for examples, there are cases when 13-year-old rape victims are stoned to death for “failing to preserve their virginity.” Now THAT is objectification.

  7. You call it "Victim Blaming" I call it poorly phrased empowerment……Your actions do have an affect, act wisely.

    On the Honor killings…..It is a criminal offense to be a male rape victim in most of Africa. A Criminal offense that is punishable by death. This is not some special women only problem, it is much less of a problem for women. Honor killings are officially not legal (though rarely punished) in most Muslim countries. Male rape victims are killed by the government.

  8. So what are you saying? Are you saying that if a woman or a girl walks out of her house dressed in revealing clothing and gets raped, it's her fault?! Don't you see how wrong that is? And what is this rape-justifying obsession with apparel, anyway? I don't care if people wear pizzas on their heads or even if they go on the street butt naked, and neither should you.

    Whoa, I honestly haven't heard about that African shit before. Care to provide links?

  9. If only everybody saw it the way you see it. I've spoken with one person from Turkey who said that in her country, if somebody gets murdered wearing a miniskirt, the police are reluctant to even investigate the crime.

    By the way, that police officer repented and said he felt embarrassed by his comment.

    Also, no offense, haha, but you might have confused the 1920s with the 1950s. They don't call 'em the Roaring Twenties for nothin'.

  10. I can't post links in comments, sorry. You heard of the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda? Well Congo and other countries already have it, and it passed in Uganda. A man being raped by a man is an act of homosexuality and is punishable by death under these laws.

    Is the rape her fault? No. Was she a helpless object that had no power to do anything to help herself. Again NO. Reread OfoxonianExtraction's comment for more details.

  11. Also, the obsession with clothing is yours. I've not mentioned how women dress once. You are the one obsessed with fabric. I think this is your real problem here. This has nothing to do with apparel. It's about what are the risk factors that women can pro-activly act upon to increase or decrease the risk of getting raped. Not on what you wear. Don't get black out drunk is every bit as "victim blaming" as don't dress like a slut.

  12. Yes, I have a fitness playlist and I'm American. If you haven't noticed Americans are the superior athletes. Make all the fat jokes you want, but who won the Olympics? Your inferior nation of Finland could disappear and no one would care. America enriches your nothing/boring life in Finland. Follow our news and continue using our Youtube. Bye 🙂

  13. Okay so change it to "don't teach people to avoid being being mugged, teach people to not mug"? The point is, I agree with you that women should learn self defense and not be too eager to go home with strangers and whatnot. But you're vilifying a victim. A woman should not have to be on the look out for rape, just like you shouldn't have to be on the look out for street thugs.

  14. You make a statement, contradict yourself, then say I'm vilifying the victim for doing EXACTLY the same thing you just did……

    "Should not have to" and "in reality do" are two very different statements. If I'm unaware of risks and take big ones, I will get mugged. I need to know what the risk factors are so I can make an informed choic

    Please tell me exactly what is "vilifying the victim" about being strongly opposed to a sign that in affect says "Empower men to make choices FOR women!!!"

  15. I think you missed what I was saying. 'Damn' is considered a swear, but if you want to use 'fuck' as an example, go ahead. Point I was trying to make is that swearing doesn't make you a bad person or mean you have a bad life. It's just the social norm. Also, I have a lot of female friends that would choose death before having to act 'lady-like' much less an anti-swearing pledge.

  16. Please point out the contradiction so I can clarify or correct a mistake
    I'm aware that those 2 statements are very different, with discussing moral topics, it's generally dealt with in the realm of of "should" and not "is"
    Is your argument that women who aren't prepared SHOULD be raped?
    My argument is that no woman should be raped. And I'm pretty sure 99.9999% of women would rather not be. It seems to me your argument is that those who are raped, deserve it (turning the victim into the bad guy)

  17. The contradiction. I want to teach people self defense so they can avoid being mugged, but I don't want to teach people how to avoid being mugged.

    Lets look at when a cop is murder. Shooting cops is bad. When a cop is shot the PD does not throw a pitty party. They research the event. They look at what the cop did do and didn't do to end up in a situation where he got shot. They identify risks and modify procedures to minimize risks to other cops. None of this says it's the dead guys FAUL

  18. because we are different. noone is better. but we are different. men should be masculine, women should be feminine. simple. you can be ugly all you want. but don't ruin other women

  19. We are different biologically and anatomically, not intellectually or verbally, therefore your reasoning for why only women shouldn't swear is garbage. Try again, short bus.

  20. its 2012 have you been living under a rock go to lands like england and america alott of females curse there, also times have change so plz get you butt out of your rock and move on -.-

  21. we are different intellectual if we are different biologically. thats a fact. if we are different biologically as you conceed, we are different intellectually. women who don't swear are attractive sweet innocent. 🙂

  22. I'm saying they shouldn't have to learn not to be mugged/raped, but I understand being mugged/raped is a real possibility because there are people out there in the real world who commit crimes like this. But if it occurs, that doesn't make it the victim's fault for "not being prepared"
    Going back to the sign, there's no outrage because most men would have no problem being taught how to not rape. In fact most of us already know how to not rape. On top of that I dont think its meant to be literaly

  23. then youre sexist -.- also umm tomboys >.> there my answer there r female who like dressing as boys and being as it, also isnt this a free world where both female and male should curse, its like saying a male can fart but a female cant -.-

  24. On the sign, you perceive me blaming the victim because you are sexist. You don't believe deep down that women are agents. Deep down you see women as objects and men as agents. That any results are the affect of MEN and women are powerless to affect results. If I talk about the "agency" of a tree that was in my car's way, I'm just blaming the tree. The tree can not take action. This is how you are treating women. Objects who's choices are meaningless.

  25. "accosiated"? What the fuck is "accosiated"???

    Were you trying to spell associated, by any chance? Good god, looks like Mr. "Intellectual" is at it again…

    As for femininity, this is no longer the 1950s. Women are no longer expected to be meek just like how we're no longer expected to be barefoot and pregnant. I suggest you get with the times.

  26. mainstream society isn't intelligent. people who have a high iq are 10%, so unfortunately society isn't getting better. so no. next will u say i should enjoy the music of justin beiber? hes popular so i should get with the times? No idiot. Also don't correct grammar of spelling. makes you look even more pathetic for the fact you have nothing else to go on. Also you are fat and noone loves you.

  27. What the fuck does treating women as intelligent human beings have to do with Justin Fucking Beiber? Jumping on the bandwagon and listening to shitty music just because it's popular is much different than learning to respect over 50% of the world's population because that's what civilized people do.

    Oh, and who is "noone"? If that is a person it's supposed to be capitalized.

  28. Think about it for a while. You may never understand it. I am presenting you with a radical paradigm shift in how you see women, feminism and the world. Very few people are smart and strong enough to step outside the socially accepted and practiced norms to see reality. You are not a bad person if you can't step outside yourself and see the double standards in treatment of men and women that is the real basic core of sexism. You are just a normal person.

  29. i know your stupid, but if u cant see how popular music is comparable to getting with the times you should jump off a cliff

  30. My point was that you can't liken listening to popular music simply because it's popular to respecting women because as a society we have progressed beyond caveman antics.

    Oh, and "your stupid" should be "you're stupid".

  31. I was addressing the "act like a lady" portion of his comment. the Acting black/white portion wasnt worth paying attention to. Sorry for the confusion.

  32. Let's not forget that holding women to "higher standards" than men says terrible things about men as well. So in actuality, there's no one in the world this person isn't insulting or degrading. ^^

    I'll be the one to say it, though, good manners are good manners. They have a time and place, and when applicable, they should all apply to everyone, not just one or the other. Men and women (and everyone in between) are only as different as we make ourselves out to be.

  33. Oh, so it's an amendment to the kill-the-gays laws. There are 7 or so government that have adopted those, all Muslim. All Islamic states are shithole countries.

    What practical implications does your statement have?

  34. Well, you brought up honor killings. While honor killings are an atrocity, an atrocity against women, women are not the only victim group. Having it literally be a criminal offense punishable by death to be a rape VICTIM is much worse of an atrocity than police looking the other way when the crime of honor killings is committed. Blaming the victim is not some "women only" problem.

  35. I LOVE THIS GUY!!!
    In my many years in the TYT Army, I have NEVER NOT felt like, "Ugh, can we get Cenk/Ana back on set please!?" when a different anchor popped up in one of their places. (W/the obvious exception of Jayar♥)
    This is the first vid I'm seeing this this guy and he's AWESOMESAUCE ^O^Hilarious.
    Oh, &though Steve rarely ever anchors, he's actually my favorite when I want facts W/O BS.
    He's the ONLY anchor that speaks like he has sense 100% of the time. LOL but humor is the trade off.

  36. Men love girlie girls who take care of their body, who wear pink and go shopping because these traits are very feminine but I don't understand how profanity is not 'ladylike'.

  37. I'm confused, because I'm watching this on the internet and I'm sure that neither it nor I existed in 1920.

  38. A woman's worth should not be based on how much men like her. Why not what contributions she has made toward a better world? Or is that something you never think about?

  39. Men's worth should not be based on how tall he is or how much money he has or how good looking he is.

    Let me ask you a question Elle's Bells, are you a feminist?

  40. Bunch of young idiotis sheeple all of u r. Females can & do swear the most, especially when drinking & accomplished refrain from using harsh language because if makes them appear low class, uneducated, unrefined & unsofisticated. I detest females whom have flight mouths & one syllable answers. Truly low bred.

  41. I don't cate if they have a sexy body, fuck off, ic u can't have evrythi g else I place. The body is just window dressing. Sorty 4 the cursing word here

  42. WOW, is that you on this picture? you're smokin hot. I would marry you and love <3 you and kiss you and cuddle with you 😉

  43. you didnt make any point and you didnt contribute anything to the debate/discussion/argument and now i wonder whos on crack, wait let me think hmnnn, ohh i cant tell , its too complicated, i guess it must be me then whos on crack.

  44. 1:07 my mom and dad said that I said my first cuss word when I was 1 year old, they said that I said the S Word and I responded, "I didn't remember that." and my mom responded back, "Well, that's because you're so little."

  45. Most men don't even look for a "girly girl" anymore. We certainly don't love anybody just out of them liking to shop (unless the man in question likes shopping). You are right though, Cursing is really neither unladylike or ungentlemanly in today's social reality.

  46. That wasn't my point, the point I was trying to get across is men prefer a female who has desirable feminine traits and behaviors. Most straight males never approach tomboys.

  47. I really liked this girl…until I looked up the clip of her saying "fuck you" to Greg Gutfeld. This girl didn't get the joke, or she understood that Greg was joking and decided to take offense anyway. Either way, lost my respect a little bit.

  48. I agree with you to an extent. Cursing too much, when it's not needed or unfitting is where I'd agree with you completely.

  49. Nothing is a better turn on for us guys then a girl telling you that she wants you to fuck her, and of course actually meaning it.

  50. it's a private school, so they're pretty much in the dark ages. but still, it should be enforced for both genders or not at all.

  51. I don't swear a lot but only when it's necessary and straight to the point. It's the same with nude scenes. If there's too many unnecessary nude/sex scenes, it's a porno. But if it serves a purpose to the story, then it's fine.

  52. Girls swear. Big fucking deal! I swear in front of my mom and she don't give a dam. She sears in front of me. Girls are gonna swear till the end of time. I swear cuz I don't GIVE A FUCK!

  53. The Anti-Swearing League is wasting its time devoting itself to a single issue. General ettiquette in different situations is much better to learn.

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