Annoying Orange – Reacting to CRAZY FOOD TATTOOS!

Annoying Orange – Reacting to CRAZY FOOD TATTOOS!

(upbeat rock music) – Hey, yo, it’s A to the O. – And, it’s Pear. – Yeah, we’re gonna do
kinda different video today. – Yeah, we got our projector all lined up and we are going to react to food tattoos. – Dancing bowling balls. – We are not gonna react
to dancing bowling balls. – You sure about that? – Yes, I’m very sure. – Come on Pear, we’d be on a roll. – Stop. – Cinnamon roll. – No, okay, so we’re gonna search online. – Oh. – For just any kind of
weird, crazy food tattoos and react to ’em. – Alright, let’s do this thing. – Are we sure we’re ready for this? – Pear, I was born ready. – Alright, I like that enthusiasm. – Oh, yeah. – Okay, let’s just jump right in. – Yo, yo, make the jump, jump. – Alright, here’s our first one. – Hey, Pear, Pear. – What? – Look at those buns. (laughter) – Seriously, this is crazy. It actually looks kind of real. – Is that a hotdog on your shoulder, or you just happy to see me. – No, seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if random people on the
street just didn’t come up and bite them on the shoulder
every once in a while ’cause they thought it was,
hey, they thought they had a real hotdog on their shoulder. – I bet they having second
thoughts about that tattoo, ’cause that would really bite. – Okay, yeah, it would bite, alright. Oh wow. – Oh no, she’s been assaulted. – Oh, come on. – Get it? A-salt-ed. – Yes, I get it, you
don’t have to explain it. – What, it helps enhance the joke. – It absolutely does not
help enhance the joke. – I’m gonna take what you
say with a grain of salt. – Stop, we’re not turning
this into a pun thing. – What, don’t be salty.
I’m a mover and a shaker. – No. – Shaker. – Dude, stop. On to the next one. Wow. – Um. – Wait, is that spaghetti and
meatballs in a ziploc bag? – How exactly does someone come upon the decision to get this tattoo? – I have no idea, like, you’d
have to have a serious love for both spaghetti and
ziploc bags, or something. – Who’s eating spaghetti
out of a ziploc bag? – Someone who doesn’t
have dishes, I guess. – Guess so. – No, really, I’d like
to get inside the mind of the person that got this tattoo. – I don’t know if you’d
wanna do that, Pear. Might be a dark, dark, place. – Yeah, good point. What else
do they put in ziploc bags that don’t go in ziploc bags? – Oh, I don’t know, soup,
tarantulas, Justin Bieber. – That’d be a big plastic bag. – Okay, let’s move on to the next one. This one’s pasta it’s prime. – Wow. (laughter) – I think I know that guy. – This is so weird. – It’s weird, but I like
it. I gotta say, I like it. – I actually do too. – I’m just trying to figure
out what’s going on here. Is he raising his hand because he wants to answer a question
that the teacher asked? Or is he, like, getting
ready for a karate chop? Or what? – I have no idea. – It raises more questions
than answers, Pear. – It does. I gotta say,
I’m a little jealous ’cause he’s got arms, man. – Yeah, maybe that’s it. Maybe he’s trying to air out his armpits. He’s got stinky armpits. – Yeah, maybe that’s it. – Whoa! – Hey, what the shell is going on here? – You don’t have to do a
pun every single picture. – Incorrect, Pear. – I don’t know, what do you think? You like this one? – Oh, yeah, I like this one. – Yeah, me too. – Who wouldn’t want a
turtle burger as a tattoo? – Turtle burger, that’s a great name. – Although, I do see a problem arising. Like, what happens if he
goes inside of his shell, which is a burger, but how does he refrain
from eating himself? – Well,… (laughter) – What, it’s a serious question. – I don’t even know
how to answer it, dude. – What, did I leave you shell-shocked? – Oh, wow, it’s gonna be like that, is it? – All day, we got all day, Pear. – Okay, turn it down, turn it down. You’re at a ten, bring it down to a two. Thank you. – I know why you’re being uppity. – I’m not being uppity. – You’re jealous of the turtles buns. – Okay, that’s… – What the…? – Oh, wow, I am starting
to see a trend here. – Pear, what is even happening? – I have no idea. – Just like the last
picture, he’s got one arm up. He’s airing out his armpit. I don’t know, is he singing? Directing and orchestra, what’s going on? There’s so many questions. – It does kinda like he’s
directing an orchestra. That could be it. – I think he’s just singing. – That’s what I don’t get. – What? – Who goes into the tattoo parlors, like, I want a hamburger that
is singing with arms. – Probably the same person that’s like, hey can you make me a really angry leek with arms and a killer mustache. – You’re probably right,
it’s the same person. – Hey, I know what he’s singing.
I know what he’s singing. – What? – He’s singing some bun-direction. (laughter) – Oh, no. – I couldn’t help it. – Oh, no, no. – Nope, nope, nope, don’t like it. Don’t like it! – I agree 100%. Why? – Yeah, if I ever met
this person on the street, I’d be like, yeah, it’s
not very knife to meet you. – Really? It’s bad enough that this is
a tattoo, an actual tattoo and I gotta listen to your puns. – Poor Tomato, he’s our friend. – Yeah, I’m gonna have
give this one a zero. – Oh, that really cuts deep. – Stop, dude. – Really, this is no way
to remember To-ma-to. – I agree, if you really want to remember Tomato in the right ways you get a tattoo of him with arms
and a mustache and singing. (laughter) – Wow! – Wow, that is not a great tattoo. – Yeah, and on top of that she’s got a little pea on her foot. (laughter) Made you laugh. – That was terrible, okay, you got me. – Yeah, made you laugh. – Alright, yeah, I laughed. (laughter) – Somebody got that as a tattoo? (laughter) – That’s amazing. – My stomach hurts from laughing. – It’s like that old book
says, ‘everyone poops’. – Yeah, even cupcakes. – Humans are weird, man. – Hey, when a cupcake
goes to the bathroom, do you think it’s called
a sprinkle tinkle? – What? – You know, sprinkles. – Oh. – Sprinkle tinkle. – Yeah, okay, I got it. – No, but going back to
it, humans are weird. You’re right. – Totally, I mean, we wouldn’t get a tattoo of a human on a toilet. – That would be crappy. – Come on, man. – Huh? – What the …? – I’m so confused. – Yeah, you and me both. Why is there a cupcake
on that bird’s head? – You’re asking the wrong questions, Pear. I think the right question is, why is there a bird under that cupcake? – Potato, potahto. – Yo, don’t disrespect Potato. – I’m not. It’s definitely got the
weirdness factor covered. – Yeah, I really think it’s fly. – I knew you were gonna do that. I knew you were gonna say that. – Oh, you did, huh? You know what they say,
‘birds of a feather’. – ‘Stick together’? – No, wear cupcakes on their head. – Oh, yeah, of course, why
didn’t I think of that? What the what? – Again? – What is going on? Birds with cupcakes, is that a thing? – I feel like this is a trend we really gotta get behind, Pear. – Seriously, is this a thing? I have never heard of this. – Sounds like it’s
really baking you crazy. – No, no. – What? – Just stop with the puns, dude. – No, Pear, I will stop at muffin. – No. (laughter) – You love it. Whoa, crazy. – Wow. – Wow, I really lick this one. – Really? We didn’t even look at it yet,
you’re already with the puns. – Serving up two scoops of laughs. – Something like that. This one I actually kinda like, even though they are eating our friends. – Yeah, definitely gonna have to dock ’em points for that one. – Yeah, but I got a mad respect, like, it’s photo realistic,
it’s kind of spooky, actually. – Yeah, it’s ice cream of the crop. – Oh, dude. – What, it’s why I’m here. – And that concludes the episode. – Yeah, thanks to everyone for watching. – I think we learned a
very valuable lesson. – What’s that? – Take your time before getting a tattoo. I think that’s the… – Yeah, agreed. And if you’re gonna get a tattoo, make sure it’s a piece of food with arms and a mustache and angry. It’s gotta be singing, too. – Alright, so if there’s
something funny online that you want us to react
to, let us know what it is. Okay? – Yeah, do it to it. Alright guys, later. – Bye. (catchy music)

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  2. Did that vegetable with the face and mustache raising his arm to ask if he can take a LEAK, I'm just asking for your guys opONION!

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