Angst + Alcohol = Regrettable Neck Tattoo – Tattoo Fails (feat. Sara Weinshenk)

Angst + Alcohol = Regrettable Neck Tattoo – Tattoo Fails (feat. Sara Weinshenk)

My first tattoo is a street tat. It’s one step
above a prison tattoo. Hey, I’m Sarah Weinshenk and this is my crowd
funded tattoo. Fail. I got a tattoo at a block party. I had spent a lot of time
on a family vacation and I was feeling rebellious. Nothing’s more punk – “punk” –
than getting a tattoo. So let me just paint the picture
of who I was at this time. Angst.
I had just stopped tanning. There was a lot more day
drinking, a lot more neon. I specifically remember
wearing a highlighter, yellow neon skirt
to this block party, so just all around obnoxious day
drunk girl. That was the vibe. So my friend invited me
to a block party and I brought that ****
off Mom and dad energy. One thing led to another
and before I knew it I was standing outside
this pop up tattoo shop looking at this board
of tattoos. A Popsicle, a bomb exploding,
a smiley face, but the it was frowning next
to all of these iconic images was a bow
and in my wasted stupor. I was like,
“That would be great to get. Should I get that? I feel like
that fits with who I am. I’m never going to wake up
and hate a bow. Who hates bows?” I am a present now. It reminds me
to live in the present or maybe it just
reminds me of nothing. Why does everything
have to be so symbolic? Either way, I need a tattoo
to forget my family vacation and my friend Mel was like,
“Yes, you have to get that.” So she starts like going around, “Hey my friend, Weinshenk
wants to get some tattoos, can we get some money?
She doesn’t have enough money.” Literally crowd
funding my tattoo. People at this block party
where like, “Oh, she’s going
to get a tattoo?” “Yeah, it’s her first one.
She doesn’t have any tattoos”, and before we knew it, just strangers
were giving her money. All of a sudden there was like
this weird peer pressure from like strangers and I’m drunk
and I’m angsty as **** and I’m wearing a neon skirt and I’m just like,
you know what? Let’s do it. I’m extremely nervous.
Honestly. It’s the most still
I’ve ever been. I don’t want to
**** it up though. It was already a good chance it’s going to be
a ****ed up bow, because I’m getting this done
in the streets. This is in the middle
of the day. What am I doing? This isn’t something you do
while people are walking their golden
retrievers past you. It’s never really a good idea
getting a tattoo one, wasted and two, outside. That’s an indoor activity
unless you’re me. Then you go out on a whim and
you get a tattoo while wasted. I leave with the tattoo and now
it’s just on my body for the rest of my life. I liked the tattoo though
because it makes me feel like dangerous
without going full dangerous because at the end of the day,
I’m kind of a *****. Can I say
the word ***** on this? All right, dope. Hi, I’m Sarah Weinshenk
and this is my tatt-oops. Is that what it’s called? It doesn’t roll off
the tongue too easily. Tattoops. Hi, I’m Sarah Weinshenk.
This is my tatt-oopsie daisy.

28 thoughts on “Angst + Alcohol = Regrettable Neck Tattoo – Tattoo Fails (feat. Sara Weinshenk)

  1. What's the fail part?… She got a free tattoo that isnt too terrible looking or on her face .. Thats a win in my book.

  2. My first one was a street tattoo done by my friend …we were in 7th grade and I'm very glad I was able to get it fixed lol

  3. It seems like a fairly harmless tattoo though that looks like it fits your style really well… I thought it was going to be hideous!

  4. Gus is looking nice is this video. Wait is this him? Where's Gus? I demand Gus. I'll kill myself! Maybe not kill myself But I'll starve to death! Probably not but I'll not eat cereals today. Anyway bring Gus back

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