Angels in the Big Easy: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

Angels in the Big Easy: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

♪ ♪– Hello, New Orleans!
[cheers and applause] Thank you guys
so much for coming out. We have two amazing
artists ready to do some great tattoos for you guys.
[cheers and applause] – On this side, we have
New Orleans’ own Tai Viper! [cheers and applause]
– [howls] – And on this side,
from “Ink Master” season eight, our very own Nikki Simpson!
[cheers and applause] At the end of this tattoo,
we’re going to need all of your help to determine
the winner of this face-off. Each of you guys gets to vote on which tattoo
you think is best. You guys down to help us?
[cheers and applause] – All right.
Tai, are you ready? – Born ready, baby.
[cheers and applause] – Nikki, are you ready?
– Hell yeah, I’m ready. – All right, you guys
have six hours to tattoo. And your time starts now. [cheers and applause]♪ ♪– We in business, Mama.
– Looking good.– I’m attempting
to do portraits again.
Am I nervous? No.Do I think
I’m going to lose? No. Breathe in and breathe out.I have wanted to competefor the title of Ink Master
since season one.
It’s about the title
and bragging rights,
and I’m a cocky mother[bleep]. – So do you know what the other
person’s drawing, or no? – Yep. I saw it, and it’s
not as creative as ours is. – This is very creative. – I had to make
it special for you. We ain’t worried about her. – Are you ready?
– I guess so.I have no doubt
that I’m gonna crush Tai.
This is my style.All I have to do is do
my tattoos the way I would any other day,
and I’m gonna kill it. – I’m pretty surprised
at Tai calling out Nikki. I think it’s
a really ballsy move. – Yeah. Definitely.
His design–there’s a lot
of elements going on.
It can get muddied up
if he doesn’t set
the contrast just right.– He’s got to make sure hedoesn’t get lost
in all those little details. – True.
– But Nikki’s piece–it’s a beautiful design,
but if all
those lines aren’t, like,
perfectly crisp and straight–
– There’s no hiding a mistake.– Nikki’s super talented,
but that might put her in some trouble. – You are down to four hours. You have four hours left! – So, where did you
get your Viper name from? – Clients were, like,
“You’re, like, the nicest asshole,”
and I’m like, “Just like a snake.” Pick
them up, pet them, hold them. Stop dealing with them,
bite the [bleep] out you. – [laughs] – I feel like we’re seeing
Tai’s strongest tattoo by far.– I absolutely agree.That design is really cool.The tree bark
texture is a serious trick.
The one thing that Nikki has on
Tai is immediate readability. It looks like it was
printed out by a computer. – But the tricky thing
is she has a lot of very tiny,intricate things
that she has to get done.
– Nikki has to render a big
tattoo in black and gray andand then saturate
the entire inside
of the lantern with color.– This is the first time that I have ever felt concerned
about Nikki finishing on time. – Hopefully she pulls it off and doesn’t freak
out at the last minute.

14 thoughts on “Angels in the Big Easy: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

  1. Wasn't sara miller a finalist ? Maybe she deserves nikki's place? Oh i forgot nikki acted in the last season with the other two bitches

  2. I can't STAND these bitches.
    They have an agenda to promote women, and routinely eliminate better competitors because they are MEN.
    I didn't like this dude because he is an arrogant and rude prick, but he IS talented. He should have won and gotten an invitation to the next Ink Master.
    His tattoo was clearly better, but the "Angels" chose to continue their feminist bullshit.
    All they did throughout their time on Ink Master was complain about how unfair they are treated as women. The worst thing Spike did was give these hideous chicks their own show to promote this shit.
    Every week they pull this garbage.

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