Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– Are you kidding me? What the (bleep) Does it say what I
think it says right now? Why would you put that on me? – [Narrator] How Far is Tattoo Far is the show that puts relationships to the ultimate test
in a very permanent way with blind tattoos. – I feel like I’m about to pass out. – [Narrator] On this episode,
Angelina from Jersey Shore – You think I’m a dirty little hamster? – [Narrator] And her fiance, Chris. See how deep their love really runs. – We’ve known each other just like from Staten Island and like we were always in relationships. I was engaged twice. – I thought it was three times. – I’m the third. – Before him I mean – [Narrator] Despite her past, Chris trusts Angelina is the one and they trust each other
enough to get a tattoo secretly designed by the other one. – Let’s talk about these
tattoos for a second. – Yeah what are you guys
doing to each other? – I want to (beep) with you. – So what’s your
intention with her tattoo? – Just to (bleep) with
her a little bit too. – [Narrator] Oh right. They also love to (bleep) with each other. – If you put a bag of dicks on me, you’ll be sleeping outside
in the doghouse tonight. (tattoo needle) – Holy (beep) you are
going to (beep) hate this. – I’m going to (beep) murder him. Are you kidding me? – [Narrator] After three
hours under the needle, it’s time for the big reveal. – I’m really glad you guys came. – Thank you. – Super excited and you’re both
going to hate your tattoos. – What do you mean? If you did something
really (beep) up to me like I’m not (beep) cooking for you. – Oh please. – And I’m legitimately like
I’m not giving you sex. – You’re going first. – I’m going first? – Let’s go. – Do not take the shades
off until we tell you, okay? – I just want you to know, after all this, I hope we still get married. – Courtney’s going to
remove the bandage now. – Oh God. (suspenseful music) – Ready? 1, 2, 3 (grunt) – Alright, good luck. – Yeah, I’m gonna need it. – [Snookie] Oh my God. – (beep) – [Snookie] This is seriously (beep) up. You just need to chop your leg off. – What the (beep) is this thing? Is that a hamster? – You have me on you forever. – That’s blood? – Period (beep) – This is the stupidest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. You couldn’t do anything better than this? – Can’t you just take
it as like a compliment that I wanted to put me on you? – Compliment? – It’s cute. It has eye lashes like me. You love my eyelashes. – I’m not worried about the eyelashes I’m worried about the (beep) everywhere. – Period (beep) Get that straight. – Angelina, can you explain to Chris the meaning of this tattoo? – It’s me, on you, my fiance. You should be happy
that I put that on you. – Happiest day of my life. – You were laughing when I period (beep). – Yeah when you did it not when you (beep) tattooed it on me. I don’t even want to think about it. I just want to wake up from this dream and be like I just had the
craziest dream right now that you tattooed a (beep)
hamster with (shit) on it. – Period (beep) – Period (beep) – Period (beep) Get that straight. – Alright, swap. – Angelina, it’s your time. C’mon girl. – Do not take these shades
off until we tell you. – I’m telling you right now if you put a bag of dicks on me tonight you are getting a bag
of dicks on your (beep) head while you’re sleeping. – Jordan – Oh my God. – Alright, Alright. What’s going on? – Oh God. Where are you going? – I gotta go. – Why is he leaving? Why … – You’re a (beep) nasty (beep) – What? – It looks so bad. – Chris, what the (beep) did you do? – Are you kidding me? What the (beep) Does it say what I
think it says right now? Why would you put that on me? – Third times a charm. I’m the charm. – I know, but what about your mom? I never told her I was engaged before you. And your whole family. That’s my business. I don’t want to walk
around like, the beach, and be like, oh walking on
the beach with my fiance Third times a charm. – I got (beep) period blood all over me and you’re (beep) pissed. – I’m happy I put that on you now. What happened to the bag of dicks? I thought you put a bag of dicks on me. – Oh you’d rather a bag of
dicks, get it back here, we will get her some dicks. – Thank God you lied. – Are you guys still getting married? – Yes. Yeah I’m going to taunt her
for the rest of her life. – Well now you’re branded
on me so I can’t leave. – You’ve been engaged twice, so what? – I feel like people looked
down, they frown upon being engaged multiple times. But I should really be
happy that I’ve actually gotten three rings and
three different guys to propose to me. I do think it’s beautiful,
but I’m still a little mad. – Look at it put fourth times a charm
after what you put on me.

99 thoughts on “Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. Ok I love/hate the way no one has anything to say about Angelina telling her fiancé I THOUGHT U LIKE WHEN I PERIOD U🤔🤮 I had nothing but bad thoughts when she said that shit and the hamster🤦🏾‍♀️ UH NOOOOOO

  2. Three hours in the chair and no real pain to speak of or sweat running all over their bodies. Not suspect at all…

  3. I find it interesting when a woman says I'm not giving you sex 🙄OK girl…..

    Cause he will get it elsewhere

  4. Now what the heck
    How can someone love someone else so much but when it comes to tattoos they think of the worst things ever

  5. Lol I watch this show a lot then when I saw the new episode of Gianina playing the role of “Snooki” in her dance ( in Dance Moms ) so I was like, “who is Snooki” so I searched her up and I was like “SHE IS THAT HOST GIRL OF THE TATTOO SHOW!”

  6. She threatens him with no sex or food and then says I hope we still get married after I fucked up your leg

  7. These people deserve each other. But I seriously can't stop watching this show and all these horrible people.

  8. Angelina is still an Ignorant human being. 🤦🏻‍♂️ her fiancé got his lips done too? Or am I bugging?🧐

  9. "If you do this you aren't getting sex" only pussy whipped beta males would date her. She's a disgusting fucking person. 'You love my eue lashes' no he doesn't you vain idiot no guys a) like those fake ass stupid looking tacky things and b) look at a womans eye lashes and go oohhh they are hot.

  10. Smfh she had no reason to get mad 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ if you can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen

  11. I know what Anglia means her and Nicole went on jersey shore with a few other people and one was called mike and he give her the nickname the dirty. Little hamster

  12. Wth happend to her?? I didnt even recognized her..all she needed was a nose job which she hasnt done she looks like plastic those lips to exaggerated..

  13. angelina lip is ugly thou. but that hamster tat is dope in a way but weird, she shouldnt of get angry because of that tatttoo she got.

  14. Am i crazy or does the hosts wear those outfits every episode😕 unless they were made on the same day then please reassure me

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