All The Reasons Why You’ll Love the Domed Ink Blending Tool | Ingrid Blackburn

It begins with a blank piece of cardstock Add a little color in a simple circular motion you Can fill the page or try some simple masking and create an entire world? Just like that That’s the power this little tool can have on bringing cards to life and scrapbook com. Just took this Favorite paper crafting tool to a whole nother level Hi, my name is Ingrid Blackburn and I am an artist. I’m an instructor and a youtuber I’ve been ink blending in some form Gosh now probably 20 years Back in the day. We all used to use artist sponges to do ink blending and other various techniques We would also use fingertip dobbers which still exists today but the one thing that always frustrated me personally and quite frankly many of my Students was that you needed so many tools to cover all your colors You couldn’t really just switch out your tip so easily So when the square and later mini ink blending tools hit the market all of us were so elated I know I was ink blending edging stenciling. Everything just became so much easier But there was one major downside This was most apparent when I would teach classes the dreaded edge. You always had to be careful about your pressure I could teach an entire Two three-hour class just dedicated to proper form for ink blending in techniques That’s how common it is to get those weird edge marks from the traditional foam ink blending tools that are already out there But that was then no more now none of us ever thought to come out with interchangeable domed tips before I Honestly will never know it seems so simple now you can easily get those effortless blends between colors and Switch the tips out quickly and quite honestly Cost-effectively what I love most about the new scrapbook comm foam ink blending tools and domed applicators is how light they are I no longer have that drag on the paper surface Which I didn’t even know how fatigued that really was until I used this new light tool It’s such a difference now I can go faster without worrying to lose my effortless look and things like ink transitions on Stamps or such a breeze and love edging my projects and this tool makes that so much Simpler and one of the things that I really love is that you thought this out so well you made sure they already fit the existing tool bases that are out there from numerous companies so that People who already have handles don’t need to buy new handles. That’s Awesome. I can’t wait to use these in my classes with my students and I will most definitely be creating lots more Ink blending video tutorials over my youtube channel Thanks for making my paper crafting life so much easier Bravo scrapbook comm not only do you have excellent customer service, but clearly you have crafters creating tools for crafters You

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