Alex and Donna Discuss Their ‘Situationship’ | Black Ink Crew

Alex and Donna Discuss Their ‘Situationship’ | Black Ink Crew

♪ – DONNA: You sure you gonna be
able to squirt it in that tiny hole?
– ALEX: Hell ya. You’re going down! Listen, I know Donna’s still
pissed off that she’s not able to go to New Orleans. So today, I figure, why not
take my baby to Coney Island? – FEMALE: Winner
is number four! – Whooo! Coney Island is like the
New Orleans of New York City. So, I’m hoping it cheers her up. – ♪ I wanna go ♪ – DONNA: Oh, we gotta hurry,
come on. Whoo! – ♪ With you to the end ♪ – BOTH: [cheering] – ♪ To the end ♪ ♪ – I’m excited. Alex, I don’t know. Just being around him puts me
in the best mood ever even if I had
a horrible ass day. He just has that effect on me. [giggling] – ALEX: So, when do I get to
start calling you my girlfriend? – Alex, we talked about this. I just don’t want a label. – I just really like you a lot.
– Aw. – So, I want it to be stamped. – I like having fun with you. I like the time
we spend together. And I just don’t really see
what’s the point of tarnishing that with a title. Like we’re in a good
situation-ship, like– I really like Alex. He brings a lightness to my life
that I’m not used to from a guy. Maxwell was abusive
in every way. – You got me tight [bleep]. Respect eight,
I give you a pound [bleep]. – Really? – And my ex Mo
was a little crazy, too. – Your [bleep] is everybody’s. You’re Dirty Donna. – So even though Alex treats me
with so much kindness, I’ve made mistakes of jumping
into relationships too quick. And I don’t wanna mess this
one up by doing the same thing. It’s going good, bae. Don’t [bleep] it up. Everything gonna be fine. We living sublime
in the sunshine. – Even though
you’re not my girlfriend– – Mm-hmm.
– –I’m still happy that I have the ability to make you happy.
– [laughs] – And to kind of take your mind
off the New Orleans thing. – I was thinking about it, and–
– ALEX: What? – You can just stay
in New York with me. I’m a genius. Think about it. All I really wanted
was to not be away from Alex. So, he could just stay here. We make a ton of money tattooing
Cease’s clients, plus we got our own clients. And everybody’s gonna be gone. We gonna run the shop, so we can do whatever we want
whenever we want. It’s pretty awesome, right? – ♪ – Why you shaking your head? – I can’t do that, bae.
– Why not? – You know Cease
want me to come down to New Orleans with him. The man done bailed me
out of jail. He brought me in the shop,
you feel me? He allowed me in the shop. – Not that big a deal. – ♪ – Listen, that’s our boss
at the end of the day. I’m not gonna tell him,
“No, I can’t come.” – All you have to do is
tell him that you feel more comfortable staying home and somebody else
can go to New Orleans. – Look, I totally understand
Donna being upset not being able to come
to New Orleans. And trust me,
I want her to come. But staying back in New York
and missing this opportunity is not the right move. On top of that,
I wanna move up in the game. And this could take me
to the next level as a tattoo artist at Black Ink. – Come on,
you don’t have to go. – I really do. I’m serious. – This is how you think
I’m about to be your girlfriend? I’m not about to have no [bleep]
ass leaving me alone to party and do what
the [bleep] he wants in [bleep] New Orleans for a month
with Cease, Ted, and Walt. New Orleans is known for
throwing beads and having bitches
flash their titties. Like I’m not about to have Alex
down there going crazy. – Well, listen,
I’m going down there. And I’ll be back in a month. And that’s it. – You know what? Do whatever
the [bleep] you wanna do. I’m [bleep] out of here. Stupid ass [bleep]. I hate this [bleep]. – ALEX: Donna, wait. – DONNA: [bleep] you, Alex. – ALEX: [groans]

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  1. Mo seemed like a good man and seemed like he really loved her. She's acting like she wasn't doing despicable things!!! Things that people in relationships should NOT be doing. I would love a man to love me like Mo loved her. He gave her too many chances………..her memory is selective and she doesn't need to be anybody's girlfriend anyway right now. Work on yourself Donna.

  2. Donna you are a bad person who cares what Alex said you need to stay at a New York know you can't tell Alex to stay with you if he wants to go to New Orleans he could go to New Orleans

  3. Everybody in the comments on Donna head saying she just a hoe & that Moe was such a good man and I’m just here rooting for Donna & Alex like 💏🙏🏾💍

  4. Why do men foam at the mouth for women like this?! She's promiscuous, looks dirty with all those tats, has no loyalty and she doesnt take relationships seriously. But she still got dudes killing to wife her. Men talk up and down about not wanting "loose women" but then they have no problem catching feeling for an average looking immature thot. And men say women dont know what they want smh lol

  5. I think they look so good together..
    yah know when you look at couples and some look funny 2gthr, some look like siblings, or some you like "why is he/she she with her/him?" …but with these 2.. I think they just look so good 2gther. their styles, personalities, passion, sence of humor.. all that. looks so damn good 2gthr.

  6. So I googled the video of Donna & Alex fucking in the bathroom stall(Yes, I’m guilty 👋🏼) and I have to say that I don’t see this relationship lasting. Smashing in the stall is a sloppy was to start off 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Donna look like a NY subway station. Lol. How fitting. Can she please FIX THAT DAMN TOOTH!? I know she got the money!

  8. Yoo thats all fake i seen when thet recorded that episode and going thru there lines at my job that all fake reality tv show and my boii was supposed to be in that episode F them ppl

  9. Oh shut the hell up so what she did this and that she's genuinely happy with him and thats all i care about is seeing my girl Donna happy.

  10. You see how it is Donna got the man by being trashy and cheating on her man and she worried about some other women being trashy this is how women use sex to manipulate a man you don't want to have a title for being this man's girlfriend but you want him to drop everything for you

  11. Everybody chill out. She DID want to be his girl she just didn't wanna rush things because they were in good place she thought making a relationship would ruin things kinda like best friends turned lovers so yea. And plus she had just broke up wit Moe so she was kinda playing hard to get maybe scared that things would get ugly. Some of y'all women have done the same so hop off her back PLEASE.

  12. But you aren't his girlfriend Boo Boo! U dont want a label …. soooooooo he can do what he wants! Dont be mad…

  13. She can make a ton of money she's being selfish and it's very extremely disappointing and she wants herself to go instead of him

  14. The fact y’all take this show so serious and the fact that the show is still fake. Stop wasting y’all time 💀

  15. Alex is really bleaching his skin🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. No label but you actin like his girl don’t be leading him on yo this is an opportunity for him to move up in his career why you holding him back let him go and see how is there how he acts and what he does will tell you if he’s about you or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Some men like a easy hoe .
    Little do they know.
    A hoe doesen't like any man.

    Like the first piece of bread from a loaf…everyone touches it but no one wants it.
    Unless you're stupid .

  18. Donna confused. 1st she say she dnt want titles, now she is on the show pressuring him to marry her. She def is a confused as virgo

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