AJ Styles gets a new tattoo: Superstar Ink

AJ Styles gets a new tattoo: Superstar Ink

(speedy rock music) – [Voiceover] Every tattoo is
a story waiting to be told. I’m Corey Graves and
I’m here at Hope Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. We’ve seen a lot of Superstars
and tattoos and heard a lot of stories, but today’s edition is nothing short of phenomenal. This is Superstar Ink and
today’s chapter, AJ Styles. So it’s crazy, we were
talkin a little bit earlier, we didn’t realize how long
we’ve actually known each other, it’s been, what did you say, 14 years?
– [Styles] 14 years. – [Graves] I remember
when I first met AJ Styles you were this clean cut gentleman, you had short hair, no tattoos. Now, 14 years later, you’ve got long hair, you’ve got a beard and worst
of all you have a tattoo. – First of all, I just don’t look my age, that’s why I grew my hair
out and stuff like that. Second, I’ve always liked tattoos, I wanted it to mean something
when I finally got one and at the grand old age of 32 I decided I want my kids initials and birthdays. It’s my boys and then their birthdays. Now, I have to get a fourth one because we had a little girl. – [Voiceover] What’s her name? – [Voiceover] Anney. All my kids start with
an A and end with a Y. There’s Ajay, Avery, and
Albey, so we gotta get Anney. I’m hoping to do something a
little different with this one, you know, it’s my little girl. – [Voiceover] Well AJ, I think
we’re in the right place. I want you to meet a
very good friend of mine, one of my favorite tattoo
artists, Joe Capobianco, he owns the place. I think Joe’s gonna take
very good care of you, Joe, you think you got this? Think you can handle this? – Yeah, I can handle this. We’re just adding to something
you already have right? – Right. It’s my little girl, I wanna
do something that says, “Oh, that must be a little
girl tattoo,” her birthday. – I would recommend we match the numbers as best as possible. A little bit more girly,
maybe do a little bow or something like that. – That sounds perfect. – She doesn’t really
have a favorite color yet so we’ll pick that for her. – Yeah, that sounds good to me. – Sounds great. (synth music) – [Voiceover] Bringin back
all kinds of nice memories? – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s annoying. – [Voiceover] The things
we do for our little girls. – [Voiceover] This is just the beginning. – [Voiceover] Does anybody like needles? I don’t know how to explain
it, how do you explain it? – [Voiceover] It’s like
scratching sunburn. – [Voiceover] That’s good. – That’s the way I always
figure it was best described. – Certain areas are worst than others. This in all honesty is not a great area to get tattooed in. Probably in the top five hardest areas to get tattooed pain wise. – [Voiceover] That feels
like it’s right on my hip. – [Voiceover] It is right on your hip. (laughs) That’s gonna sting. It’s a bit alcohol, just
helps take the stencil off. – [Voiceover] I’m feeling very similar to, where like standing beside my wife’s bed trying to ease her through
child birth right now, this is a very similar feeling. Poor AJ. – [Voiceover] Is there any point, once she was having the baby
that she almost passed out? – No, I did my best to stay
up around the shoulder region cause I just didn’t wanna… – [Voiceover] I had to
grab a leg and help. – [Voiceover] No. – [Voiceover] Yeah, I
had to grab a leg man. And so when it was go time
my leg started to buckle, my knee started to give in
and I was like, “Holy crap!” and I had to back up, take a deep breath, like, “Alright, let’s do this.” My wife’s the one having the baby, not me, but I was so nervous for her, that she was gonna be in
pain and stuff like that, it really bothered me, you know? – I don’t know if you
were aware of this AJ but you are the very first
Superstar in the history, the brief history, but the
history of Superstar Ink to be tattooed on camera. This should be a pivotal moment, at least in the day, I don’t
know about in your career or anything but it’s a pretty big moment. – All the black on the numbers are done, now we’re gonna start the bow, we’re gonna do like a
purplish-pink you said right? – Yep. I feel every little line
I think on this one. – [Voiceover] Just grit
your teeth and smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” – I think with small tattoos
is you tend to feel em the entire tattoo. Usually a larger tattoo
you feel the very beginning and then your endorphins
kick in and you’re like, “Oh, this ain’t bad.” – Despite what people may
think, I don’t enjoy this. – [Voiceover] And that’s it, we’re good. All done. – [Voiceover] You survived man. I think you should keep it. – Just long as it’s the right date. – Nine, eight, 14 right? (laughs) – [Voiceover] His heart just stopped. (hip hop beat) – [Voiceover] You like it? – Yeah. You did a great job. I like that little bow too man. – [Voiceover] Yeah,
that’ll brighten up too as it heals up. Right now you got a little
bit of blood comin through it so the purples and pinks tend
to look a little bit darker. – [Voiceover] It’s cool, that
little bow is just enough, that’s cool man. Well AJ, your family tree
tattooed on your side is now complete. In the event you decide
to have another one, we know where we’ll come. – We’re comin to Joe. – Would you say that as
far as tattoo artists go, he’s phenomenal? – He’s got tricks. (laughs) – Definitely phenomenal, for sure. – Well if he has more kids he’ll be back, I’ll be back regardless. Thanks for hanging out AJ, thanks for getting tattooed for the show, Joe Capobianco, the Phenomenal AJ Styles, I’m Corey Graves, we
will see you next time on Superstar Ink.

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  1. Well looks like u can't get a 5th one cuz shinsuke nakamura making sure with balls patrol

  2. Umm… Corey. Aj can't have kids anymore………. Shinsuke busted his.. umm– he busted his phenomenals.

  3. Me and Aj are from the same state and his daughter has the same birthday as me excerpt I was born in 2005

  4. My cousin got a tattoo last year and now he is getting a new one of his mother's name and he will be getting one of my name done later on in the year

  5. Isn’t Aj embarrassed 😞 that he has a tattoo with a bow on it cause like when he’s wrestling the wrestlers and audience will be like BRUH!

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