Airbrush makeup for tattoos: Temptu Pro vs. Kett Cosmetics

Airbrush makeup for tattoos: Temptu Pro vs. Kett Cosmetics

You’re looking for a way to hide your tattoo
for the day? You absolutely need it to be 100% rubproof and waterproof? In today’s episode, Tania Barbe puts 2 top brands of tattoo airbrush concealer to the test and shows you how you can temporarily hide your tattoo with complete peace of mind! As the Founder of Bad Ink Be Gone, an author, and a chick with bad tattoos Tania’s helped thousands of people free themselves of their bad ink. Now, she’s on a mission to do the
same for you. Hey everybody, Tania Barbe here again from Bad Ink Be Gone. I am totally pumped about the product comparison that we’re about to do here today cause I think this is going to be a complete game changer for anybody out there who’s looking to temporarily hide a tattoo for the day. So today, we’re going to be comparing 2 different brands of waterproof tattoo airbrush concealer. This here is the Temptu Pro Dura line and this comes as a kit here. So this is the Dura Liquid Starter Set in the skin light color. These little bottles here are your actual airbrush concealers and they do include some adjuster colors in there to neutralize the colors in your tattoo first. It also comes with a finishing powder and it comes with a little bottle of 99% rubbing alcohol to clean out your airbrush machine at the end. Okay and this here, this is the Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof line. So again, we have our little bottles of airbrush concealer. And for the Kett system, you’re
also going to need a finishing powder to just set the whole thing at the very end. You guys might have already seen the product review that I had done on the Dinair Paramedical
airbrush concealer line. I had basically gotten half of my lower back tattoo covered with this brand and I had tested just how rubproof and how waterproof it really was. As you can see in that video the Dinair Paramedical makeup held up great until it came time to test just how waterproof it was. This is what the Dinair airbrush concealer looked like after me soaking in the tub for half an hour. If this is what regular tap water does to this makeup, I hate to think what chlorinated pool water might do to it. So yeah, even though the Dinair Paramedical makeup covered my tattoo well and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating for just how rubproof it was the fact that it didn’t hold up well under water really disappointed me and it made me want to look for a better product. So that’s really what’s lead me to this product comparison here today. Both the Temptu Pro Dura line and the Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof line are supposed to be rubproof and waterproof. So my job here today is to put both of these to the test so that I can be sure that I’m recommending a kickass product for you guys that you can be confident is not just going to melt off of you halfway through the day and that’s whether you plan on staying dry for the day or whether you plan on being submerged under water either for a swimming competition or even just a day at the beach. Let me start by explaining to you exactly how I applied these 2 brands of airbrush concealer to my lower back tattoo. First off, you need to know that whatever area of skin that you plan on concealing is going to need to be either waxed or shaved if you want the makeup to look good. Even the most hairless of people still have this tiny little bit of peach fuzz on their skin, and airbrush concealer is not going to look natural if you don’t get rid of that hair beforehand. Second, because my tattoo is in my lower back area it obviously would have been easier for me to get somebody to apply this for me but I really wanted to show you guys that airbrushing is something that you can do on your own at home in front of a mirror if you need one. So I chose to apply the makeup to myself here today. Third, because I didn’t want an overlap of the two makeup brands, what I did is I left a section of my tattoo exposed in the middle to clearly separate each side. So I used my Tatu-Derm clear barrier film here which is actually an aftercare product either after a tattooing session or after a laser tattoo removal session as you guys might have seen from some of my other videos. So I took a strip from the Tatu-Derm
and left it in place throughout the whole makeup application. And afterwards, I just peeled it off and you’ll see that it leaves a section of my tattoo exposed in the middle that clearly separates the 2 makeup brands. So I decided to start off by covering the
left side of my tattoo with the Temptu Pro Dura line. Now, one thing about the Dura line
is that you have to start by neutralizing the colors in your tattoo with these adjuster colors before you start reintroducing the skin colored pigments on top. So because my tattoo has mostly blue, purple, green and black in it I had to use this red adjuster to correct the green and this coral adjuster to correct the blue, the purple and the black. So here’s some video footage of that neutralizing phase. It’s funny because as you’re correcting
the color it almost feels like you’re making it worse for a while, but you really have to keep in mind that there’s a method to the madness. So once those colors were neutralized,
then I started reintroducing the skin colored pigments on top. Now, for my own specific skin tone, I had to use a mix of the porcelain, the blush ivory and the sand shades but this is obviously something that needs to be customized depending on the person’s skin tone. One thing I did notice about these little bottles of airbrush concealer is that it’s really hard to squeeze the makeup out of them. It seems there’s a little piece of black plastic inside the bottles that actually clogs up the opening. I ended up having to use a wooden
skewer stick every few seconds to unclog the bottles. So yeah, this was definitely a huge
packaging fail to me. Anyway, here is some video footage of those skin colored pigments being reintroduced onto my skin. Once I was happy with the coverage, then I set everything with this Temptu Pro Invisible Difference finishing powder at the very end. After the left side of my tattoo was covered with the Temptu Pro Dura line I decided to move on to the right side of my tattoo with the Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof line. The Hydro Proof line does have an option to use these color adjusters just like we had seen for the Temptu Pro Dura line, but you don’t absolutely have to use this method to neutralize your
tattoo. I ended up neutralizing it with a lighter color than my skin tone, so I used the Ruby 1 shade to neutralize the colors in my tattoo first. So here’s some video footage of that neutralizing phase. Once I had gotten the right opacity down, then I started reintroducing the skin colored pigments on top. So I used a mix of the Olive 3 and the Olive 5 shades for my skin tone. Again, here’s some video footage of those skin colored pigments being reintroduced. So once everything was to my liking, I decided to just set the whole thing in place by using this Kett Sett Colorless Powder on top. So now that the 2 sides had been covered, it was time to peel off the Tatu-Derm to show you a clear separation of the 2 sides. Ok so now that I’ve walked you through exactly how I applied these 2 brands of makeup onto myself it’s time to put them to the test and to see just how rubproof they really are. So how I’m gonna do this… I’m going to take these 2 tissues here and gently rub each side of my back with the same amount of pressure just to see how much makeup if any, comes off on these tissues, okay? So keep in mind, this side here is the Temptu Pro Dura line and this is the Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof
line. Alright…so let’s see what we’ve got here! Can you imagine somebody just tuning
in to this video right now? They’re like “What the HELL is this chick doing?” Ok so let’s see here. I don’t know if you guys can catch this in the camera. There is a little bit of makeup that came off on the Temptu Pro Dura line side whereas here, the Kett
Cosmetics there’s absolutely nothing on this tissue here right now. So I would give the Temptu Pro a 4.5 out of 5 rating. And I would give the Kett Cosmetics a 5 out of 5. This is obviously 100% rubproof ! Also, just as a general note, these 2 brands feel completely different to the touch to me. The Temptu Pro Dura line I find feels a little
bit sticky whereas the Kett Cosmetics is completely dry to the touch which I obviously prefer. So now that we’ve put both of these through the rubproof test it’s time to put them through the waterproof test. And you know what that means! That means it’s bath time for me…I love it, I love it!! Alright so for this waterproof test here I’m going to be submerging my whole lower back area under the water for 30 minutes just like I had done with the Dinair Paramedical airbrush concealer. Now, just to be clear, when I soak under the water like this obviously, I’m not using any soap or any other type of product in the water and I’m not using anything abrasive like a washcloth or anything. I’m just soaking the skin in regular tap water. Okay so I will see you guys in 30 minutes! Okay it’s been half an hour of me soaking under the water here, so let’s look at the results. I gotta say, I am completely blown away by each one of these brands here right
now! This is so much better than the results I had gotten from the Dinair Paramedical airbrush
concealer. You can see everything is still intact and looking fantastic! So now that we know that this stuff is going to stay in place in regular tap water I’m going to be stepping out to the local pool for a bit because I want to make sure that this stuff
is going to hold up under chlorinated water because I know that some of you guys are going to need to use this in a chlorinated pool. So I’m going to step out for a bit but I will see you again soon. So with the magic of video here I am instantly back from the local pool. So let’s see how these 2 brands of airbrush concealer held up in the chlorinated water. As you can see, these 2 brands look exactly the same as before I left for the pool. So both of these are 100% waterproof! Now overall though, I would still recommend the Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof line over the Temptu Pro Dura line. Because, first off, we saw that the Kett Cosmetics has better packaging than the Temptu Pro little bottles that gave me so much grief earlier. Second, the Kett Cosmetics I find is dryer to the touch than the Temptu Pro. And third, we saw that the Kett Cosmetics is a little bit more rubproof than the Temptu Pro. If you need more information on the Hydro Proof line from Kett Cosmetics, go check out my website, I’m going to list all of the products and
the components that you guys are going to need to get started! So go out there everybody and enjoy your day with the peace of mind of knowing that your makeup is going to stick onto your body for as long as you need it to! Thanks so much guys I’ll see you again in the next video!

21 thoughts on “Airbrush makeup for tattoos: Temptu Pro vs. Kett Cosmetics

  1. Hello, my name is Cassie! I started my Youtube Channel recently, I was just wondering if you could check my channel out, it would honestly mean so much to me. I love your channel and videos and I think you're really awesome 🙂 x

  2. Hey Jennifer ,

    Dinair has a new product to cover a tattoo name's Colair Extreme.
    Could you please review this new product soon ?

  3. great video! I Love your videos!
    I was wondering what airbrush machine you were using to apply the kett cosmetics foundation? I have the dinair compressor and i was wondering if ill be able to use it for this type of foundation?

  4. To address Karen's question below…yes, I've tried the Kett Hydro Proof makeup with the Dinair airbrush and compressor and it works great! Do keep in mind that Hydro Proof is alcohol based, so if you're already using a Dinair airbrush for water based makeup, you should get yourself an additional airbrush. Good luck, would love to hear about your results!

  5. Hey Tania 🙂 

    you have absolutely amazing videos! very helpful!
    I'm about to order a airbrush for my tattoo's to cover my underarm.
    Witch brand did u think worked the best after trying out dinair's new tattoo cover?
    Kett cosmetics or Dinair ?:)


  6. Your video is amazing! 😀 I'm thinking of getting an airbrush for bridal, but if I'm going to spend the money, I may as well buy the good stuff. I'm leaning towards Kett cosmetics. 😀

  7. great stuff! i contacted them and they said theres a specific product for tattoos. is that what you're using? also which airbrush did you use?

  8. the black ball in the Temptu products is to break up and mix the product when shaking, similar to nail polish. You are supposed to pour the makeup out on an angel, not directly upside-down. you won't have that problem if you pour it how its intended

  9. Tania Barbe is an absolute life saver! I have my destination wedding coming up in a tropical climate and this video solidified that an airbrush system with the Kett Cosmetics Hydroproof line is the way to go. Just tried it for the first time and I am already really impressed by the results! Bad Ink Be Gone gives you all the info you need to make an informed decision on what type of makeup is best suited for your needs.

  10. These demonstrations were the BOMB!!! I am sooo glad I discovered this way to cover my ink over blistering laser removal FOR NOW. I have to ask a compressor question…. I noticed there are many different compressors which range from noisy to quiet, large to mini. I have a smaller tatt that I was hoping to use a mini compressor. I have fine lines and magenta shading that are the thickness of color pencils… Do you think a mini could serve me well? I see those are used in nail art, the larger ones, for tanning. Also how can you use the stylus/ gun ( ha ha) to get fine lines as in outlines and lettering. Thanks!!! Please do a demo on chocolate skin. Thanks!!

  11. Another thing, I was tending towards Dura Pro because I know this one is matte… Again this demo was an eye opener. Is Kett matte or shimmery? Need to decide by Tuesday ( payday) 😉

  12. Kett Hydroproof seems to have a really bad texture. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? It seems to have the same texture as if you're getting house paint dried onto your skin. It's REALLY awful. I really want to like it. Do you have any tips or tricks maybe? My kett-set powder isn't here yet. Hoping to run another trial with that in use and hoping it'll improve the texture from "dried out craft paint on my skin" to what I'm seeing in your video…Any tips/tricks would be appreciated!

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