What’s up you guys, Kalvin here and welcome back to my channel where today I’m going to be doing a video- where I show off my tattoos that I got this year I’ve been getting a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of hate over my anti-sjw uhm opinions in the past couple years. (make a weird voice) I’ve got my Twitter suspended twice in the past four days- So when I have a good update on Twitter stuff, I will let you guys know on here I mean when people mass flag you you really can’t do much about your social media getting deleted Instagram and YouTube are better about it than Twitter But Twitter just as soon as all the people that hate me Were trying to get my account taken down It got taken down and I just want to say really quickly, telling you guys just how petty that is Uhm and this is my message to you guys If you don’t like something that somebody is saying don’t report their account, you know Don’t go and get their shit taken down My Twitter that originally got taken down had pictures and stuff and tweets from like 2014 on it Which it really sucks to lose a lot of that stuff. Yeah, just just don’t go and report people I’ve never blocked or reported someone of my life on like Twitter or anything because I honestly like I don’t care if I disagree with you I’ll just move on, the worst I’ve ever done is mute somebody but there’s my little PSA It’s just really stupid and all they’re gonna do is come back on another Twitter But of course my other one got deleted too. So I don’t really even know what to say anymore I’m just gonna do this non-problematic video a lot of people have been wanting me to show off my tattoos and stuff like that in a video so I decided to do it today I’m 18. So I’ve only been getting tattooed since July. Well, okay preface. I did have to stick’n poke tattoos one of them I still have it’s like a mountain. I’ll show you guys I have one stick ‘n poke still but the other one I got covered because it looked like a sperm so yeah with that out of the way, I got my first tattoo in July for my birthday, which was this bear tattoo. I’m trying to like Show it in a good way shit Yeah, so that was my first like “real” Tattoo it didn’t really hurt that much actually. Well it did Actually that one hurt really bad the bear hurt really bad because that’s because the artist that did it is super Heavy-handed which means he’s like digs it into your skin a lot The next tattoo that I got- so it was Friday the 13th and on Friday the 13th a lot of- my hair is so fucking annoying On Friday the 13th A lot of tattoo shops have deals where you can let go in and you know get a cool tattoo for pretty cheap so the next one I got was this one that says unlucky Now i’ll admit was this my best tattoo choice, no, it’s it’s kind of weird-looking It’s kind of in an awkward spot, but you know what? I kind of like it I chose to get it I’ll talk about the bear first Actually, I chose to get the bear because I wanted to get a wolf I wanted like a badass animal type of tattoo I was gonna get a wolf but then I realized that a lot of transgenders for some reason have wolf tattoos so I thought on my second kind of animal that I would want to get and it was a bear and I’m really glad I got a bear because I Honestly, I like bears better than wolves. I don’t really know why I wanted a wolf it was my tranny instincts just -claps hands- smacking me in the in the brain, but then the unlucky one I was looking through the designs that the tattoo shop had that were for Friday the 13th, and I just I thought it looked cool and I’m really unlucky Like I’m one of those people where like my luck is okay most of the time but when I need my luck to be good It’s really bad. Like I, I just always had bad luck when I need my luck to be good My next tattoo was also on the same day as I got the unlucky one. It was another Friday 13th tattoo All right. It’s on my ankles. So let me see if I can you guys are gonna see my feet So if you don’t like feet, I’m sorry, but oh you can’t really see it all that well Well, it’s just 13 it’s like a cherry I got this tattoo just because I was looking at the sheet of things you can get for Friday the 13th I thought that one look cool is a different shop And also my favorite Song on Lana Del Rey’s album lust for life, Lana Del Rey is my favorite singer by the way My favorite song on that album is cherry. So I figured I would pay a little tribute to Lana with the cherry tattoo So that’s kind of my my meaning for it so after the cherry tattoo I didn’t any tattoos for about a month or so And I went on vacation to Florida and when I got home I was like, you know what fuck I want another tattoo So I went to this random tattoo shop that I found near me this shark tattoo He kind of looks stupid like he looks slow But you know what, I think he’s a cute little shark, dude By the way, all the tattoos that I have and I’m planning to get are going to be traditional or black work. I really don’t really want color tattoos on me I’m really picky about like colors and like what I wearing stuff I wear a lot of like black. So I’m just sticking to traditional and black work pieces that are not colored Maybe I’ll get a splash of blue or red but nothing more than that. Oh, I guess I’ll show you really quick my um my Stick and poke. This is the mountain one. I Have it oops, I got it upside down Of course Jack did it you guys know the jack way and sticking pokes you literally just Poke poke poke open the tattoo that I got after the shark. I went to Colorado. I wanted a tattoo I had been wanting a dragon tattoo For the longest time because I am born in 2000 which in the Chinese zodiac Is the year of the dragon and I love dragons. I think they’re really cool No, I’m not a scaly But my family is really big on like Asian food like Indian food all those you know, we really like Chinese, Thai, Japanese Nepal, Lea’s food any of that kind of stuff that you can think of as stuff that my family we all like we I grew Up eating all that kind of stuff. So we’d go to Chinese restaurants and they would always talk about the Chinese zodiac I would always brag the mine was the coolest and I was the dragon all my my family I’m almost like a rabbit or something stupid, but I was always the dragon which is always the coolest one Which is why I wanted a dragon tattoo, and I also wanted like a dragon dagger tattoo So when I went to Colorado actually had this as flash on the wall, and I was like, fuck it I’m just I’m gonna get that because that’s what I’ve been wanting. Anyways after the dragon tattoo Is when I got the flower it’s flower tattoo I only got it because there was an awkward space between this one the unlucky one you want in the dragon? so I got this like cute little Right here with my friend Cecilia. She came with me shoutout to Cecilia. There’s really no meaning behind the flower I just wanted a filler and last but not least my newest tattoos will be healing just a little bit. It’s like a crying heart So Ryan was here a couple weeks ago And we really wanted to get tattooed and we went to the place that I like to go to and Thurmont Maryland Called red Canary shout-out to red I was looking through the book of like art that they do and I saw this and so what I had been Wanting to get some sort of like crying face tattoo either Like the drama mask crying or the the heart like that crying that’s because that reason I got this is because it’s much on here I come on here and I act like a badass and I act like I’m Indestructible and I act like nothing bothers me and on a base level and that a lot really bothers me You know what? I mean when it comes to like random things on the internet when it comes to stupid shit people online Say it takes a lot to really get to me when it comes to my personal relationships my family my friends things like that and Breakups and and my own mental health. I’m a really really sensitive person. My heart gets broken very easily I cry all the time It’s something about me that I didn’t like for a while But I kind of I mean it’s annoying sometimes caring so much about people especially those who don’t really deserve To have you care about them as- because they don’t care about you as much as you care about them But I don’t know. I just really like the tattoo. It’s a cool traditional piece It’s like it’s like a really popular kind of traditional piece. So yeah, that’s what I have so far I’m gonna Colorado in a couple days. So I’m definitely gonna be getting something else I don’t know what yet But thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed be sure to hit that like button subscribe down below to my channel Follow me on Instagram (@kalvingarrah). Follow me on anything, buy my merch, if you want my merch I’ll link that down below as well But yeah, thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you guys next time I love your face Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you guys next time. Peace

100 thoughts on “A TOUR OF MY TATTOOS (Age 18)

  1. I found another model on Instagram that identifies as male but appears totally female @panda.o.bread

  2. What happened to freedom of speech? People that report others should automatically get blocked from that page.. then you don’t have to view whatever is triggering you

  3. Hi Kalvin, I just recently found your channel and I have to say I really appreciate what you do. I may not be able to weigh in on most issues, being that I am a cis woman, but I feel that I’ve learned a lot from your videos. Thank you for educating me and saying the things that others just won’t.

  4. you should do the “this my _ week on ___” on musically like my third week on T. but people replacing it with tacos or something

  5. Ok, weird question, so there is a certain voice a lot of trans guys have, where it’s this high pitched gravely type thing, and as a guy wise been on T for like, three weeks, how does Kalvin and Ryan not have it? How do I avoid it??

  6. I know he gets a lot of shit for the types of videos he makes but he has taught me so much and completely changed the way I view trans people, I'm a lot more open minded and very interested to learn more.

  7. it's so stupid that people are taking down your twitter account like just block him, for some people it was a huggeee realization and they stopped so technically your just causing dysphoria to people who think they are trans. sorry for ranting just had to protecc the cis king

  8. There’s a documentary called “I want my sex back” on YouTube. It will blow your mind and make one hell of a reaction vid.

  9. no one cares but i turned 18 in november and i can’t wait to get a small lavender tattoo. it’s been my favorite color, scent, and flower for as long as i can remember. no clue what tattoo places are good in maryland but it doesn’t matter right now anyway

  10. I love your tattoos. I especially like that you don't have color in them. Not that I necessarily dislike color tattoos, I just like black/black and grey work a lot more.

    My favorites are the crying heart and bear. I like that you went with a heart over the drama mask. I just think it's more unique and it just looks really cool.

    I even like the stick and poke. I've been wanting to give myself a stick and poke for a long time now. Even though I've been of legal age to get tattooed professionally for a long time and only have professional tattoos so far, I just like the thought of doing one myself, even if it doesn't come out perfectly (I just like the look of a permanent little doodle). Although I'll be damned if I tattoo something lame like a fucking arrow on myself 🙄 lol

    Also fuck anyone that's so fragile that they report anyone they disagree with. Grow tf up. Life is gonna be full of people you disagree with. You've clearly had a pretty easy life if someone simply expressing their opinions sends you into a meltdown lol

  11. Hey, you didn't stream the other day, did something happen that I don't know about, or something else, like personal business? Just worried

  12. My grandmother said to me last time we were together "I don't care that you're a [trans] boy, just don't get any tattoos" and I'm still rolling because me and my sister both want tattoos despite our entire family being very against it.

  13. Sorry about your Twitter 😔
    Don’t let it get you down. Your voice is important and I hope you’re taking care of yourself

  14. I’m quite a bit older than you and I have 27 1/2 but my mom still gets upset when I get a new one. I’m almost at half sleeves on both arms and my hand done yet she gets crazy over a tiny addition to an almost sleeve

  15. Hey man, I have been watching your videos. You think dysphoria is needed to be trans.And I also agree with that.
    But you know dude ,I have never find a video explaining about dysphoria and how it actually effect a trans person in daily life.
    For example, for me ,I daily struggle with my voice dysphoria to the point like I don’t even want to talk.I am pre-t btw.
    I have seen so many videos about needing dysphoria to be trans or not.
    You might be the perfect person to make video about WHAT IS DYSPHORIA AND HOW IT EFFECTS A TRANS PERSON MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY.
    This is just my suggestion,dude.

  16. he sounds so tired and worn down in this video, man it's so bs how petty and childish sjws are, I hope Twitter gets better cause this shits getting old

  17. you have the exact same taste in tattoos as me, woaahhh. I only have 4 rn all black and grey, just got my first trad piece and im gonna work on building my trad patchwork leg sleeve next! im so jealous though i have no money for tattoos and i probably wont til i graduate and get a job that pays better than minimum wage lol rip

  18. the nutcrackers, why so many?

    P.S. im not hating on them, just… Gregs army (Danny Gonzalez) has nutcracker too. you should collab

  19. Oh man, I can totally relate. Like… when I need my luck to be 'good' I like… NEVER win the lottery. WTF is up with that?

  20. Super dope tattoos, but slow down a bit skipper. You need some good landscape space for the rest of meaningful things in the next 10 years of your life, or 20, 30 etc.

  21. You are completely right about the wolf thing. I've always thought wolves were really cool, but you know what's funny? I thought the exact same thing. I don't want a wolf because every trans guy has a wolf, so what else would be cool? bear. haha strange the kinda things trans guys have in common sometimes

  22. Someone on Instagram called me a “transgender wannabe” this happens a lot but this was my best friend! If you could go tell him that that wasn’t right and he should apologize I would appreciate it, his account is @_.anime.page._

  23. Maybe look into the WayBack machine for your photos? Not a guarantee, but maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll still be somewhat viewable from a past date.

    Don’t let those censorship control freaks get you too down. You’re fighting the good fight and they can’t control you any other way so they try to go through social media websites to shut you down. They’re a bunch of cowards.

  24. Also my dad is MTF, 67 & has a wolf tattoo. O_O my dad originally said it was to make her feel more like a man before she transitioned. Now I just think all transgender people instinctively want wolf tattoos lol

  25. Oh god i cry over everything. Any time i get sad or angry or slightly overwhelmed i start crying so i totally relate. I'm so indecisive so I've always been worried about getting tattoos. But honestly you giving me a good idea so I'm going to think about it and look into it 💕

  26. does anyone know the name of the backgroud music kalvin plays in his videos?? i’ve heard it in stranger things but i cAN’T FIND IT

  27. does anyone know the name of the backgroud music kalvin plays in his videos?? i’ve heard it in stranger things but i cAN’T FIND IT

  28. I'm born in 2000 and I thought I was a dragon but it turned out I was a bunny because I'm born in January but I'm fine with it because bunnies are one of my fav animals

    I wish I could meet you in person one day.
    I wouldn't say I'm a fan of yours but more like it would be nice to be friends with you. Because you are open and honest and that is something I think is rare these days. You're my age as well xD
    And I'm a Transguy too, but I like you as a person not because we are both Trans and that means we have to get along- it's bullshit honestly.

    I liked your videos so far, but like this small thing you said, that you cry a lot it made me feel so much better 'cause honestly I feel like a weak looser or crybaby when I cry especially when i cry because I have a pretty high voice (pre-T) or out of NO reason.

    Now I feel like i can relate to you more and That's great👍
    So yeah,

  30. i think youre pretty lucky since you transitioned so easily and have a girlfriend and money and basically everything you need

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