A Tattoo Day: What Is Cleen Really Like? | Ink Master

A Tattoo Day: What Is Cleen Really Like? | Ink Master

You ever been in just
a real shitty mood and then you saw a little funny
dance on the old inter web? Put you in a better mood. Ha, ha, ha, yeah, dude.
Check out these pants. This and that and the blow back
and this and that. She had some weird fat old dude
with her. I just want to say, man,
you are fucking awesome. Fucking, fucking. Fuck, man.
What the fuck is that? I say fuck in every text I send and it still corrects it
to fucking duck. No, no, no, no, no. Check this guy. Yeah, I got this scab
on the back of my head. It’s been there
for a while. Check him out. He’s flexing. Hey, hey. Hey, girls.
How you doing? Dude, you’re from Boston?
Dude, how’s Kelly doing? Yeah, I’m from fucking Jersey. Every time I eat these brownies
I just feel super, super horny. I don’t like Jack Hills,
but I love watching this show. You’re my favorite.
You just tell it like it is and that time that you wanted
to get in a fight with [Nunez 00:01:02],
oh, that was a great one. No, that was Count
[dumbar 00:01:06]. No, that was you. I remember.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. Hey, can you tell your dude
to shut up. I’m trying to work. Put your arm out.
Left right, left right. Real fruit, real shit.
Amazing. Yeah man, I’m just fucking,
I can’t deal with drama. Come on, dude. What the fuck? Which is kind of where
country music is right now. Fuck. So, then fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking,
dog shit, mother fucker. I fucking hate storage units. Fucking, fucking, fucking,
fucking, like holy fuck, man. Fucking, fucking, fuck it.
Are you fucking kidding me? I got a story about that.
What the fuck? Leave my fucking
newspapers alone. I was like,
“Who the fuck are you? Fuck off, dude.”
I say motherfucking. Why the fuck
am I gonna listen to you. I don’t give a fuck. Fuck yeah.
Fuck yeah. Fucking amazing. Fucking, fucking, fucking,
fucking, fucking, like who the fuck is this? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ha, ha, ha. I feel like I’ve tamed down
quite a bit in my old age, though. Yo, yo, yo, give me
some of that bactin, baby. Give me some of that A and D.
What you got? Come back tomorrow.
Come back tomorrow. You guys want to meet my uncle.
Oh, he’s right there. Fucking, fucking, fucking.
Ah, ah. Come on now. I’m telling you,
that’s my fucking uncle. Everybody was like
what the fuck, dude? What the fuck?
Eight o’clock. Eight. Eight o’clock.
Fuck you. Give me a dollar. Why don’t you love me enough
to marry me. No, came all the way
from Saint Louis. How’s about that place? The best fucking
smoothie joint in town. It’s not far
if you drive fast. [inaudible 00:02:45]
cleans badass. I love getting tattooed by him. The worst part is him
just screaming in your ear. Dude, fucking Jimmy
and Joey, bro. Fucking, this is
the neighborhood for that kind of business.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. Mom, come on. Keep it down.
I’m trying to work. From now on, everybody
gets motherfucking rice. Fuck all this
extra meat shit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Helicopter,
helicopter, helicopter. Back in the day,
you had fucking six bolts and you bolted on
and you got fucking instantly add 70 horsepower. So, Chrysler, they basically
built a better block, bigger piston,
better crank, better rods, which created
the 331 fucking Hemi. Back in 1951. Hello, hello. Where is the fucking black
and orange taffies. I can’t hear you.
You’re so full of shit. I want my popcorn bowls. All right, man.
I think that’s it. All right.

99 thoughts on “A Tattoo Day: What Is Cleen Really Like? | Ink Master

  1. Bro u know for a fact with how many times cleen swore this video got demonetized altho I just find him hilarious 😂

  2. ive worked for cleen in the past, this is legit 100% of the time with him!!! CONSTANT ENTERTAINMENT!!! This guy is awesome!!! and an AMAZING tattooer!!

  3. I want a tattoo by him but I wouldn’t be able to sit still from laughing for him to pull the machine. 😂

  4. I love Cleen, he's been my favorite for a long time!!
    I'd love a tattoo by him more than anything!! ✌❤

  5. I wonder what hurt more. The tattoo or cleens constant shouting and rambling hahah
    Now imagine if he used that extra time spent talking to improve the piece lol
    …but seriously it sounds minor but the ability to talk at the same time as tattooing helps to prevent distractions breaking concentration… Ofc that didnt stop cleen getting distracted

  6. Definitely not FŪÇKÏÑ Pg 13 I’ll say that much, I’d go numb to the word after the second session

  7. I don't know how the guy getting this tattoo can handle it without eventually saying…saying? Screaming: "SHUT TF UP!!!!!!"

  8. The canvas looks like he's in so much fucking pain, with the t-shirt over his head and whatnot. I kinda feel for him, NGL.

  9. Cleen when tattooing: “Can you tell your dude to shut up? I’m trying to work”

    Also Cleen when tattooing: “I hate storage units”

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