A Fight Breaks Out Between Lily & Danielle ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

A Fight Breaks Out Between Lily & Danielle ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– Hey guys! – Hey! – Get it J! – These last couple of weeks
have been a whirlwind. Does Terence have my (bleep) up? Hell yeah. So I kicked
his ass out the house. But I can’t wait
to get back to everybody. – Our new receptionist.
– Welcome back. No bull(bleep) this
is like original vibes. – Man (bleep)
your original vibes. Danielle just got back
from engagement vacation or whatever the (bleep) And for her to think she could
just stroll back in here when she don’t
even (bleep) deserve it. Yeah a’ight. This is supposed
to be a new shop where we’re supposed to be
moving forward collectively but it doesn’t look like
that (bleep) is happening. What is Danielle anyways?
She’s not even an artist so how is this bitch
even bringing in money? -So what’s
the plan y’all? What’s the mother(bleep) plan? – What’s the plan dog?
– How are we moving forward. We got the shop back
so what’s the next step? – Really simple.
– The next step is we can tear the walls down. – We should do something
like contemporary modern. – This black wall is like
a temporary- – Nah this black wall
is a sign of the past. We gonna get rid
of that black wall. We gonna get some new paint. – I was thinking we knock
all of this down right here. All of this gone. This space needs to be more air. We can knock this out
with our hammers. Real quick. Nah, nah, nah – We’re interior
decorating right now. We need a complete
overhaul in here. The shop definitely
needs like a full (bleep) under construction (bleep) but right now
we can’t afford it. – For now we gotta do
what we can and we ain’t got money
like that to be flowing around
and doing construction and (bleep) destroying. On top of that we still need
to come up with money. – One step at a time.
-Don is right. We’e going to do
what we can do with- – Starting with that (bleep)
black wall hole of death. Bitch didn’t you just hear
what I just said? This isn’t (bleep)
Property Brothers. This is our shop.
So if this bitch don’t shut up about this
decorating bull(bleep) I might end up decorating
her (bleep) face. Danielle why do you think you
get a say in how the shop looks? – Bitch you just got here
like I’ve been here since day one
and I’m one of the reasons that the shop
has been poppin for so long. What I’m not about to do
is go back and forth with you about who does
more around here. Baby then please
do have it with me. I’m not gonna have
this conversation. I don’t have to have
this conversation. What have you done? Shut up, dead ass. – This was when we ended on not
what we’re suppose to begin on. Cause regardless Danielle
is a part of this situation, Lily and you are too. So we need to figure out
how the (bleep) We’re getting past this. I’m not even going to
argue with you anymore. Cause you can’t bitch. – Please don’t act
like you’re important. This converstation
is going nowhere. It was up to me I would have beat the (bleep)
out of you already. Ok, well you’re not. Chill the (bleep) out.

18 thoughts on “A Fight Breaks Out Between Lily & Danielle ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. “I’m one of the reasons this shop has been popping for a while.” GIIIIRRRRLLL BYYYYYEEE! What do you even do?! How exactly are you bringing in money again?! Lord

  2. Lily overreacted by fighting her because she said she wasn’t going to argue with her..and everybody always says they see why Ryan left but Ryan allowed and was with this behavior from jump. First season was all about parties, drinking, fucking and fighting. And Ryan was right along with it. Allowing it!!!! He controls how his shop is ran. You can’t start off one way then expect them to act different cause y’all now have a following on television.

  3. Why is lily so violent? I just randomly watched a few clips because I’m not familiar with the show but 2 outta 3 clips was her fighting…wtf😳

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