9 Tattoo Stories That’ll Stay w/ You Forever | Ranked: Ridiculousness

9 Tattoo Stories That’ll Stay w/ You Forever | Ranked: Ridiculousness

– You got a lower back tattoo, man. Well, shall I say, you used
to have a lower back tattoo. – That’s true – What did you refer to it as? – A champ stamp… – [Rob] A champ stamp. (laughing) – [Chanel] Oh my god, that’s hilarious. (clapping and cheering) – All right, when you got
that neck tat, did it hurt? – Nah, this is like, the only one that didn’t
hurt as much as the others. My fingers hurt crazy,
my calves hurt crazy, but my neck, like, tickled. – [Rob] Yeah? – Yeah. – Man, I’m a tell you what, man, I always thought for sure
that there was no doubt getting needles in the neck was the most painful, possible
place to get a tattoo. – I think its different for everyone. – Okay now, maybe you were
more like drunk or high? During the thing.
– Nah, I don’t get drunk, like, if you get drunk, and
get tatted it hurts way more. (clapping) – Let me ask you this, what
is the love of the snack, man? I mean I know you’re known for pizza. I know you got a pizza tattoo, maybe? – I got a bunch, I have
like five pizza tattoos. – Five pizza tattoos? – Yeah, I have like a
Jewish star made of pizzas, I got ‘money, pizza, respect’
underneath my armpit. – Oh yeah, yeah. – My snack game, is just,
it’s just extremely strong. Like I don’t eat meals, I only eat snacks. – That’s it? – Yeah, nope, like you
know what I’m saying? – Cause I’m like, I’m an adult. (laughing) I do what I want! You
know what I’m saying? – We got a little clip here
of your daughter pranking you, is that something she
does all the time or what? – Yeah, she, she likes
to play a lot of games, she plays too many games around the house. – Okay, all right, take a look at this, this daughter fooling poor dad. – Poor dad! (laughing) What’d y’all did today? What
y’all was running around doing? – I got a tattoo today. (dramatic music) – On ya neck? – That’s Sean’s initials? – [Brittney] Well the “S” is for him, the “B” is for me. (laughing) – Okay, okay what’s happening here? (laughing) – This is like every dad’s
nightmare, to get like, your daughter comes home,
with like, her boyfriends name humongous on her neck. (laughing) Anybody that has daughters, trust me, that is a moment you
don’t want to experience. (laughing) – When did she tell you that it was fake? – A few minutes after I
was about to be in tears. (laughing) (cheering and clapping) – Okay, so on an interview they were asking you
about your tats, right? – Mmhmm. – And you said that all
your face tats did not hurt, at all. – Yeah. – And why do you think that is? – I don’t know. (laughing) It just don’t hurt
– I’mma tell you why. because you got a face of steel. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – Like not only could you
get tatted all the way, but you could probably take a
shot and not even be phased, you know what I mean. – I don’t know, I don’t know, if it was to the face it’d
probably be a little crazy. (laughing) – I think you got something gifted, I think you got a steel face. (laughing) – Well thank you. (clapping) – “It’s a Knife” just blew up right? So it’s a tour, it’s a album.. – I’m a little lost, I don’t know, okay.. – You don’t know?
– No, I don’t know about this. – So he had an interview,
what’d he end up asking you? He said like… – He said, “Is that a
cross on your forehead?” And I said no, it’s a knife. (laughing) – Wait, and that’s where it came from? – Yeah – Yeah. – That’s really funny, actually. (cheering) – All right, I got an image I’d like to show real quick for those that may not be able to read. ‘Rich forever’, right on the lip. Tell us about it man. ‘Rich forever’, what, where did that come from and why right there?
– You know, I’ve been getting tattoos a long time, my first tattoo I was maybe 13 or 14 I got a dollar sign. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you know I pretty much
covered maybe 80 percent of the rest of my body and I was like, yo, I know what I want to do. Next time I’m in a chick face, I ain’t even got to say
nothing, except I’m a magician. (laughing) You know what I’m saying? (clapping) – Okay so I understand you
had a bit of a misspelling on a tattoo you got,
– Oh Wow. – And your mother had to
inform you of what happened – (laughing) Yeah, – [Rob] What happened? – So I wrote the song called “Who You Are”, when I was 18, and I got a lyric of
it tattooed, quite big, from about here to here, about four days later my mum woke me up and she was like, “I need
to tell you something”, and I was like I thought
someone had died, you know, I was just like what’s happened? She was like, “Your
tattoo is spelled wrong”. (laughing) And it’s suppose to say
“Don’t lose who you are” and it says “don’t loose who you are”. (laughing) – Ah, man. – And its still there.. (laughing and clapping) And it’s so funny, cause I
always wear high waisted stuff ’cause I can’t be reminded
of how stupid I am (laughing) (cheering and clapping) – Okay, you got a lower back tattoo, man. Well, shall I say you used
to have a lower back tattoo. – That’s true. – What did you refer to it as? – A champ stamp. (laughing) – Oh my god, that’s hilarious. – Finally enough was enough,
in the last year or so, and you got it– – Well you know, I got
tired of being embarrassed, at the beach or like by a pool, and but it wasn’t until
we had our first kid. And I said to myself, I do not want my kid to think of me as guy with a lower back tattoo. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah, that’s fair, that’s fair (laughing and clapping) – Vic you got “still alive”
tattooed on your stomach, why do you got that? – Man, I just had a lot of
near death experiences bro, like I was trying to
sneak into lollapalooza when I was 17 years old. I tried to climb off a
bridge on like Monroe Street downtown Chicago, like the bridges that
carry the metro train, I swung over and my arm touched a
transformer with 30 thousand, 15 thousand volts of
electricity right there and then my arms shot out in
front of me like Frankenstein (laughing) And I just started falling, like, I’m like damn I’m (beep) going
to be a paraplegic rapper. (laughing) – You’d be the first,
you’d be the first though. (laughing) – But after all that, I’m still alive, you know what I mean? Nothing happened.

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  1. Yea neck tatts aren’t bad because the skin on your neck is alot thicker than other parts on the body. Due to the body’s natural defense for the throat and jugular

  2. Dude had a purse. That's gay.
    (I read this when I was sober and realized I didn't have an A in that statement. And I sounded retarded)

  3. What's up with all of these rappers with face tats under 30? People used to think Weezy was crazy for his, now it's just the norm. I think it's supposed to make them look hard, but most of them soft as Charmin

  4. Only 1 way to make this show watchable is getting rid of that stupid dolphin! Cant stand that fucking laugh! Fuckkk I wanna just rip her fucking head off

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