9 Brutally Honest Self-Portrait Tattoos 😬 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

9 Brutally Honest Self-Portrait Tattoos 😬 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

(dramatic music) (gasping shockingly) (soft dramatic music) – [Woman] Is that me? Oh my God! (soft dramatic music) – Oh! (chuckling) (exhaling softly) You bitch. (soft dramatic music) Oh my God! Oh we funnier than a mother (beeping). – Mhm.
– ‘Cause. – We funny as hell. – Yeah this is hilarious. (scoffing) Man.
– Mhm. (shuddering softly) – This bitch look just like me. (soft dramatic music) I’m gonna explode. What the (beeping)? Man. What’s the deal with this man? – When you drink, you
can’t hold your liquor. I’ve seen you throw up and
cover a whole kitchen with it. Projectile throw up. I had to clean up her throw up. And then what really scared me
was when we was out last week and you fell on your chin. – I split my chin open last week, it’s crazy.
– Anything coulda happened to you Sha. (soft dramatic music) And what we will not be doin’
is dyin’ out on each other. So, that’s the littlest reminder. – [Shavonna] No not the littlest at all. – [Together] Three. (exhaling softly) Two. One! (soft dramatic music) – Eva what the (beeping)? Is that me peeing in drag? (soft dramatic music) What the (beeping) would you put me peeing on my (beeping) leg? (soft dramatic music) – One time you were telling me about how you were into (beeping) play. So I thought it’d be
funny if you got a tattoo of yourself pissing. (soft dramatic music) – This is not (beeping) play. This is some girl, she’s probably drunk and (beeping) peein’ in the street girl. – I wouldn’t be pissed. (screaming) – Oh she’s smart now!
(screaming) Oh she’s smart! (laughing) (gasping dramatically) (beeping) – Bro. (soft dramatic music) – It’s an ass. (soft dramatic music) Oh my God bro. I hate you right now. How am I supposed to explain
this to my future kids? I don’t need eat (beeping). – [Mike] Exactly. Exactly bro. – I’m really excited to hear this story. – So I talked to your girl one day man. She told me that on her birthday, she was drunk and she asked
you to (beeping) her ass bro. – And I said no!
– And you said no. Yeah, like bro! (snorting softly) This is your lady, this is your wife bro. You gotta go all out. – Oh so everybody’s just (beeping) ass. – Toss the salad. – Everybody just (beeping).
– We all do it, I do it. – Am I the only that
doesn’t eat (beeping)? – Yes you are. – [Stephon] And it says
beat, eat it, under it. The visual wasn’t enough,
you gotta put words? (soft dramatic music) – Why did you add the B? – Well if you don’t do
none of that (beeping), you’re bustin’ (beeping). (screaming) (soft dramatic music) – Oh my God. It’s me. – Yeah it’s you. You thought it was–
– It’s Nilly the squid! – It’s Nilly the squid! You like it? – Oh my God! That bitch got big lips like me! – And big titties like you. – [Nilsa] That is hilarious. What’s the lesson? – You’re always so
worried about your looks. You’re goofy and you’re
silly just like that tattoo and I want you to realize that. You never think you’re
gonna find a husband. But you’re so beautiful on the inside. – And you did the squid
’cause she calls herself Nillie the squid.
– Yeah, mhm. – And chi chi’s up?
– Titties up. Always be ready. – [Together] Three, two. – [Woman] Oh my goodness. – [Together] One! (gasping dramatically) – Why did you do this? (laughing) (soft dramatic music) This is absolutely (beeping) disgusting. – You like it? – Like it’s not funny. I’m not laughing. I’m dead-ass like really pissed. (dramatic music) – Can you explain this
tattoo for us Ashleigh? – [Tajana] I’d love to know. – Because Taj doesn’t like clowns. I would say like, you fear them. – Don’t tell people that. – And then, I can’t believe
how much it looks like you. – Yo. This is from my Instagram,
like lookin’ mad cute. – I had to make sure I
took her prettiest picture. – And put a clown on it.
– Yep. – It comes off as you’re
calling her a clown. – Ashleigh’s a bully. Once again. (dramatic music) – Is that (beeping) me? (dramatic music) What the (beeping). Like what was the point of this? – So remember the time
we all went to the beach and you (beeping) your pants? I mean it’s a toxic waste. (soft dramatic music) – Are you (beeping) kidding me? That happened one time! I was 10! What the (beeping) Lexi. – Why would you put this on her leg? – Because she needs to get
her (beeping) together. Not just the beach incident. It’s for work, it’s for
life, it’s for memories. – It’s diarrhea saying toxic waste! from an accident that
happened like 10 years ago! (soft dramatic music) (gasping dramatically) (groaning) (dramatic music) – [Renee] Is that me? Oh my God, you’re an idiot! Am I pooping? – Yeah. – [Renee] I’m (beeping) into a pinata. – Yes you sure are. – I don’t even have words. – You’ve become a total party-pooper. You need to loosen up. – Loosen up? – Bring back that fun
party Re that I knew. (scoffing) – You are a (beeping) idiot. I have told you, I don’t want
a bunch of (beeping) on me. (gasping dramatically) – Nicholas Gregory. You (beeping) dick! (dramatic music) – Oh (beeping). I told you. – What is wrong with you? Oh my God. Now I’m gonna go food
shopping with the kids, they’re gonna be like, oh crazy Jenny. (chuckling) What the (beeping)? – [Nick] Do you get
the point of it though? – Yeah I’m crazy I get, woopty-doo. It’s like really there. It won’t come off, Why, why would you do that? – This is how I see you, when you do the (beeping) you do to me. – I’m pissed. Why would you write crazy Jenny? – Well because that’s what you are. That’s how you act. – So that’s a tattoo of her? – Yes. She’s nuts. I can literally do nothing
without her going crazy on me. Who the (beeping) wants to
deal with somebody like that? – I’m done. – [Nick] We done bro. (soft dramatic music) (dramatic music) – [Micah] What the (beeping)? – You got a botched Barbie. – Am I botched Barbie? (groaning) – Listen that’s what
I’m tryin’ to tell you, I don’t want it to get to that point. – I don’t feel botched. Like it’s crazy if you really think that, like that’s how you look at me. – No. – I think you look amazing. – Facts.
(soft dramatic music) – I also get my (beeping) done. I got my boobies done
because I had two kids. They were literally ball
sacks hanging to my knees. And I don’t need a bra
now so I feel great. – I see what you’re thinking. I’m not saying that I think
that you’re totally outta line. I think this tattoo is out of line. – I love Micah to death. I’m just worried that if she continues getting all these procedures, something might happen, complications. And I just want her to
know that she doesn’t need to change anything about her. – It’s like it’s a jab, it’s a hard jab. – I’m sorry.

57 thoughts on “9 Brutally Honest Self-Portrait Tattoos 😬 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

  1. Am I crazy for loving some of these??? I really like outrageous tattoos. Nothing with bodily fluids but the creative portraits I would love.

  2. This show is definitely fake. Realistically, unless they’re waiting a few days before the reveal, there would be redness among other things in the ink.

  3. I love how people can’t take the honest criticism but want help once what friends or family warned them about happens & then they want help. Smh It’s a wake up call or gonna be some downfall.

  4. #7; how do you explain that to children;?.
    Forget them…how do you explain this at all?
    I really don't get these people.
    They know, if you're going to be on that show they not going to tatoo (or Tadooe (@vince Manzini ) a beautifull rose⚘ or Koiï Karper…

  5. Why are men so mean to their wives, not even their girlfriends like their wives! The mothers of their kids on this show? I'm telling you… we really ain't shit sometimes lol.

  6. How bout all u assholes in the comments claiming that this show is fake (without proof) or the people that are asking why these people signing up for this how bout you guys read the description it tells you what this show is about and the girl with the crazy Jenny tattoo is on YouTube and she still has her tattoo, so that is proof right that it’s all real.

  7. That guy was crying when he said when she fell on her chin🥺🥺🥺🥺 at first thought he was an ass but I felt for the two

  8. The boy that put a 'botched Barbie ' tattoo on his gf, because he did not wanted her to have any more stetic procedure just got her on a endless laser procedure to get this thing off…

  9. I kinnda hope this show is fake. Cuz if people really out here gettin this type shit on them purposely then I have no hope left for humanity 😂

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