7 Gross, Gag-Worthy Tattoos 🤢 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

7 Gross, Gag-Worthy Tattoos 🤢 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

(intense music) – 17 (beep) years Sarah!? Are you serious!? What the (beep) is that!? – [Sarah] Stained toilet paper. – (all together)
Three, two, one. (intense music) – Oh my (beep) god. Are you (beep) serious? – You have a (beep) pile
of vomit on your leg. Kirk can you explain
this tattoo for us? – He throws up at bars, comes back and
parties even harder, but he likes to kiss
girls in between. – With a (beep) crown. – You’re the king of
puke and rally bro, that’s your thing right? – So now all the girls
know you’re a nasty, a nasty mother (beep). – (beep) hate you. – Hey bro you gotta
let these girls know that they might be
swallowing chunks if they kiss you at a bar dog. – I aint got a
(beep) choice now. (intense music) – Dude. That sucks bro. (intense music) It’s a black lung man. (beep) dude. What does that even mean dude? – You’ve been smoking
way too many cigarettes. I thought maybe this
would put an end to it. – Like literally (beep) bro. – I mean that’s a
disease on your body. – You mad?
– Yeah. You know my lungs like hate
me, already, damn dude. – I love this guy so much, he’s my best friend
in the world, bro you gotta stop, smoking is killing you bro. It’s too much, today’s
the day you quit right? – I would say I would quit but, I’m probably gonna have
a cigarette after this I’m not lying to you. – With that on your chest? – I mean I should
quit but, dude, that’s gnarly bro. – Oh my god. Wow. Holy (beep), bro
right next to my toe. (intense music) Dude, I’m gonna get so
much (beep) for this. – Yeah. – Like I’m pissed for sure. Yeah no girls are
wanting to see that. – Yeah you’re getting blocked. – Yo are those maggots? – That’s styling. – No that is not styling dude. That pisses me off. Oh my gosh dude it gets
worse the more I look. – There’s fungi in
there for y’all. – Trevor please explain
why you put this (beep) blistering, maggot
filled, infection, on the top of Connor’s foot. – It’s kind of like a
lesson teacher almost. – How? – You gotta get
that taken care of, that’s effected all our lives. – So you did cause
my toe then huh? – Yeah. – It’s nasty, like
we all know that and I know that, like people always say, it kinda has like
it’s own personality, like it’s like, me and my toe. Everyone always gives me
crap about my nasty toe. And then you
elaborate it to this and make it that much worse. That pisses me off a little bit. – Three, two, one. – Oh Jesus. – Wow. A trash can? In your face? (intense music) Why? – Oh god she doesn’t get it. – There were times when we
were getting intimate but, you had body odor
that I was just like, you know I don’t
know if I could, pursue you on that level. – So you tell me in a tattoo. – Why’d you put the
trash can on that spot? – [Host] Next to her hooha. – You gave me a trash
can by my cooter. As a woman that’s kind of where, a lot of your body odor is. – I quit. (intense music) – Girl I think it’s (beep) up. – It is (beep) up, but like I’ve never
gotten complaints before. – How are you feeling? – I’m kind of pissed that
I have to (beep) loose lips on the side of my leg. – I think hers is way worse. – Yeah you tell me that
I don’t smell good. – You got each other. – Do you guys have anything
you wanna say to each other? – She said a mouthful. – We can close the lid on it. – Oh she’s coming in
hot with the jokes. – That was for you. – Yeah! – (intense music) – (intense music) – So you know how like you constantly always
like (beep) on me. That’s me (beep) on you. – Who the (beep)
in their right mind puts themself (beep)
on somebody else’s leg? Somebody that’s (beep) crazy. – Like if you cheat on me
one time I’m gonna dump you. – But, that’s
actually not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. – No?
– Nah. – What the (beep)? – You’re seriously not mad? – Nah. Yours is definitely
worse than mine. – You’re a sick (beep),
what is wrong with you? Who would wanna get
that tattooed on them? – A crazy Jenny. – My hearts literally about
to come out my ass (beep). – You see, perfect example. – There’s a (beep) on your leg. And she’s squatting. – [Nick] She looks
like a stripper. – I don’t get this show. – I mean the piece of
(beep) was a little, over the board but, it’s not that bad. – [Jen] You’re really not mad? – Nah. – Are you okay? – You were just telling her
I’m taking your ass to court. – I was ready.
– And now he’s – it’s not bad.
– like oh I love it. – So y’all are
going home together, everything’s all good? – I mean I could go for
like drinks right now. – Yo me too for real. (laughing) – (All together) Three, two, one. (intense music) – Get closer, get closer
to that mother (beep). – What is this (beep)? It looks (beep) huge. What the (beep) is this? Bauix really? Oh my god Bauix. You can’t think
of anything else? – Nope, I’m tired of
your big ass mouth. – You got a big ass
(beep) mouth too. – Mommy. – That’s what your ass get. – (beep) really
about to get real. (laughing) – Can you give us the story
behind this whole tattoo? – For all that stuff that
comes out of your mouth they call words
that’s, the (beep). – He’s saying you’re
a (beep) talker. – You’re gonna shut
yours after this. – Okay. – I have no words
for him anymore, I’m just ready for him
to see what, he’s got. – I think I did my
job, she has no words. – (All together) Three, two, one. – I can’t even (beep) look. (intense music) – 17 (beep) years Sarah!? Are you serious!? What the (beep) is that!? – Stained toilet paper. You need to clean up your act. (intense music) – Explain the full story here. – All right, me and Kenny
were hooking up with this guy in the back of his truck. Kenny leaves, he took a (beep), did not wipe, all of a sudden, this guy’s (beep)
(beep) (beep) (beep). There was (beep),
dripping into his hand, that’s why I gave
you that tattoo, you need to clean
your (beep) up. – I’m (beep) leaving dude. (beep) god. How do I get out of here? – [Host] Well you
don’t have pants on. – I don’t care. And I have this (beep)
ass toilet paper on it. – I wish I knew the right
thing to say right now to make this better. – My hearts racing. – I feel really bad. – That taking a (beep)
doesn’t seem that bad anymore. This some dark (beep). – I just don’t get why she
thinks like that of me. – I think that she
was making a metaphor, to clean your (beep) up. – I think I might
even cry for him. – Can we go back out? – Yeah. (intense music) – Oh my god. There’s a fly right
by my ass (beep). (laughing) – [Host] Where do
we go from here? – I mean I guess it has
like a good font to it. – Yes. – I think I like
the (beep) part. – Stop. – Put like a huge
bandaid over it. I think we’ll be fine.

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  1. I wouldn't let someone shoose a tattoo for me that will be for the rest of my life on my body like you wake up everyday to see something you don't want to.

  2. As a women thats where alot of your odor is 😂😂but you trying to be a men 😂😂 make funny you look better then your girl i will wife her over her girl she look better

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