7 Breakup-Worthy Couples Tattoos | Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

7 Breakup-Worthy Couples Tattoos | Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

– What does it say? – You’re dumped. I’m done. (sobbing) – Are you being for real?
– Serious. – My heart is racing. – Same. Come on Denzel, let’s go. Stay right here. All right so I’m gonna
give you these shades. Diahna, I love you guys,
I hope this goes well. – Me too. – Do you think it’s bad? – I don’t know. I hope for your sake it aint bad. – I love you. – Uh huh. – I don’t get my I love you back? – We’ll see after this tattoo is revealed. – You did me too. – You came here to do something big. – Yeah. – Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe she came here to do something even bigger? – I guess we about to find out. – Why don’t we have Kevin come out. – Hi Denzel. – You know you did this to me right? – You don’t get mad at me!
– All right man. – Oh my gosh. (screaming) Oh my gosh. – She’s lockin’ him down. – All right.
– All right ready? – [Together] Three. – Oh my God. – [Together] Two, one. (soft dramatic music) – What the hell is this? Nah. What’s that supposed to be like? I’m supposed to be your prisoner? I don’t like this. – All right Diahna, what’s
the story behind this tattoo? – I want the ring, so I put
a ring around his ankle. You didn’t put a ring on
me so I put a ring on you. – You couldn’t think of nothin’ better? – I mean, are you mad? Do you still love me? – I’m speechless. (soft dramatic music) (exhaling sharply) – Together forever right? – Stop. Now I’m feeling like
you pushed it too far. – Well we’re gonna find out soon enough. – Hey Court! How you doin’?
– Hey girl. – Good! (soft dramatic music) Good luck. – Oh my God! (dramatic music) It’s funny, such a dick. – I will slap you. – I want you guys to
stay together after this but this is fucked up. – I feel like I’m gonna cry. – All right we’re gonna count down. – [Together] Three. – [Snookie] Two, one. (dramatic music) – What the (beeping)? – [Garrett] You got a botched Barbie. – Am I a botched Barbie? (groaning) – That’s what I’m trying to tell you, I don’t want it to get to that point. – I don’t feel botched. Like it’s crazy if you really think, that’s how you look at me. – No. – I think you look amazing.
– Facts. – I also get my (beeping). I got my boobies done
because I had two kids. They were literally ball
sacks hanging to my knees. And I don’t need a bra
now so I feel great. – I see what your thinking. I’m not saying that I think
that you’re totally out of line. I think this tattoo is out of line. – I love Micah to death. I’m just worried that if she continues getting all these procedures,
something might happen, complications, and I just want her to know that she doesn’t need to
change anything about her. – It’s a jab, it’s a hard jab. – I’m dorry. – [Together] Three. Two. One. (soft dramatic music) (dramatic music) – So you know how you constantly
always like (beep) on me? That’s me (beeping) on you. – Who the (beeping) in their right mind puts themself (beeping)
on somebody else’s leg? Somebody that’s (beeping) crazy. – Like if you cheat on me
one time I’m gonna dump you. – It’s actually not as bad
as I thought it was gonna be. – No? – Nah. (laughing)
– What the (beeping). – You seriously not mad? – Nah (giggling). Yours is definitely worse than mine. – You’re a sick (beeping). What is wrong with you? Who would wanna get that tattooed on them? – A crazy Jenny. – My heart’s literally about
to come out of my (beeping). – You see. Perfect example. (laughing) – There’s a (beeping) on your leg. And she’s squatting. – [Nick] She looks like a stripper. I don’t get this show. – I mean the piece of
(beeping) was over the board but it’s not that bad. – [Jen] You’re really not mad? – Nah. – Are you okay? – You were just tellin’ her
I’m takin’ your ass to court. – And now it’s like oh I love it, it’s greats
– It’s not bad. – So y’all are goin’ home together, everything’s all good? – I mean I could go for drinks right now. – Yo me too for real.
(laughing) – Oh my goodness gracious. – All right Andre, ready to cry. – No more beach bod. – Can you put him out? Does he have to be here when I see it? – What’s the worst thing that could be on your stomach right now? – Anything that comes from him, it doesn’t matter at this point. – [Host] Hey Tiff, come on out. Tiff how did you feel abut this tattoo? – [Tiff] This is some next level. – What are your intentions
with this tattoo without giving it away? – Things in the bed
(mumbling) a little boring. I wanted to get rid of the conversation and get it poppin’. – All right well Andre, do
you have any final words? – I’m just nervous, I’m sweating
and my knees are shaking. – Are you ready to see
what’s on your stomach for the rest of your life? – Not really but yeah. I don’t have a choice. – All right we’re gonna count down. – [Together] Three. Two. One. (groaning) (soft dramatic music) – Ronnie what the (beeping) What the (beeping) is this? – It’s a threesome babe. – [Andre] Why would you do this? – Are you really upset? – Do you think it’s a (beeping) joke? – Can you tell us the message you were trying to get across? – The message is just to, you know, I know we
didn’t have our threesome. – You could’ve (beeping)
axed for a threesome! – Have you had this conversation before? – We have touched the conversation but it’s never been
like, this is something definite that I want you know? And they’re not even havin’ sex! Like they’re just (beeping) ass. (laughing) It’s not funny dude! – So thrupple or not? (soft dramatic music) – No. – Ronnie, do you have any regrets? – No. – You have no regrets after
seeing how mad he got? – No ’cause he signed up for this. – Najae, tell us what your intention was. – To let him know that he aint (beeping). You could be a good dad. – I tried, that’s your choice. – Hey Tiff, how’d you feel
about doin’ this tattoo? – This is definitely the ultimate
(beeping) blocker tattoo. – Checkmate that. – I’m feelin’ kinda mad
because I know it’s gonna be somethin’ (beeping) up. – All right. – [Together] Three. Two. One. – What the (beeping)? Ah damn. You sperm donor on my stomach? With the sperm comin’ out? – Yeah. – What the (beeping) is wrong with you? – You got me pregnant then you left. You was never around.
– That’s stupid as hell though, sperm donor?
– Don’t do nothin’. – How the (beeping) am
I gonna get this off? This is (beeping) up. – You don’t do anything for our child. – That’s a lie.
– Right now you’re a terrible dad, you’re a deadbeat dad. – This is nasty as hell. What the (beeping) is wrong with you? (dramatic music) I’m gone. (beeping) that (beeping). (beeping). – He’s an ass(beeping). – This some (beeping) bull(beeping), like what the (beeping)? – Where’d they go? – (beeping) You Najae. What the (beeping) is wrong with you? – Vance, now knowing what
your wife put on you, how do you feel about what you put on her? – [Vance] I think I went hard enough. – [Snookie] That you did. What a shocker. – [Host] All right Kev. – [Snookie] Be prepared. – The wrath of Sydney. – [Together] Three. Two. One. (soft dramatic music) (groaning) (beeping) – You’re disgusting. Sick minded. – Do you wanna explain to her? – [Vance] She was gettin’ sandwiched. – What sandwiched? – She was with other
girls back in the day. I was just trying to
see if she would be down for something crazy like that. – And of course it would
be blond bitches too. This is as close as you’re gonna get to seeing me with other girls. You can go (beeping) yourself. (soft dramatic music) – Give her a sec. – So that’s what you really want huh? – Obviously this is where we draw the line in our sex life. We’re not gonna be able to add people without getting upset about it. – I’m a mom now. That’s not me anymore. – What’s the intention
behind this tattoo Stephen? – I want revenge. You want the whole world to know that we argue a lot? There you go. – That’s why I’m taking
this (beeping) personal. – You gotta–
I’m takin’ it personal with you because you do
stuff to purposely hurt me. – You probably got a
(mumbling) on Wednesday too. – Shut the (beeping) up Stephen, shut up. – Ah I’m gonna throw up. – Can I just see it? – Dennis! (soft dramatic music) (chuckling) All right, any final words
here from ether one of you before we get to this? – I’m sorry. – [Together] Three, two, one. – What is this? (sobbing) Why you have a toilet on my back? What does it say? – You’re dumped. Like I’m done. – Are you being for real?
– Serious. – Oh my God what the (beeping) did I do to deserve this? – Like every time we get into an argument you have to put out
(beeping) on social media. Like for what? You don’t stop. – Oh my God. (sobbing) I will never forgive you Stephen, I will never forgive you. (sobbing) This is so (beeping) embarrassing. – Tim.
(sobbing) Stop. It’s just a prank Tim, I’m
not breakin’ up with you. – Hold up, hold up. You’re straight up saying
this whole thing was a prank? – Yes. I just wanted you to know that I’m the king of the prank
war, just gie me props. – No. – So you came on the
show to prank all of us? – Yes. They didn’t even know it was a prank. – Honestly we had no idea. – Yeah that’s why I was like
you’re a piece of (beeping). But now that I know it’s a prank, still a piece of (beeping). – A prank is not permanent. A prank is something you
laugh at in the moment, you get over it. – That’s why it’s so big.
– I’m gonna look at this and I’ma cry every time I see you. – You mean everything to me.
– I mean (beeping) to you. That was the most belittling, degrading, lowest feeling I’ve ever felt. He crossed the line and I’m
not gonna get over this. – Go run after your woman. – I hope Taylor will forgive
me, I really messed up. This prank totally backfired
and I feel horrible.

100 thoughts on “7 Breakup-Worthy Couples Tattoos | Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

  1. #1 is a complete ass. Why would you prank someone with that tattoo? I wonder how much the tattoo artists get paid to do this show? They gotta feel like 💩 after they see most of the people's reactions. I mean, I know that the people signed up to get tattoed and should know what they're getting into but still. I wouldn't even bring my worst enemy on a show like this.

  2. i mean for the human centipede one if u saw the whole thing its really cute and ends so nice dont wanna say the ending but watch it its so cute i cried…. https://youtu.be/R8FgzTrBRxc ….

  3. Who the hell in their right minds pranks the person their with by "dumping" them? Like that is beyond messed up and I hope that dude gets what's coming for him! Taylor deserves better. She's gorgeous inside and out and wish I could give her a hug! Ugh some guys are @$$holes!🤬

  4. 9:45 Screw the saying “If looks could kill!” Hell, I don’t know how anyone in that studio was still standing after that look Sydney shot Vance, because I’m sitting in the privacy of my own home all the way in Florida, yet I’m dead! 😵 💀

  5. 9:46 I can’t help laughing at Nico’s response when he saw Sydney’s reaction! He was legit scared af! Maybe that’s why he’s gay. 🤣 🤣

  6. Why do people go on this show? If someone I had issues with asked me "Hey, want to go on this MTV show where we pick out awful tattoos for each other?"
    No, no, I do not. Thanks though.

  7. Has anyone else noticed the heavy amounts of occult symbolism being pushed at the VMAs? Does anyone know what the significance of all the symbolism is? Its also very obvious that these events are doubling as political propaganda rallys, but Im not sure if thats somehow related to the symbolism.Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this!

  8. #5 is definitely CRAZY

    Except- it's the guy who is cray-cray…
    You can tell that he is nut-so.
    And that he's mad as hell at her, but he's trying to smile with the cameras around…

  9. #2 ATTENTION ALL MEN!!!!!!!
    ****just because your girl did some kinky shit "once upon a time" does NOT mean that she would do it ever again. So don't expect it, EVER! It's in the past for a reason!

    PS… if you got with your girl solely because of her past-erotics just makes you a desperate, shallow asshole….

  10. He only said it was a prank because she was sobbing. If these were temporary but still the pain of a permanent tattoo then maybe. Idk why they even go to these shows then get upset

  11. 4:25 that tells you how petty women are she got pissed at him because he wasn't mad "are you okay" prime example of smiling in the face of your haters and kill them with kindness. If he would have got mad she would have been happy and gave her the reaction she wanted

  12. I would never let someone else pick a tattoo like wtf u know it’s going to be bad and it’s going to be there forever

  13. Number 1 always makes me a little emotional, u can really feel her pain 😭 I've been there sis…. well not exactly there lmao

  14. if I were here and my man cheated on me I would put a tattoo on his forehead saying, ”dont date me I'm a cheating ass dog” with a pitbull but the face of the pitbull is him

  15. I’m sorry the last one was super fucked. Like you could see how bad everyone felt and the girls were starting to tear up too! That’s not even a joke

  16. Prettt sure the tattoo artists don't give a shit about the people. Though the people submit to this. What a money making machine. All the tattoos except the botched barbie are freaking horrible. This show sucks… i'm still watching it though.

  17. this show is so awful… literally ruining people's lives… i hope these tattoos are fake, but they actually look real… sad

  18. I get where the last dude was coming from 🤦🏽‍♀️ its stupid to put every argument you have on social media but he didn't have to do her like that 😩😂

  19. “And they not even having sex” 😂😂😂 ya that looks like he wanted to recreate the human centipede 😂😂😂

  20. what the fcuk even is this show I highly doubt this is legal if its real and if its real these people either got paid so much or are faking it

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