6 Truly Shocking Tattoo Confessions 😳 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

6 Truly Shocking Tattoo Confessions 😳 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

– Secret to tell you.
– Looks like you’re spitting. Secret?
– Can I talk though or no? – [Dominique] Well then tell me. – I love doing threesomes with you. I just loved it. And I fell in love with you. (dramatic music) – Are you dead-ass? (Leicina laughs) Like, what is that? – [Leicina] It’s a skunk with its ass out spraying its odor, saying sweaty Lexie. – Leicina, like, really? – This is a permanent reminder of why your ex broke up with you. – Is this the reason that your
boyfriend broke up with you? – Not that I know of. – Honey? – Honey, that’s what I asked him. He said, “Who wants to have sex “with someone whose armpits sweat?” (Nico laughs) Just know I did this out of love. – Really? – It’s just a constant reminder
to clean it up sometimes. – Yeah, yeah, it’s a constant reminder that he broke up with me. We’ll see what yours is
a constant reminder of. (dramatic music) – (laughs) What the (bleep)? D.M.s? What’d you put that on me for? – Sliding into the D.M.s
and getting rejected. So I was given some
information about a year ago. – From?
– My ex-girlfriend. – Okay. – You slid in her D.M.s
asking her to get drinks. And I’m wondering why. – I thought she was trying to make you jealous by hitting me up. – But it was you that hit her up. – Well, I don’t know
what to tell you, man. I’m innocent, nothing happened. – [Man] A year is a
long time to hold that– – Yeah, why didn’t you just–
– How did you hold– say some (bleep) to him?
– That for a year? – It’s about the principle. That loyalty and all the
stuff he claims to be, that he would come out and say something. Still hasn’t happened, so that kinda makes it a little worse. That tattoo better be a reminder that if you break bro-code
again, this friendship’s over. – I’ll let you know immediately next time. – Thank you. (dramatic music) – What the (bleep)? Are you serious? Taj, what? Are you serious? I don’t get it. – You always thought I was gay. Actually, I’m bisexual and
I’m secretly in love with you. (dramatic music) – Hoo. You don’t think this is kinda extreme? – Yeah. It’s been so hard to
even, like, bring it up, ’cause I’m scared of rejection. – He’s been dating guys for so long, it was just like, oh, my gay best friend. Maybe in a different setting it would’ve worked just fine, but. I honestly was not expecting the secret. It’s just a lot to believe. – [Nicole] So, Taj, where
do you wanna go from here? – You always been there for me. You’re my rock. And I just don’t wanna
lose you as a best friend. – I don’t think you’ll ever
lose me as a best friend. – Y’all really have such a (bleep) beautiful friendship, a beautiful love. Y’all are soulmates, that’s fact. – At the end of the day, I’m happy that he got it off his chest. – Yeah. – So I still love you, and I’m
here for you, no matter what. – Me and Nico, we’re so proud of you for speaking your truth, because a lot of people don’t do that. – [Nico] Ever. – Thank you. – Sorry, Taj.
– We love you guys. – [Nico] We love you guys. – Oh, my titty. – [Nicole] Yay. – [Justina] Steven,
what was your intention with this tattoo? (dramatic music) – For it to be symbolic of me
and my feelings towards you. – [Nico] Steven, you wanna go take a big look at that big tattoo? – Is it bad? – I think it looks really nice. And it came from my heart,
just don’t forget that. – So there’s a question in this tattoo. – [Steven] Yeah. – You’ve waited a long
time for this moment. – My heart’s a loose cannon. – Hailey, are you ready to see what is on your leg for
the rest of your life? – I am. – Ah!
– Ah! – [Nico] Three, two, one! (dramatic music) – Is that a? Is that a penis? (dramatic music) Is he trying to (bleep) my leg? – [Steven] Yeah, it’s just
like a little horny dog. I’ve always been like that
puppy dog in love over you. – [Hailey] It says, “Wanna bone?” on it. (Hailey cries) – I want you so bad. I love you, that’s the
reason why I’m doing this. – Steven, you’re supposed
to be my best friend. I have a (bleep) penis on my leg. – [Steven] Yeah, but you got a puppy too. – Steven, that’s not the point. You said this comes from your heart. It says, do you wanna (bleep)? I have a (bleep) on my (bleep) leg. – I’ve always been a puppy dog in love, and I thought that was
the best way of doing it. – Could’ve wrote me a poem. – Is there any chance that
you would give Steven a chance to be something more than a friend? (dramatic music) – Absolutely not. It makes me feel
disrespected and disgusting. And it sucks ’cause I can’t really look at him the same again. – [Nico] Are y’all leaving together? – No. – I’m sorry. I’m done. This was my one and only chance to let Hailey know I love her. I (bleep) that up. (dramatic music) – [Kenisha] Oh my gosh. Guess who (bleep) your man? – Kenisha, let me explain the
intent behind that tattoo. I found out that you (bleep) my boyfriend. That was a pretty (bleep) up thing to do. So I hit up your bae, I
told him what happened. And then I slept with him. – [Kenisha] Bro, I’m done, I better go. I can’t do this. (dramatic music) – Hey.
(Kenisha sobs) Did you have any idea that Nikita knew about this in the first place? – I figured she probably did, but I didn’t think she
would get me back times two. – [Man] It was an eye for an eye, I get it.
– It was eye for an eye. But you gave her the worst of it.
– You got her way worse. – Kenisha, she pushed me to this point. Because our whole friendship, she let me believe that
she was a real friend, and it turns out she
was just a backstabber. And I don’t have no room
for haters in my life. – I never should’ve done this with her. I mean, we both slept
with each other’s dudes. We were probably never
best friends to begin with. There’s no coming back from this. Our friendship is done. (dramatic music) – Why the (bleep) did you
put, is this me and you? Jaz, why the (bleep)
would you put that on me? – ‘Cause I wanna talk to you, wait. – What do you wanna talk to me? Jazmine, that’s (bleep) crazy.
– My secret to tell you. – [Dominique] Bro, that’s
(bleep) weird as (bleep). I could’ve did you dirty. – That’s not dirty though. – Bit, that’s dirty to me. – I have a secret
– Anybody that looks at that– – To tell you.
– Looks like you’re spitting. Secret?
– Can I talk though, or no? – Well then tell me. – I love doing threesomes with you. I just loved it. And I fell in love with you. (dramatic music) – [Dominique] Dang, this is stupid. – I’m not gonna run
after her if she’s gonna be nasty to me.
– Don’t. You might get knocked out. – Is she really gonna
be a bitch like that? – She’s not being a
bitch, it’s on her chest, it’s very revealing, it’s shocking. – I’m in love with her. – I understand.
– Why the (bleep)? It’s (bleep) weird.
– I understand. – [Dominique] What does
that even (bleep) say? – It says, “Thruple or nah?” Let’s go inside and let’s just get her to tell us what it means. – All right, what the
(bleep) does that even mean? – Thruple, it’s a three couple. So, you know my boo that I have now? I want us to be in a relationship, me, you, and Daquon. – I’ve never (bleep) met Daquon. I don’t want a (bleep) random mother (bleep) guy on my chest. – I wanted it on your heart, so you can know how much I–
– That’s weird! Yeah, like, I’m explaining this to my kids or some (bleep), and you’re (bleep). – And it just puts a bad
face to polyamory, honestly. It’s like, you’re blasting
this hyper-sexualized version of a thruple. That’s (bleep) porn. – I thought you were showing me signs when we would have our
threesome that you loved me too. – Oh my God. – How is this the only way that you thought to tell her this? – [Dominique] This is
(bleep) creepy as (bleep). – So you don’t wanna be with me? – No. Honestly, I don’t even
wanna look at you the same. (dramatic music)

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  1. Number 3 grosses me out. "Wanna bone" is soooo lustful no indication of actual love for someone that was supposed to be his bestie smh. That shit feels cheapening of what could have been a dope friendship not a sexual conquest

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