5 Weird Things You Can Do With Duct Tape

5 Weird Things You Can Do With Duct Tape

– Can duct tape save your life?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooood Mythical Morning!
– On yesterday’s show, we learned that you can make an incredible robber mask out
of duct tape. But that’s not the only thing you can do. Lizzie is currently holding
her entire car together with duct tape, – based on the looks of her front bumper.
– I saw that! And I’m pretty sure you can treat a broken
leg with it. I’ve seen that on one or two – documentaries.
– I haven’t done it personally, and I – don’t plan on doing it.
– We’re gonna break a leg today. But we have pulled together a bevy of
things that purportedly you can do with – duct tape, so…
– Purportedly! (Link over harp music) Let’s Get
Weird With It: Duct Tape! All right, say you wanna snack on some
pickled thing in a jar, and jars typically should be opened with hands, but as we all
know, sometimes those jars don’t cooperate, unless you have duct tape. ♪ (harp music) ♪ I’ve been struggling with this particular
jar of pigs feet forever. The thing just– It doesn’t– doesn’t wanna come off.
See, I want this to come off so badly – ’cause all I wanna do is eat the pigs feet.
– Yeah, just suck on those pigs feet. (Link) And I have learned a technique of
using the duct tape. – I’ll get ahead of the game on this one.
– And then you do the same thing, ’cause you have a jar you’re gonna open too.
You can take a strip like that, and then – you’re gonna layer it triple deep.
– (Rhett) Triple deep! (Link) Triple-deep it, because what you’re
gonna ultimately do is you’re gonna wrap this duct tape around the top of the pesky
jar. The stinker jar. And you’re gonna open that stinker up. So, I’ve got a triple
threat of duct tape here. And the key is, you wanna start with the stickiness on the
underside of the lid, ’cause that gives you a little more grip. And then pull ‘er
up on the side… and then stick ‘er down – on top…
– Why is it a she? Because she’s not cooperating,
and that’s what they do. – (Link and crew laugh)
– Okay… So then I got me a handle here, – and I’m just gonna…
– Good luck! I’mma give it a little
pickled pigs feet pull! – Oh crap! Dangit!
– All right. We got a… (Link) It just went all
over my laptop, man! – (Rhett) That’s right, that’s your laptop.
– (Link) Dangit! I was gonna say,
“You might wanna go easy on it.” – I tried to go easy on it! Now you try.
– Now I’m a little nervous! (Rhett) That this snake-fish is gonna
pop out and go somewhere. Oh my gosh. And land on my laptop? (whispers) Oh gosh. Oh, I’m nervous. – Man, it really… Oh. Am I gettin’…?
– (Link) Make sure it’s on there. – Just pull it!
– I’m gettin’ sweaty. – (grunts) Oh!
– (Link laughs) (Link) Man, it’s like it’s glued on there! (crew laughs) (laughs) Hey man, I had to get you back
for making me put the pigs feet on my – laptop.
– (Rhett) This is glued on there? (Link) I Superglued it!
Well, I got Chase to Superglue it. – I can see it now.
– (Link and crew laugh) I betcha I can get it
off. There’s a trick. – (Lizzie) No, no no. No, no, no!
– It’s not gonna– It’s not– – (laughs)
– You’re gonna rip the tape before… All right, I Superglued that one, but I
didn’t know I was gonna have a – catastrophe beforehand.
– But you know what? We proved– – It works.
– Well, unless you Superglue it, yeah. – If it’s not Superglued.
– But it works. Let’s do another one. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, sometimes you just wanna remove hair
and you don’t have the typical utensils. – But you have duct tape!
– So, Link, do you have any place on your body that you would
like to get rid of hair? Well… right here, ’cause if
I was gonna wear a watch… – (Rhett, mockingly) Right here on my wrist.
– (Link) I don’t like it to be hairy under where I wear a watch or one
of those athletic bands. – Yeah, ’cause they grab the hair.
– Right. Put it right there where my watch – would go.
– (Rhett) Right here, right? Just– Whoa whoa, you’re
gonna yank my vein out! – Just right there.
– Ooh. Okay. Now, let’s not build this up. Just do it.
No, but, I don’t know how you’re gonna – ring it around.
– (Rhett) Well, let me show you. I might – punch you in the face.
– (crew laughs) – I’m gonna come all the way around, okay?
– (laughs) Don’t–! (Rhett) Three, two– AAAH! Oh, that wasn’t that bad!
No hair came off. Actually, a fair amount came off,
but not enough for a watch. – No. What hair do you want removed?
– Well, I’ve been… my napes are kinda – out of control at this point.
– (Link laughs) I usually… I cut my own napes, but I
saved ’em for this special moment. Turn around even further. There you go.
Gotta get a nice line with it. (Rhett) You could be a
barber if this goes well. Duct tape barber. You ready?
Mythical beasts in Des Moines, Iowa… this is for you. Three, two, one. – OH!
– (crew laughs) – Ah! That one…
– (Link) Nothing. Well, it grabbed and pulled. You didn’t
pull it straight off. The pain came from – the yank of it.
– You have any more of that Superglue? – (crew laughs)
– I don’t think duct tape is a good hair remover. He didn’t even scream that loud.
Let’s move on to something else. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, this one could potentially save your
life, at least according to some people. Yeah. You might see before some hurricanes,
people will tape an X on a window. The idea is that, if the window breaks, it’ll stay
together which will protect you from getting hit with glass and it
also makes cleanup easier. – (Link) Right.
– We’re gonna test it out. We’ve got one control window, no tape,
and then we’re gonna put our duct tape – X onto this one.
– (Link) All right, so… – (Link) Just all the way across here.
– Then I’ll do one like that. (Link) Make it stick, man. Make it stick.
You know, and just for added good measure. – (Rhett) The benefit of the doubt.
– (Link) Right there. (Rhett) I mean, I’m actually a little bit
on the frame, too. I mean, maybe that’s – a good thing?
– (Link) Oh yeah, that’s a good thing. – (shouts) All right, listen.
– I don’t know. – Let’s break this glass!
– All right, I am going to smash the – control window because it’s closer to me.
– Act like you’re in a riot! – Wooo!
– Yeah! – I’m angry!
– Break somethin’! – All right, here we go. You ready?
– (Rhett) Yeah. – (Link) I hope I hit it.
– (Both) Yeah! (slowed down audio) Yeah! – Eat it, glass!
– Look at that, Link! – Now go inside and steal the TV!
– (laughs) No, you just– tag out. – Now you’re gonna go for that one.
– (Rhett) Here we go. (Link) Aim for the duct tape. (Link) Oh! (slowed down audio) Oh! – Big time!
– Okay… we’d be good rioters, man. – (Rhett) Look at those windows!
– Okay, first the control group. You can see that there is glass that’s
still intact, and it’s not shattered at all. And then there’s sizable shards down here.
But if we look at the duct tape… (Rhett) It’s completely shattered.
I mean, it’s all very shattered. Even over here, and it’s in a similar…
We hit similar patterns, but all of this is shattered but intact.
And if you look down here… (Rhett) But you can see, it stayed
together and this piece of duct tape did a little bit of the cleanup for us
already! Look at that! Would you rather have this situation, or that? I think I’d
rather have this situation, so I feel like the duct tape wasn’t a complete win, but
it wasn’t a complete fail, either. – Yeah, there’s potential in this.
– Partial win for the duct tape! – And it looks great on your windows!
– Yeah it does. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Now, hammocks are a thing of luxury, but
they’re also very expensive, unless they’re – made of duct tape.
– That’s right. This is, as you can see, a duct tape made com– It’s actually a
hammock made completely out of duct tape. – It doesn’t feel sturdy.
– Neither does a regular hammock, though. And we wanna give a shoutout to the
Lazy Toaster YouTube channel. They actually made a video on how to
make this that we used as a reference. But they did not test it. That’s what
we’re gonna do. And there’s gotta be some stakes involved for a proper test. If this
thing fails, you’re gonna land in a raft of chocolate syrup. All right,
get on there, Rhett! (Rhett) All right. Hopefully
that won’t happen here! (Link) You’re about to take
a chocolate bath! Okay… – (Rhett) Woo!
– (Link) Distribute your weight as quickly as you can! Lean back… lean back…
lean back… lean back. – You look comfortable!
– Yeah, I’m so comfortable! – (crew laughs)
– Ooh, look at me! (Link) How does it feel? It feels really nice! I’m gonna comment
on something. It feels better than rope. – Does it?
– The duct tape… the flatness of it feels so nice. And I feel so confident in
this structure, I bet you I can drink some of this chocolate syrup
without falling into the thing! All right, do it. (Rhett) Hold on, lemme see if I can…
I have to get down… I’m almost… – Oops! Sorry! Whups– it–
– I was having an experience, Link. – (Link laughs)
– (Rhett) Why you gotta do that? I was so stable! I was about to get a
little kiss of chocolate! And now I’ve gotten… I’ve gotten
intimate with the chocolate. – (crew laughs)
– … unintentionally. I think this really passes the test! ♪ (harp music) ♪ All right, another thing you can do with
duct tape, apparently, is make a pillow suit. – Yeah.
– I’m gesturing at you ’cause it’s gonna – be you.
– Uh huh. You may have seen this on Community.
It supposedly makes you invincible. – I’m game!
– Are you ready to be invincible? – Yes, finally.
– Okay, I’m gonna need to get some help to make this happen. We’re basically
gonna tape a bunch of pillows to you. – Using what?
– Duct tape. Raise your arms. ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ Okay, I think that’s pretty much it,
but I do have one finishing touch. – Can I have your glasses?
– Yeah. I can’t reach ’em. – My mouth’s all right there?
– (Rhett) Yeah. (deep voice) Aaaaah, hello! I am…
Pillow Man! Wow, there’s a whole lot happening
in this area. Okay, Link, in order to test – just how…
– (laughs) Gif it up, y’all! Just how foolproof this suit is, I wanna
do something I call “The Ball Test.” – It’s not what’s happening right now…
– Put me in a music video, y’all! – Let’s go. To the Ball Test.
– (Link laughs) – Okay, Link, welcome to the Ball Test.
– I am not Link, I am Pillow Man! Welcome, Pillow Man, to the Ball Test,
where I have a bunch of balls and I will be aiming at a certain area
of your body, Pillow Man. – Pillow Man hot!
– Ready? – (Link) Oh! I’m good.
– ♪ (cheerful background music) ♪ – How was that?
– (Link) I’m good, I’m good. (Link) Oh! I’m good. Oh! – I barely felt that, homie!
– I’m gonna hit you in the front, ready? – (Link) Ohh!
– (Rhett laughs) (Link) OHH! You missed the pillow!
You missed the pillow! – How about a soft ball?
– (Link) Oh! – (Link) Oh, yeah!
– Okay, I need some slingshot assistance. (Link) Harder! I’m impervious to
your piddly little balls! All right, when the Ball Test
fails, you move on to the Bat Test. (Link) What? (Link) Oh! (Link) Oh! (Link) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…. – You don’t feel that?!
– (Link) Nothin’! Nothin’! (Link) Bring it! Bring it! Bring it!
All day, all night! – (Rhett) You don’t feel that?!
– (Link) Aw, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – (Rhett) You’re telling me you don’t–
– (Link) Yeah, yeah, yeah! – (Rhett) You don’t–
– (Link) Come on! Yeah! – (Rhett) You don’t–
– (Link) Yeah! Well, this is definitely the best thing
we’ve done with duct tape all day. – (Link) Yeah!
– Thanks for liking– – (Link) Yeah!
– commenting– – (Link) Yeah!
– and subscribing. – (Link) You know what time it is. Yeah!
– (both laugh) It’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! You know what you don’t need duct tape
for: the Good Mythical Morning poster! – (Link groans)
– Available at RhettandLink.com/store! – Of course, if you rip it…
– (Link groans) – That was kind of a weak spin, Pillow Man.
– (gruffly) I can’t help it! Are you having some
limited range of motion? – A little bit, yeah. What’s it say?
– (Rhett) Rhett and Link assess their microphone like a piece
of contemporary art. (goofy voice) Oh! If you’ll direct your
attention to right in front of us, I would like to draw to your attention
this amazing piece of art. – Oh, you work here at the museum?
– Yes, I work here and I’m also a piece! Oh! I thought that was maybe, like, so
you wouldn’t bump into any of the art – and hurt it or hurt yourself.
– Well, I was just a tour guide… – Well, I appreciate you.
– I was– oh! – I appreciate you.
– Was that a tip? – I… just a pat.
– I was prone to accidents so they turned me into an installation.
Thank you, thank you. – What’re you called?
– Thank you. I am called Irma. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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