5 Stufen zum Tattoo Himmel, Stufe 4 und 5, Weiter Entwicklung (Eng Subs!)

Hi its me, Lanni Danlo 🙂 I´m here today to explain the last 2 steps to tattoo heaven those being step 4 and 5 these two steps arent really all that interesting for real beginners because they are to do with tattooists or artists who are already quite experienced but these two steps of artistic development are really important so I would like to explain them to you anyway 🙂 I hope I can manage it…and… yeah! Step 4 is where you really start to enter into a specialist area with your work. If you have already entered level 4, then you are pretty experienced in drawing and probably tattooing as well. Most people at this level are have already been working as artists for a while either they are really hardcore hobby artists or are working as a professional artist or tattooist that is to say, that you would have been experimenting in different styles so long that that you have found one or two styles where you really feel comfortable, that really inspire you and with which you really want to work with more and more where you really want to “out”…”out”?? where you really want to rock out with! goddammit argh german everytime! everytime! I mean really, I shit you not, filming is hard when you have to do it in another language… but ok, I reckon I´d be just as handicapped if I´d done this in English…. so yeah! Step 4: You start to find yourself as an artist, you have your chosen style that you find awesome, you only want to do that style and you want to rock it hard. It´s super cool when you´ve hit this level because you start to get really really good! when you specialise, you can really….how can I describe it…really work super professionally in that style: It means that if you stick to it long enough you will (maybe) one day be better than 90 percent of your competition in this style this is of course, worth rather a lot for you! A specialist stlye is extremely important for a professional artist to have. You may think though that “ooh wouldn´t it be great for my customers if I could offer them several styles?” “I would have more products to sell to them??” …yeah….on one hand it´s a cool idea, but on the other hand if you do several styles chances are that you aren´t REALLY good in any of them. So step four develops so: you start off with….. for instance in my case it happened with black and grey realism to start with I thought hey wow, I find every piece really fun and I had a hand for the style its all pretty great and when you first start feeling your way into such a style you tend to stay in a safe area where you really feel comfortable with the images and how you put them together and you create really good tattoos exactly in this standard level of the style. This is a level where many tattooists get stuck in or they choose to stick to it because, honeslty, when you are there and you produce great tattoos you have many customers, you can take good money for your work and you are definitely in a very safe zone because you know every tattoo you do will be good. It´s super, but you are still pretty “standard”. But thats totally okay! I was there for along time, and to the most part I still am! Level 4 is a very long phase. Talking about being stuck: What I have recently often observed is that many artists, having found this level and they have found their “safe zone” they often stay stuck there because the trend tattoos of all the styles often get the most attention in social media everything that is a way from the standard is sometimes looked upon with a pinch of skeptisism and it is unfortunately often more important for the artists to get more likes..and they just don´t develop themselves during that time. That is their own choice, and that is also okay so long as they are doing good work and the customers are happy at the end of the day we are in business, and that (performance) is “enough”. There are however a handful of artists who who stepped into the normal styles, and after some time found new ways and methods to present themselves as truly unique within their chosen style. They took the styles and stretched them, pushed them stepped over all the boundries and really put heart and soul in to creating something completely new and unique in their stlye. These are the artists who in my eyes have reached Level 5 They are the world famous tattooists who are really really way high up! They are Buena Vista Tattoo Club, Paul Booth, Boris, Arlo, Steve Butcher, Nikko Hurtado Jesse Smith, Shige, Jeff Gogue, Guy Aitcheson and Justin Nordine (to name a few)… These are all artists who stand fest with both feet “BOOM” in their styles. and when you see their work you know exactly who tattooed it there can be no other on the planet and THAT is the highest goal, thats where we should all go one day! WHAT A DREAM! My God! Thats where I want to be! Of course! I´m working on it I´m still stuck hard in Level 4, if you look at my portfolio you will see many very normal black and grey tattoos here and there a bit of colour, becuase, why not, but still in realistic style and also you will see tattoos where I have tried to do something different where I have mixed realism with dotwork of geometry or abstract or something and those are my…. I dunno, when I get my tentacles out and try to do something else with my work ..to find myself, to find my way to define myself as a unique artist. I don´t known when I will one day get there, I´m looking forward to it.. but I believe it is also a process that could go on forever. I think that many artists, even those who I just named would say that they are still finding themselves so it could really be that it really is a never ending thing. But thats where we should all get to! Those who haven´t achieved it yet, and those who are just starting out: set that as your goal! Know that to get there may take years (unless you are some kind of art genius which most people are not) (I wish I was but I´m not so hey)…. Where is the point in setting your goal any lower? So that´s all… I hope that I made sense, I´m not all that sure… please say so if that´s the case…if you didn´t understand anything I´d really love to know about it leave a comment or a “thumbs down” lol though a “thumb up” would of course be nicer Thankyou for your time Feeback is very welcome See you soon! Ciao!

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