3’8″ And Fighting For Little Women In Fashion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

3’8″ And Fighting For Little Women In Fashion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Caitlin: I probably do enjoy having the condition, because the average height which would be so weird to me now. It’s just the way I dress, I don’t think about trends because I’d never be able to find trendy items so I form my own style. Essentially pretty much all of this are from the kids section besides one or two items. My mum hates the fact that I have so many stripy tops but I just find them so easy to shop with some plain trousers. The clashy buttons only on occasion. So I have a Hypochondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism where you have an average sized torso but your limbs are shorter. I am 3 foot 8 I believe. It’s not something I think about. Get to the Kids section first because I’m more likely to find something to wear, than the adult section. I get the odd stare from a child but it’s more so the parents who ask me not in a derogatory or condescending manner. So wow you still find stuff in this section that must be really good for you. But it’s cheaper, mostly trousers are altered, tops I can get away with now and again. Sleeves on jumpers it’s a nightmare. It started as a blog about fashion. I’ve always wanted to start a blog. But blogging is becoming so normalised now. And everybody’s doing it. You have to find a niche. I was talking to a friend, maybe two years ago like oh I really liked your outfits. So I started posting in April 2018 (inaudible) I really liked my outfits, did not know how to caption an event or how to approach the subject. So posted kept posting like that before I realised, okay, this could be something serious. It just became twice to three times a week, sometimes daily, if I really like my outfit. It’s just the way I dress. I don’t think about trends. Don’t really think about how everybody else is styling themselves. Just because I’ve never been able to find new trendy items so I form my own style. People ask me, where do you get the stuff? How do you do it? Because I’ve been searching for this for ages and it’s really helped me and the rewarding aspect of that just makes me want to push it further. Jacqueline: You will find plenty of time to tidy your room won’t you? Because I think … when Caitlin was born, she had a clean bill of health. Everything seemed normal. As the months progressed she just didn’t get any bigger. And it took six months, of blood tests and checkups to come to the conclusion that she had a hypochondroplasia which is the most common form of dwarfism. Caitlin’s done everything she wanted to do, other than, you know have a full size hockey stick because that wasn’t a good idea. Caitlin: So a lot of
issues we face is going to the bathroom in public just going to put out there. Because a lot of the door locks are too high. The same applies to when I pay for something in a shop, the cardholder will not reach out. So I have to pass it to a friend or pass it to the assistant who will do it for me. Leon: She appears different people and people don’t know how to approach her. Jacqueline: There’s a lot of negativity around. Really I think we should all be positive and we’ll see each other for who we are. Leon: You’ll notice it’s always very emotional for us when we have to talk about Caitlyn, all the time. Jacqueline: Recently she went off to London on her own, on a train to meet a friend and we were worried sick. Leon: And that’s her first taste of independence at 18 and a half. It’s the first time she’s done something on her own which I think for a lot of people would be quite normal but for her it was a big deal. Caitlin: In order to walk around the house in this. Kimberly: She’s really artistic because the first day when I met her she was playing the guitar and I thought that was quite cool. Jessica: Her fashion sense just amazing. Like she just finds the best outfits from some random stuff and it just works so well. Kimberly: I will always go to Caitlyn for fashion advice, like always. Jessica: Caitlin never let anything get in her way. She’s so determined to do what she wants to do and she doesn’t let anything stop I even like her condition. Kimberly: Like when she wants something she wants it and she’ll go for it. Caitlin: I probably do enjoy having the condition because I can’t think of myself, If any of us will fall up I’d be average height which would just be so weird to me now.

100 thoughts on “3’8″ And Fighting For Little Women In Fashion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

  1. I'm studying to be a fashion designer but I really never thought about designing towards ppl with dwarfism. My next priority God willing. And I love your style btw💖

  2. She styles herself really nice!!. She does better than me. 😂😂 && I love the way she goes dwn the stairs!. That’s a cool move!. 👍🏽😍

  3. Caitlin is absolutely stunning…such a positive sense of self…for me this means she has been brought up in such a loving environment. And her style…!!!!!!
    Oh my !!!! Her style is perfectly unique. She really is beautiful…👑👑👑🌈🌈🌈💪💪💪🥳🥳🥳👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  4. What a totally cool, lovely young lady! Beautiful fashion sense and not afraid to be herself. That's SO AWESOME! SHE IS BLESSED!!!

  5. Mah silly self im thinkin when i looked at the title,( im thinkin she outt here figghting average size people!! ( lol..😂😂 ( but she is cute tho! ( and seem Super sweet!

  6. I'm 4'10 and am just as into fashion and stuff. It is hard to find things off the rack though esp in the kid section 😂

  7. Being a good song writer doesn't make you a good singer. In other words the fashion sense might be there but you shouldn't assume you should be the model for them 😕 sorry.

  8. Honestly I'm a little under 5'0" and I wear stuff from the kid's section ALL the time, either a size 10-12 or sometimes 14. Children's fashion these days is much more mature than they were 20 years ago they're basically like miniature adult clothes, so I have no issues finding age-appropriate items.

  9. I think that you are beautiful~! You have such pretty eyes and your skin color is just gorgeous! And, I love that you're not afraid of wearing red lip color! I've been wearing red lipstick since I was 14 years old and I've never worn but only reds and fuschia colors my whole life!

    I've been told many times, "wow, I love how you're not afraid to wear red lip color as an everyday color".

    I think you have wonderful style in the way you dress. With your hair up in a ponytail you look so very "French", like a French model in the 1950's!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  10. She has got the most beautiful eyes I think I have ever seen in my life she should start doing eye makeup tutorials along with fashion tutorials. You go girl you got it all under your belt baby. God bless you!

  11. I watched this again today just because of how it makes me feel…how SHE makes me feel…she REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Какая молодец) Xочу спросить, как у вас общество относиться к таким особенным людям)? У нас в России люди очень жестокие к инвалидам(

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