$3,000 Vs. $150 Ariana Grande Outfit

$3,000 Vs. $150 Ariana Grande Outfit

I’m not crafty I’m not artistic at all I have no idea I mean it’s gonna do it may the best re winner you are the biggest ariana grande stain I know you tried to put together an ariana grande look the way she would and I will scrap it together on a budget I bet we can do it for $150 or less alone you know how long I’m intrigued by this because I’m curious to see how you would pull that off oh I can pull this off oh she lay it is on all right so let’s find a photo to recreate this is when she to the wolf oh yeah Pete Davidson so these are the items we need to get a macaroni yellow hoodie he’s like tokus gray knee-high boots then we have to do our hair like her with those long extensions we got to get those accessories full face of makeup crossbody luigi tote bag and it wouldn’t be ariana without that lollipop we should ask our friends to see which look is most comparable to Ariana so I very specifically told Sheila that I could find drugstore extensions probably for my hair so now I have to live up to that claim so I’m going to a drugstore this is the closest extension that I can find one it’s blonde and two I’m pretty sure to shorter than my hair this drugstore has some things the Amazon everything [Music] I’m about to meet up with the hair stylist for the first time we’re gonna go to the hair shop in Los Angeles where they have tons of wigs and extensions my main concern is being able to find a ponytail piece that is as long as the one in photo that’s like Rapunzel length hair that Ariana has in that photo so I’m a little skeptical we’ll be able to find what we need pretty good reviews like 600 of 5 decent reviews is ins a little short I think I think I need one that’s like very long like this it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be good enough for me to fake my way through this her extensions for her ponytail oh my god here’s the fake hair it looks coming ma’am oh there we go we’re a short piece my hair is off black I think this seems like it’s still a little bit darker I just didn’t realize it would be that expensive I have no idea how Nina’s gonna pull this off it’s okay it’s not great okay let’s hope I didn’t already ruin this err [Music] I’m gonna try to find like a fake looking movie baton now that I’m seeing it out loud I’m just like nobody’s gonna sell them anything like that because like this is a mall with a Louboutin in it like they’re gonna get suit while on my search for this Louie Vuitton bag I found out that it’s a vintage and be a lot of them are sold out I also have trust issues with the internet and I’m not sure if I’m getting like a really good deal on this bag or if they’re actually fake this is like the closest thing I can find to a brown bag and it’s not close at all I looked at it and I was like Brown I can make this work you cannot make this work a stylist told me I should hit up this vintage boutique called what goes around comes around we are the largest collection of vintage Chanel and Hermes in the world we also cater to a very amazing group of VIP and celebrity that come in to find very rare things that you can’t find anywhere else ariana is wearing a Louis Vuitton mini Danube which is super vintage and very hard to find so I’m outside the Louboutin store and I’m pretty sure they don’t sell anything in there for under $150 I’m not even gonna attempt to go in there just gonna gain we’re gonna have Sheila have a look around the store try to find the perfect bag to recreate Ariana’s look I did literally just type in fake Louie Vuitton handbag into Amazon none of this is what I need oh that’s hideous I wonder what happens if I search designer I don’t specifically say like Louie Vuitton I wonder if it’ll like show up that’s absolutely perfect not quite the right shape as Ariana’s bag but I think it’s close enough this is probably the closest bag we have at the moment the one that’s in the photo is a mini Danube very very very rare can I touch it please try it on yes oh my god it’s so beautiful how much does one of these bags cause it’s one in particular 750 in my hands y’all better not mess this up oh very clearly says something else here that’s not will we be told the actual bag that Ariana has is like more squares does we have the little LVS on it and it has things that look like orange slices I think I got the vibe down so I researched and I went to the website Cloney who is a new york-based designer and I ordered it online this sweatshirt is the vibe I’m going for our like look wise like it’s got the front pocket and the hoodie the exact one that ariana grande wore in the photo and I was talking to the owner cuz he hooked it up for me and he said that she normally gets it in an extra-large I feel like if I bend over though we’re gonna have some real in shoes I feel like I could make one of these two things work and that’s all I’m trying to do I’m not trying to make this harder than it needs to be I get why ariana grande wears these kinds of hoodies cuz they’re just so comfortable sweatshirt has something printed on it it says like Benji and I guess I have to get crafty and like paint that on this is exactly what I need I’m gonna get to cuz I’m gonna step undoubtedly curious to see what Nina has a purse lead I am worried for her arts and crafts skills I just want to point out that I’m sweating I hate it already this is a weird-ass looking J named Ben do usually me okay not great but like not horrific [Music] I’m in forever 21 trying to find the shoes that Ariana has and this I feel like is a really similar color but it’s not the right kind of heel I’m really determined to find these shoes I’m going straight to the source and hopefully I can find these shoes I feel like news would be something are anywhere the shoes are out of season they don’t make the shoes anymore I think they might be a little too gray than what she’s wearing but they’re very close it’s unfortunate that I cannot get her exact same shoes so I have to start back from square one yeah since I’m not able to get the shoe in the photo I found an alternative they are Stuart Weitzman shoes she’s normally seen out and about wearing them anyways I think this is very true to Ariana fashion I am at the mall and I’m trying to find the final touches that will make the ariana grande everything here is so elaborate and fancy absolute simple things feel like I’ve been just shopping all week I actually managed to find square earrings go me two barrettes in this forever21 I feel like this definitely resembles the photo Veloz alright so I’m in bed bath and beyond trying to find these breaths it’s hidden inside but it’s there I’m gonna see if I can find any more that are cheaper basically six bucks to get one hair clip that’s nice to know that I am almost there almost done [Music] today is reveal day I am going to start by doing my hair she was getting her hair done right now at the salon Ariana Grande’s hairstylist says that he uses gorilla snot which is like just like a cheap drugstore brand maybe you could do this at home but you better have friends I’m like four seconds in and I already wish somebody else was doing this for me we’re gonna section from ear to ear leaving that part out ponytail the back secure it with an elastic the ponytail looks good then I’m gonna put this extension in and I’m gonna ruin everything and now let’s pin it in oh my hair is falling again wrap the ponytail with the hair and then secure it back with the clips that Ariana has in the picture it’s not terrible this is not the worst thing that I’ve ever done hopefully the ponytail covers up all that mess I’m Anne Tom Khachaturian and I am a makeup artist some of my clients include that way Saldana Lana Condor Pamela Anderson so Sheila showed me the photo of ariana and it’s a little bit more laid back a little bit more casual kind of street she’s still got the eyeliner and some fur ariana grande famous features happening her look doesn’t seem that complicated and I’m like this is fine like I’m not nervous but as I’m doing it I’m like should I be nervous like what secrets is Sheila’s fancy makeup artist like telling her the highlighting process for her is really really important because when you look at her makeup it’s like a lot of gorgeous skin and the ugly highlights are really pretty because they give you looking highlights I really don’t know what I’m doing I’m just like if she’s got some brown shades of her crease and that’s kind of it so I’m just kind of using like a soft neutral Brown it’s kind of on the warmer side though which I love so it’s gonna you know we’re gonna see it but it’s not gonna go smoky because her eyes are pretty light in that picture I feel like I personally tend to do like a thick thicker shorter wing her seems a little bit thinner and longer so I’m trying to like make it nice like that that we yeah we need to fly away with fierceness I’m gonna do some very light contour I have my hair done and my makeup done so now I’m ready to put my clothes on and give Sheila a run for her money [Music] [Music] oh I’m shocked I’m like afraid to get too close to you it’s like radiating richness well let’s see what her peers have to say and hopefully they like our lips to do this Arianna let’s go Arianna to the paint job on here is not that you’re expensive if I didn’t see you here I’d be like you nailed it like how do we give you so much praise but now when I see her here I’m starting to notice the difference and the 20-pack of will you found I can’t choose I will call this one time you want in points but I think I won people’s hearts objectively you got it like exactly right but I think people related to the fact that I had to scrap my way here are the aspirational one I was very impressed by you because you made something out of nothing and that’s what I heard to do I want to get scrappy with my next one I want to get Stamper let’s do that switcheroo for next time [Music] [Music]

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  1. i think yall noticed that nina was jealous shila cuz shila have that expensive hair make up hairstyle and clothes but nina did really good job for her bugget and shila buys the EXACT THE SAME THINGS so we yall preffer nina lmao

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