the video i have to film today is making me already upset and it’s only 10 AM Good morning sorry I am fucking exhausted It’s 10 AM and that”s sometimes early for me so I’m not having the best time Today -music plays- I’m putting my phone in a box For the whole day. My parents gave me this idea. They’re like, Emma you are so addicted to your phone. you just can’t focus on anything for more than three seconds it’s really a problem you need to go without your phone for a day and I was like, that like wouldn’t be that hard and in comparison to most people I know, I am better with my phone then them maybe i’m just in denial I’m not really that addicted to going on my phone I mean I like to … I mean, I like going on my phone. I don’t really like have an emotional dependency on it but then again, we’ll see so I’m putting it in this box for the rest of the day so this phone is staying in the box I don’t get to use any of the benefits of this phone for the next 24 hours. I can’t go on social media, I can’t use the timer if I want to post mate something can’t use that that is gonna be upsetting I can’t look at the time which is actually this one’s okay because I bought this vintage watch though my mom set it up for me because she’s visiting and I had no idea how to set it up and my friend Amanda and my mom were like Emma’s never gonna wear that watch. Guess. What bitch? how the fuck you put on the watch, oh Look at me and my fucking watch bitch now, let me tell you the scientific aspect of this video I want to see how I react I want to see if it upsets me OR I want to see if it makes me more level-headed and clear-headed but the other thing The other thing that we’re gonna observe is to see people’s reactions that don’t know that I put my phone away for 24 hours are people going to think that I’m literally dead Because I didn’t post a snapchat? We’ll see but I feel like people will be like worried about me which would be nice But if no one worries about me, I’m only gonna be a little bit offended. Thank God I’m already with my friend Amanda because I don’t have to worry about getting in contact with her somehow which would be like so traumatic So let’s get started with the day. All right it’s currently 11:16 first thing I’ve noticed just from being without my phone. I do feel like I’ve had a really relaxing morning I didn’t open my phone and then go on Twitter and see like a bunch of negative shit like it was nice wa- *interrupted by the coffee machine* Why did this happen every time? I’m gonna wait for it to stop The only thing that I noticed that was negative about me not having my phone at all this morning It’s been hard for me to like keep my mind on track Like I was about to get dressed but I like kept forgetting I was gonna do like seven times No, I’m starting to think you’re just stupid *burps* Honestly today I’m gonna be the happiest day of my- *interrupted by the coffee machine again* Vlogging is dangerous Why is vlogging dangerous? because I slam my shoulder into the corner on you elbow computer I’ve done a lot more damage with vlogging than just physical damage it’s been few minutes and I’m obviously drinking this coffee and it’s making my bowel start to move right? i’m bowel is moving alright, I was about to go sit on the toilet and I just looked for my phone for 10 minutes so that I’d have on toilet entertainment come to find out so I’ll dance for you while you’re on the toilet We have about 30 minutes until we have to leave to SoulCycle and I have nothing to do like this is normally time when I’d be Going on my phone. I’m bored. And I literally have the urgency to look at a book So I guess that we can go pick out a book from upstairs and read it. I’d like a look at it I have some picture books like I don’t know what’s going on with me. My god, I just learned that poop is made out of 70% water 10% indigestible food That’s the corn we’ve all been seeing 10% dead bacteria and then 10% fat salts live bacteria dead cells and mucus and mucus. Damn. I’m learning some stuff wait what. women are more likely to scrunch their toilet paper and men tend to fold. I always fall does that mean we’re men? Oh, my god rats can survive going down the toilet Romans used water soaked sponges on the ends of this in this Romans used water soaked sponges on the ends of sticks and sensual paper. That actually sounds convenient and a lot more environmentally friendly so I’m kind down to try it King George the second died falling on from a toilet. How do you do that? ooooh Okay, I’m looking at a poop diagram to figure out what type of foods I normally have Oh I like to see that actually Type one is like balls of overcooked sausage Okay that is disgusting! you cannot Type two of poop is like lumpy sausage That’s okay the shape of your poop depends on the time. It was spit in your colon. Oh, wait maybe we need to start reading more I’m sick reading books So we’re just gonna have a dance party and I’m gonna put other music overtop of it so that you don’t know what I was listening to you because I don’t any copyrighted because that shit stresses me out. Is it triggering you that I’m holding my phone No! ok cool Well maybe We’re about to go into SoulCycle we just got here. I just wanted to give you a quick update It’s just weird not having my phone like right in front of my face as I drive telling me where to go and shit That’s another issue that I realize is gonna arise. I don’t have maps! So like how the fuck am I supposed to get anywhere confusing? I mean we could always cheating using Amanda’s phone for maps but like I don’t have my phone to use maps more than anything It’s like showing me, this is about to be super fucking corny, it’s showing me how much it helps me with shit. I tells me where to go It plays my music. You might have to play the radio at some point today when I don’t know that’s worrisome for me I don’t want to think about that. I don’t like the radio cause I like indie music My watch is looking hella fine tho So like the watch that came for free in happy meals Please Google happy meal watch. I can’t I can’t google anything, I don’t have my fucking phone. Thank God for watches like I can’t believe whoever created those super woke because like This shit is helping me is helping as fuck. Like, literally when I’m like OH WHAT TIME IT IS? You could just also look at your microwave But like Happy meal! Okay, I’m excited for SoulCycle right now because I know that I’m not even gonna have to think about my phone soul cycles like my daily phone cleanse anyways and today I don’t even have my phone Anyways, I’ve just arrived in SoulCycle and I’m ready to get fit and happy Let’s get it Okay, bye are you vlogging while on the toilet? So like it was great the past hour that I was this whole cycle I wasn’t really affected by the fact that I didn’t have my fun because I was doing an activity that didn’t require my phone So we’ll see how the day goes from here I’m gonna have to put Amanda on aux because I don’t have my phone and I don’t want to play the radio So hopefully she plays something good. I play Nickelback one time and all the sudden things are going good as of now I felt really clear-minded today to be completely honest and corny my heart rate even though I just worked out it”s probably at an all-time low but in a good way I already feel like this experience has changed my life. I feel like a new woman. I don’t know you need to try this It sounds stupid. It sounds so cliche, but I just like do feel like really in touch with myself. I was listening to a song and I got choked up a little bit for no reason I feel like going on your phone is kind of like a distraction from your emotions in a way I literally like was forced to just think about stuff and I like got choked up in like a good way But then I didn’t cry cause I’m not a fucking pussy but I’m also on my period Why am I always on my period? I’m worried. But anyway, I genuinely got choked up because I was feeling like connected to myself. I’m becoming like a hippie, bro I’m even wearing a fucking watch I already know it sound effect. I’m going to use and I know what the sound effect is called its called Arena crowd cheer I use that one sometimes too! I’m in the car again. I took a nap on accident I think that I napped because I just didn’t know what else to do with my body because I was so bored that I didn’t have my phone. Now Amanda and I are going to Urban Outfitters because she has something to return and I am a fucking slut for urban outfitters any day of the week. I kind of beenlike dreading having to turn my phone back on I feel like just thinking about it gives me anxiety, but I’ve also already become so out of the loop like literally I have no idea what anyone’s fucking doing what’s everyone doing? Like what’s everyone up to today? Like I have no idea is the gas really a dollar right now. That’s not possible. Oh where do you see a dollar? That’s a four. Oh There’s my credit card so you always do that, I know I can’t wait for the day where you forget to blur it I’m so sad about that day kind of fun kinda freaky kinda fresh kinda funky kinda weird kinda cool kind Of freaky kinda fresh kinda funky kinda weird kinda cool kinda freaky kinda fresh kinda funky funky Monkey Chuncky monkey Benin Jerri Larry where we gonna go baby time to pump that gas ladies can get moving and time to get that booty booty That was bars. You can see me? Do i look like a boxer today? Did you this is good content yeah how to pump your gas the tutorial by Emma Chamberlain first put your credit card in Don’t talk about it We did it back at the party. Hey guys, so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if any y’all first Just got your license recently first just now got it. I can teach you how to get gas. Yeah, and it’s not that horrible I know it can be intimidating so don’t get too scared I’m at Hawaii. I’m in Hawaii Hi, welcome to the fucking islands. Oh Oh my god. Why did I do that. Yep, I need that We’re struggling because we don’t know what to do what we’re doing right now is we’re just driving up and down streets and just like saying hi to people as we drive by we Just don’t know what to do because I don’t have my phone I can’t go home and then just sit there and do nothing and me and Amanda don’t do drugs Which is I feel like what most people do when they’re bored. This thing about like not having your phone is that you need to get Creative to figure out stuff to do don’t get me wrong. Still having a great day It’s just that like it’s hard to stay occupied as much Because I can’t just go to instagram and scroll for an hour Which is what I normally do when I’m bored What do people do for fun? Literally what do people Do we need to buy a megaphone let’s drive to fucking Mexico. DOWN! I wanna get a tan. I am bored Okay. Alright We’re not going to Mexico. I know. Okay, so funny story I actually bled through the pants I was wearing earlier. I don’t want to talk about it. So I had to go home and change and then after that we realized that we were fucking starving Thank you So then, thank you Now we’re at dinner. I’m Realizing that me waiting for the waiter to come take our order has been one of the most boring encounters of my life once I’m eating I’ll be fine but like Let me give a little dinner without a phone review me and Amanda and our friend Lindsay just went to dinner It was amazing because we just talked about life the whole time. We had no distractions I know he’s just great. I feel really good. I feel like an awakened woman. It’s good shit, bro It’s fucking good shit. Now me and Amanda. What so you want to do? Absolutely anything except for go home. my thoughts exactly All of it the flow I’ll be throwing the ones yeah, I’ve been way too weird lately. Dude no, you’re not weird. Just being yourself. I love it Me and Amanda have been having this issue at night where everybody else in LA goes out and goes to parties and we’re not invited number one. And number two. We don’t want to go anyway. So instead we just don’t know what to do Like we don’t know how to do at night when we get really bored. So recently we’ve just been driving at night We just drive around and be fucking creepy So I think that’s what we’re gonna do now, What do you say. Down Down Down Down. I LOVE LAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE LAAAAAAAAAAA Never thought I would ever need to use this. I’m gonna call my parents in the house phone. Welcome to operator assistance for directory. Why do i not know how to use a house phone. I’m just laying on my heating pad like just chillin or whatever and I’m gonna do an accurate representation of literal thing that just happened Laughs* I can’t even do it giggling** wait wheres my phone?! wheres my phone?! as if i’ve had it at any point today. like what was i even gonna do on it? is that chocolate on your face? No, it’s- i fucking scratched my zit and then it started bleeding on my lip and then i started Licking it like *licks* EWWW *dabs* that was the worst thing i’ve ever seen. is it delusional hour? yeah, ok but where’s my phone. Ok, are you gonna stop it. okay you can stop it baeeee stop. no wait bae no wait bae wait You just look possessed. that like cracked every vertebrae in my back when i did that. BAE give her her phone back.. WHATS SO BAD ABOUT ME WITHOUT MY PHONE why does the blue light make us look ugly? It’s literally 4:00 in the morning. I’ve been watching Hulu series for the past like 4 hours Why is it 4 am like who let that happen? Can I go to bed now? And tomorrow will open my phone. I had a really good day. I mean good vibes I definitely had a few moments where I missed having my phone like, you know, whatever and overall I think the positives outweighed the net Okay byE Good morning, it’s time to open my phone up I just like to give a little moment for the great day that I had yesterday. It’s a great day I felt very relaxed, but I don’t want to give a fuck because I need to post a fucking snapchat story right now Omg i already got distracted and started going on my phone didn’t remember that i was filming. Okay, I mean just start putting my phone in a box minimum once a week because already bringing it out I’m fucking like addicted to it as well. Like I can’t stop all of my work yesterday of having my phone in the box Just went to shit now that it’s out of the box or whatever Literally, like I’m reading through my texts and like all my friends are just like are you alive? I’m so tired. Then literally shut about this Marine was like, thank you guys for watching. I love you guys Go put your phone down for a day. You won’t regret it. Alright, I love you guys You’re the best and I’ll see you soon. BYE!

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