175lb Pitbull Hulk Smashes New Girl Kareena | DOG DYNASTY

175lb Pitbull Hulk Smashes New Girl Kareena | DOG DYNASTY

Marlon: We’re going to bring out the Hulk, the dog that outweighs her by like 60, 70 pounds.
Kareena: Oh God, oh God, oh God. Marlon: Kareena has been begging me to get into this bite suit. Today we’re going to make it happen. He is going to snap your arm like a toothpick. Kareena: I’m freaking out. I feel like I might get sick. Marlon: Ah nothing like a shot of you carrying some poop, nice. So Kareena is kind of a caretaker of the dogs and she helps out Lisa. Lisa: Ever since she’s been here she’s been asking about getting in the bite suit and just really progressing her training. Marlon: She’s been begging me to get
into this bite suit, why I don’t know. She just wants to get bit
by these dogs, I guess. Kareena: I wanted to get into the bite suit ever since I got here, and now I finally have the opportunity to do it. We’re going to go in there with ice and then Hulk. Lisa: Okay, so I met Kareena a couple years ago. Marlon: She was a fan. So she’d been watching our stuff for a while. Lisa: She contacted me wanting to do volunteer work. And she’d come up like once a week, maybe twice a week just to volunteer take the dogs for a walk, just grooming, nail clipping that kind of thing. I asked if she wanted to move in and be part of the team. Few months later, she moved in and it’s been great. Marlon: I just wanted to see if, if she was going to be able to handle it at all. Everybody wants to get in there. And take the punch in the face, or bit by the dog in this case It’s a pretty big dog. He’s not the biggest person in the world, you know? Let’s see what she’s got. Kareena: They’re going to bite me on the arm. It’s exciting, little nervous I like to live on the edge, I guess. Marlon: So we’re going to see what he thinks of you first, now he’s ready. So, pat your side with the stick real quick. Watch. Watch Ice, watch. It’s him doing it, less movement, swing him. Out.. Kareena: Just felt like we were playing tug of war with him. Marlon: Oh man with the sleeve that’s exactly what it is. You just, there’s a tube so your arm goes inside of this tube and the dog bites right here. So you feel nothing in this. You know literally you literally feel nothing. There’s no pain. I don’t even feel the dog jerking my arm up. That’s how you’re going to feel. You’re talking about a bite suit it’s a bit of a different situation. You know, because it’s just like, this is my arm. Right there. That’s trust me I can feel all of that pressure. So you just imagine putting teeth into that. Kareena: And now I’m even more nervous. Marlon: They actually bite through the suits and the only thing the suit does is keep you away from going to the hospital. Lisa: When you’re in the suit is a little bit more scary. You’re going to feel it not really my thing. I’d rather be on the other end of the leash. Marlon: Ready.
Kareena: Oh God, oh God, oh God. Marlon: Attack, there you go. Good boy. See now he’s off but he still not, there you go, Good, there you go good boy there you go, good boy. Kareena: I felt like he was going to come up in my face. But I knew Marlon was in control of him so I wasn’t that worried. Marlon: Good?
Kareena: Yeah. Marlon: She got a good little couple little nicks from the dogs you know he got to her a few times. He got her there and there and there. And there that’ll bruise and well those are the two teeth from right here. There.
Kareena: My heart’s racing. Yes, it feels extremely intense. Marlon: As much as I smile and I laugh and I joke at the end of the day. This is a this is a serious business, it’s a serious job. Kareena welcome to the bite club. Lisa: Kareena seems to be handling Ice pretty well but now it’s time to step it up and try with Hulk. Boy: H U L K. Marlon: So now we’re going to bring out the Hulk the dog that probably outweighs her by like 60, 70 pounds and we’ll see if he decides to play nice with her or not. Sweat’s beating off of her face.
Kareena: No it’s not. Marlon: If there was no if there was no protection and Hulk is biting you, I mean he is going to snap your arm like a tooth pick. Lisa: Attack. Marlon: You see how I step to the side and it’s like perfectly right in his mouth like that. All right. Lisa: Kareena started off pretty confident, but she definitely looked a little bit more nervous when Hulk came out. Kareena: On a nervous scale of one to 10, I’m 10 even higher actually. God I am, I’m freaking out. I feel like I might I get sick. What goes through my head is that all my focus is on him, everything else is gone. Lisa: Kareena is a pretty tough girl. But anybody that’s in the suit see anything like Hulk you’re going to be reminded pretty quick that you don’t shoot you don’t make any decisions at that point. It’s all up to the dog. Marlon: He goes where he wants to go when he’s got you in his in his mouth like that. Kareena: Now I’m sweating. I feel bad for anyone who tries to ***** with him? Marlon: Yeah, overall I think she did great. I mean, she listened well. She followed direction. well, Ace. Feels good. Yeah, we have a starting point now. Kareena: I’m excited.
Marlon: I like to challenge though so. Kareena: Me too.

99 thoughts on “175lb Pitbull Hulk Smashes New Girl Kareena | DOG DYNASTY

  1. They should stop calling that fat dog a pitbull ..what a sin what they've done to him none of his puppy's are consistent in there looks and tbh alot of hulk's puppy's all look diff I think he is a one off they bred with something else cuz hes not a pure breed pitbull that's facts …he also doesn't look healthy I think they got him on the roids …

  2. This dogs biting is amateur and the dog doesn't even want to bite, he's showing no interest and theres no intent behind the bite. He's nipping and letting go lol You might fool the average joe but not people who work dogs.

  3. Surely he csnt be the biggest pit I got a pit 75 kilo grams that's 4 kilos of hulk surely he's not the biggest

  4. Does anyone ACTUALLY think hulk is a purebred pitbull? Cause he’s obv not. No PUREBRED American staffie is that big. They say he’s a staffie but he’s not JUST a staffie

  5. How the hell you making 10’s of thousands of dollars off the puppies but u still have a shitty set up for a farm?

  6. All your dogs are so beautiful. Your dedication and love you give to them is inspiring. The amount of time you spend with the dogs and train them is unbelievable as well as having a human family also. I know of no better family. I am thankful you share so much with us .

  7. Do you see how hulk was backing up pulling kareena while she was on the ground… A putbull was doing that exact to the back of my arm and pit area pure skin flesh no clothing even covering. Worst pain i ever felt. 14 stitches. I felt like my skin was on fire

  8. Yo I've Been bitten by a German shepherd with 300 pounds of bite force that plastic arm wasn't safe long enough when this dude started shaking his head it literally pierced through it if i were you one drag on the floor would be good for me so i would just let ice go then when hulk comes in I'm out the door with no words

  9. Kareena : "I feel bad for anyone who tries to f**k with him"
    Don't mess with that dog you will regret it.

    I need that dog in my life🐶🐶❤🙏

  10. Why are you even making this dog do this? what's the benefit of making a dog vicious? This is why these dogs get euthanized.

  11. sure he looks good attacking a willing person in armor? anyone actually robbing you will shoot as many pitbulls you let out and then rob you.

  12. people who saw the tital and thought " lol hulk smash because the hulk says smash that's cool " they are legands if anyone thought " ew the dogs ganna have sex with her " is just a 12 year old who watches that bird meme too much

  13. When are you going to stop telling people your dogs are pitbulls when they clearly are not, its unprofessional. Those poor dogs are overweight and unhealthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

  14. Hulk is big but his bite force is probably under 500 psi. A cane Corso and Dogo argentino would be a bigger challenge

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