11 Tips Before You Get a Tattoo

11 Tips Before You Get a Tattoo

[♪♩INTRO] For many people, getting a tattoo is part
of becoming an adult. And hey, tattoos require some very adult decision-making. They may be as ubiquitous as avocado toast,
but you need to be sure of yourself and think through an action that will have permanent
consequences. If you’ve really thought through whether
tattoos are the right decision for your life, and you understand that they are extremely
difficult and expensive to remove, they’re acceptable in your profession, and you still
want one, congrats! It’s not complicated to get a tattoo. You go into a shop, tell the artist what you
want, and set up an appointment. But there’s a few things that a first-time customer should know to start off on the best foot. So here’s 11 tips to keep in mind before
you get inked up. 1 Look for a reputable tattoo artist
whose style you like. The internet will be super helpful here, but
if you have friends with tattoos who you trust, they might be one of your best resources. You’ll definitely want a licensed tattoo
artist who uses hygienic practices, but it’s also pretty important to find an artist whose
style matches up with your personal preferences. Most tattoo artists work hard to develop their
own style, and they often dislike being asked to copy other people’s designs. Click around the artist’s website, Instagram
or ask to see their flash book at the store itself. 2 Expect that tattoos might hurt and bleed
a little bit. Tattoo needles are poking ink into your skin
with thousands of tiny punctures, after all. As a general rule, tattoos usually hurt the
most near bony places like elbows, ribs, ankles and collarbones. Otherwise, tattooing usually feels like a
buzzing ballpoint pen pressed against your skin. Your tattoo artist will be able to advise
you on what will work best for you. 3 Decide if you want custom artwork or “flash.” Flash tattoos are the kind that tattoo shops
display on the wall and in their books; you can just point to, say, a mermaid or a rose
and the tattoo artist will draw it on you. Flash pieces can be a great choice for a first
tattoo, but custom artwork is also fun and gets most artists excited to try something
different. Custom art is where you can do whatever you
want. A portrait of your dog! Chips and dip! A jar of mayo! 4 You don’t necessarily have to worry about
whether your first tattoo is an intensely meaningful expression of your soul. It can just be a drawing on your skin that
looks cool. Also keep in mind that a visible tattoo is
something that other people will ask you about and remark on the rest of your life. So if you’re going to get a tattoo of, say,
a jar of mayo, be prepared to have a good story ready when people ask you why you
got a tattoo of a jar of mayo. 5 Go small. For your very first tattoo, it’s ideal to
choose a design that’s relatively simple and find an unobtrusive place for it, like
your upper back or ankle. That way it’s easy to cover it up later
if you have to, and you can also decide whether you like the artist and want to go back to
them later for more extensive work. 6 Be willing to pay for good work. Tattoo costs can really vary, but even for
a small piece of art, you might be looking at $100 to $300, depending where you live. That can seem really steep, but remember,
you’re paying a professional to create custom artwork that becomes a part of your physical
appearance. 7 Trust your artist’s advice when it comes
to design and placement, especially if they tell you that something you want isn’t a
great idea. You don’t have to look far on the internet
to find some unintentional tattoo fails that could have totally been prevented. 8 Talk to your artist in person about what
you want, and then expect that the artist will need at least a day to create the drawing
before you can come back for an appointment. When you make the appointment, you’ll also
usually put down a deposit so the artist is sure that you’re not going to bail. 9 Speak up if you don’t like the drawing
the artist creates for you. It’s going to be on your skin for forever! A good artist will be happy to make adjustments
to the drawing before starting the tattoo. 10 Don’t fear the needle! Tattoo needles are very small. They’re more like a small, vibrating pen
that’s quickly applying color into your skin. If it grosses you out, don’t watch while
the artist works. But most likely, you’ll enjoy watching the
process. Sit back and enjoy getting the tattoo. 11 Tip your artist after the work is done,
especially if you really like the job they did. Not all tattoo artists expect it, but it’s
still a polite thing to do. So Congratulations on your tattoo! You now own a piece of art you can carry everywhere. Thank you for watching. If you want to learn a little more about the
science behind tattooing check out our sister channel SciShow, in the Complexly network. And if you want to see more of Hank and me,
don’t forget to subscribe at youtube.com/learnhowtoadult. Hmm… Frog. Turtle. My… …arms feel so crackly [laughter] You know how, like, when you put, like, a face mask on? [sounds of affirmation] They may be a ubiquitous as avcodah-blehlelelele What’s happening, Tuna? [Tuna]
It’s doing that focus thing again. And if you want to see more of Hank and me, don’t forget to subsc— Agghhhhh [Tuna]
Gotta get those sweet Chumbawamba tattoos while you can. Oh god.

100 thoughts on “11 Tips Before You Get a Tattoo

  1. I’m gonna get what the fuck I want if I’m paying for the tatto , the fucking artist doesn’t get to choose what he wants to do,”just because he doesn’t like to copy other people’s work” so stupid.if I really liked someone’s tatto I might just get it bro . Just accept it

  2. tip, if you know you dont have a very high pain tolerance, expect some pain. i dont have a high pain tolerance and when i got my tattoo on my upper arm, it felt like being stung continuously (or just imagine a needle dragging in your skin). eventually it'll be over so dont let this deter you, but i think her explanation of the pain felt was honestly terrible from my experience

  3. but what if I already created the exact drawing I want but just can't tattoo myself????

  4. Step 1 take advice from a person who actually has tattoos. “Tattoos feel like a buzzing ballpoint pen” lol yeah tell me that after an 8 hour session

  5. Can someone please tell me if I'm right that It doesn't hurt that bad to get a tattoo on your butt? (I'm not thinking about doing it I'm just wondering)

  6. okay i got a tattoo a little while back (my 2nd) it cost me 350€ and you expect me to pay another 35to 70 just as a tip? jesus christ you americans are weird

  7. Just to clear some stuff up since this episode gets a lot of comments about it:
    -The tattoos on Rachel aren't real, we were just maybe being a bit too deadpan with the joke 😉
    -The writer of the episode and the director of the channel both have several tattoos, so the advice is written and directed from the perspective of someone who has gone through the process.

    Thank you as always for all the advice and discussion in the comments!


  8. im a police officer and i stay 8-12 hours in the sun with my shirt on ofc, my question is: is it bad for me to tattoo my back during summer by my work as police officer

  9. I want a diamond on my wrist bc I haven’t cut in awhile and diamonds are unbreakable and also I’m 11 so my mom will say no crii

  10. The most important tip, TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER it’s gonna be a little hard drawing a little flower on your foot and you got mushrooms growing out of it

  11. Her tats are so fake they have the shine like the ones for kids where you put water on them and they stick.

  12. I'm personally 14 years old & I'm already thinking about getting my first tattoo. My first tattoo is going to be an infinitely with my "mom" in the middle of it 🙂 & it is going to be on my wrist I'm excited 🙂

  13. She was out getting food when she saw a machine that gives out washable tattoos for $1.00 and thought it’d make a good video

  14. My girlfriend just got a tattoo today she said she loves it I'm thinking about getting copies of my dad's as a tribute to him

  15. The fake tattoos ain’t that funny, it makes ppl not take you seriously enough to pay attention to you information tbh

  16. Lmao everyone triggeres by her fake tattoos didn't watch til the end. *facepalm

  17. I just want a small tattoo. Maybe a bigger one as time goes on. They always have been an interest of mine, and I just kinda want one. I want, someday, to get the semicolon, one of my horse, something for my mom and something music related. Nice.

  18. Your 1st tattoo shoulr mean something… and my artist always says he sees alot of people that want to cover up their first tattoo becouse it was somethint small and impulsive

  19. I was 71 when I got my first (and currently "only") tattoo. Figure I can live with it for the 10 or 15 years I have left on this plane of existence. Besides, I was able cross out 1 item on my Bucket List.

  20. My advice before getting tats eat a good hearty meal that’ll fill you up right but not put you to sleep. No alcohol or pain killers as they thin your blood and make you bleed more…

  21. I got my first tattoo not that long ago above my wrist
    And every time I looked at it in the corner of my eye, I thought it was a spider lol

  22. 1:41 umm no… tattooing feels like you get a red hot needle and are dragging it threw your skin (hurts that bad) so if you don't think you can handle that… don't get a tattoo.

  23. The best tip one could ever give you in regards to tattoos, never ever get one 🙂
    Words I live by, tattoos can kiss my ass

  24. uhhh no. tattoo needles do not feel like buzzing ballpoint pens, they feel like cat scratches, fuck outta here 👋🏽

  25. If anything, I’d start with a henna tattoo before going for permanent ink. That way, it will get you a trial run on how you feel about inking up your body without regretting it later.

  26. My tattoo appointment is tomorrow so I hope it goes well,I'm bringing a couple snacks to keep my sugar up and hydrate.

  27. We don't tip in New Zealand. Instead of it being polite it's actually considered rude here and in most places they won't be accepted so I will not be doing that step.

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