100 thoughts on “$1,000 Tattoo – Worth It Tattoos • Part 2

  1. These tatts are good but some i defiantly wouldn't pay 1,000 for. I have grate tatts from grate artist's and big tatts with detail.
    If im getting 1,000 tatt it better be a full sleeve

  2. i know this video is 6 months old….. Why was the art mirrored? Breaking Bad , the bear had it's Right side burnt , the Oil Painting , Same.. but the Tattoo is reversed? Nobody noticed? Explain? i blame Nicole Petrou @badkittyno the "stencil artist" clearly put the Paper in the printer wrong.

  3. thats one hell of an artist. i like how he need to get his imagination triggered before he can "see " the end result.
    i have it that way with mechanical ideas.

  4. Yeah idk if I would even pay $500 for that tattoo. The quality detail and size is suspect for the price that was given. The client deserves better with the story he brings. Just my honest opinion. No offense.

  5. How tf is that not considered good? That is literally one of the dopest tattoos I’ve ever seen. Man is creative asf

  6. Getting inkEd is like addiction, but most of time people would regret later…especially when it fades..

  7. I had a friend pass away a few weeks ago and i want to get a tattoo for her, ive really been racking my brain trying to think of something

  8. Just cant take is "i was addicted to drugs" story because when ppl on shows like buzzfeed say that, well, there big addiction was smoking weed on weekend with friends.
    Big addiction. Come back when you where doing smack and quit for real, then, i might be able to take you seriously when you say "i battled drug addiction".

  9. Gonna say it, not sorry but thats a 500$ tattoo at best.
    I hope when he said "thats it for today" it meant it wasn't done cause if it is i hope he included the painting atleast.

  10. I would have gotten the best tattoo on the part where that faded giant gray blob is now, that elevator thing is in the prime spot, but nobody gonna see that sweet color art unless he lifts his arm! Shoulda gone on his forearm at least…

  11. OMG ….. im amazed at his work! its so beautiful and I can tell why he needs to vibe withthe work because its wow

  12. 9:25 wow I really believe him on this , last year my grandmother died and my family is all about music so I was a restaurant and these Mariachi's came in and specifically came to our table and my dad was a little tipsy so he gave them 15$ to play a song and he sang his mother's favorite song Paloma Negra by Ruben Ramos and right after he sang it his brother called him while everyone cheered for him saying that she just passed away and it was exactly right after he sang that song , we did not cry we just laughed and looked at each other before she passed away she did not want us to cry instead she wanted us to throw a party and sing and not worry about her (and of course we did) nobody will truly understand what happened cause what a crazy moment it felt as if that was her way of saying goodbye to us and her spirit came to us that night at Chachos ❤️❤️

  13. Might be worth the $1000 but you guys really had to find the most pretentious tattoo artist ever lmao. It’s not like the best tattoo you can get either he talks about feeling confident about laying down lines in that piece like bruh every piece should feel that way….

  14. The fact that this dude gets AMAZING TATS and didn't pay for THEM himself….PISSES ME OFF AS A GUY WITH ALOT OF TATS

  15. Y’all need to realize that he is an artist and is allowed to price himself however he wants. Tattoos are a LUXURY not a necessity. If you don’t like his work and think he’s overpriced that’s your opinion. He also said that they were done for today, insinuating there’s gonna be another session. His pricing most likely has to do with equipment, good quality ink, his experience and art, as well as maintenance of the building. Idk this is just my opinion :/

  16. What an amazing relationship he needs to get this process “ just right” , and he really does get it so right!

  17. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that feeling when the artist is finished and wipes that cooling jell on the tattoo. Also, after reading some of the comments, I cannot understand the hate. The man is an excellent artist and tattooist. I wish I could get slotted for a sitting for a battle field cross for my Marine brothers who were KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  18. Awh sh*t I cried when he got into about pat passing, on top of that pardon me by incubus was my favourite song to alleviate pain when I myself struggled with addiction

  19. Why does everyone hate this guy? He’s a great artist and people call him overpriced, tattoos are expensive, deal with it. He’s really creative and a heartfelt guy, I like him.

  20. bruh that faded tattoo looks so bad he needs to get that fixed it’s sad like honestly it looks trashy and he paid a lot of money for it

  21. i can see how it would cost 1000$….when you get a tattoo better pay a lot of money to be good rather than save money bargaining

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