100 Vintage Sandylion Stickers | Mail Day Haul pt.2

100 Vintage Sandylion Stickers | Mail Day Haul pt.2

What is that ? Ok. Dinosaurs. It’s a Christmas
dinosaur musical moment, yeah it’s a little moment there. Ok here we go. Welcome back
to Stickin’ It with Anthony. I’m your host Anthony Stickerman and today is part
two of our super two part mail day haul extravaganza video. If you didn’t watch part 1 of mail
day you are going to want to click on the link right up there to see how we got into
this situation that we’re in today. In which I have over 100 vintage stickers all Sandylion.
I don’t even know what’s in this envelope to tell you the truth so let’s get stickin’.
First up we’ve got these egg decorator stickers. Um they are obviously meant to go on your
Easter eggs your hard boiled eggs, but I can not imagine why somebody would want to put
Sandylion stickers on their eggs. Um you’re not going to get to save the stickers it seems
like such a waste. Here we have some adorable little fruit stickers we got a little peach
and a little pineapple super fruity just like me. Here we have some pets super cute. Now
their gone, see ya. Ok here we have some love stickers these ones are just super cute we
got a bit of a sparkle to them. We got some lips and some x’s and o’s some I love
you’s. That actually would have been good in my Valentine’s page if you didn’t get
to see my Valentine’s video I can put a link right up there for you to see it. Eliot,
oh my goodness. Aww speak of the devil here we have little kitties. They are adorable.
I love the one in the mail box. My allergies are flaring up just looking at them. Nutcrackers.
You need to crack your nuts ? Well I got some nutcrackers right here for that purpose. These
are poker themed or card themed and I love that they have the little score card that
says “we” and “they” and “they” is winning… Here we have some little bug
stickers we got a dragonfly and a little bee and um a little cute little caterpillar. Here
we have some pearl wreaths these are holiday wreaths looks like they have some little berries
on them. Here we have Woodstock from Peanuts and he’s got a holographic background very
cute. Here we have some purple butterflies I like these because they actually come apart
so you can put any part of those butterflies and arrange them in different ways. Oh! Oh
well that went by really quickly. Aww here we have some more…uh… Well I guess we’ll
never know. Happy New Year ! These ones say happy new year. Oh we’re going to stay on
the happy new year a long time cause there’s so much to say about these ones. Ok here we
have some animals they’re all poppin’ out from behind candy canes and Christmas
trees and out of drums and it’s just a gay ol’ time. Here we have some candy canes
and they are wrapped in beautiful ribbons, little bows. Here we have some pastel hearts.
I love these pastel hearts they are just a rainbow of colours very beautiful. Ooo polar
bears! Little fuzzy polar bears. I love these pink flamingo stickers. These pink flamingo
stickers remind me of California when I was about 12 years old I went to California with
my family on a family trip and I saw flamingos for the first time. Ooo they remind me of
that amazing John Waters movie Pink Flamingos, love John waters I’d love to travel to Baltimore
sometime. Ooo yeah John Waters stickers that would be really cool. Here we have some holographic
Santa Clauses and he’s looking very jolly he’s got his big rosy cheeks and a little
sprig of greens something in his hat it’s very cute. Mickey, Minney, the duck family
we got Pluto and it looks like their caroling. They’re spreading some holiday cheer to
all of their neighbours maybe. Alright we got some fuzzy hearts here super cute super
soft love these little fuzzy hearts. That’s what I’m saying about everything apparently.
Strawberries so we got some strawberry stickers here and they are on the blue background.
I really like a strawberry I think blackberries are probably my favourite berry oh! Here they
are again ! I always remember being on the slip n’ slide and ending up in a strawberry
patch. Or was it a blackberry patch ? No it was a strawberry patch. Let’s forget about
that story. Here we have some animals inside of a wreath very cute I don’t know how you
can fit all of those animals inside of a wreath especially the giraffe but I guess it’s
just a giant wreath. This is a big ol’ wreath very cute. Ok here we have some patterned
hearts they are also I believe holographic I really like these cute little patterns on
the hearts they are really busy and just a ton of fun. Aww here we have some dogs we
got a couple different coloured dogs here I think they might be collies or something
they remind me of Lassie. Now these are the holographic they look like dung beetles to
me. Um what I really like about the holographic um design on this is it’s not the little
sparkly chunky holographic pattern it is just a full holographic sticker which I really
like how they shine in the light. Aww now I love a baby chick. We always had chickens
growing up um and the baby chickens were my favourite part of the whole chicken experience.
Here we got some bats. These bats are really cool. Not gonna lie I got bats in my belfry
I love their little purple wings and their cute little faces that they’re making. Here
we have some zoo animals everything from Kangaroos to Seals. Aww musical instruments so I always
wanted to play the saxophone when I was a kid but I got stuck with the trumpet because
there was already a saxophone player in the school band. Here we have some reindeer and
they are just oh they’re having a fabulous time. I like these brown-backing gift wrapped
hearts. Ooo if anyone knows the significance of the brown backing on the Sandylion stickers
please let me know. I am a sticker fan but I am no expert so if you can help me out here
that would be lovely. Here we have some sports themed stickers a little tennis racket a football
a hockey stick we got it all here. Aww these are the cutest nimbly bimbly little lambs
they’re so cute they almost break your heart. Here we have Mickey and Pluto and it looks
like they are leaving out some cookies for Santa, really cute. School supplies, I like
these school supplies. You don’t often see a protractor sticker. Which I think is really
cool. Umm that’s a protractor right ? Yeah… A compass ! I like the compass sticker ! What’s
a protractor then ? Anyway it doesn’t matter, and now they’re gone ! Here we have some
beautiful shiny holographic butterflies. When I was a kid we went to this place called Butterfly
World and umm they landed on me and I gotta say I didn’t know I was afraid of butterflies
until this trip to butterfly world. It was absolutely terrifying. Snowflakes, holographic
snowflakes I think they’re foil stickers they’re just absolutely beautiful and you
know they’re all a little bit different because no two snowflakes are alike. Santa,
he’s got his reading glasses on he’s gonna check his naughty list and see whose on it,
I hope it’s not me! We’ve got some carolling dinosaurs and they’re just having a little
prehistoric holiday Christmas fun and uh you know serenading each other doing their Dino
business. Humming birds, now I never had a humming bird feeder myself but I love to watch
humming birds do their thing, drink their sugary water. Uh, it’s becoming clear that
animals love to carol by this sticker collection. Here we have some orcas, beautiful orca stickers
they are pearl. I think orcas are really cool I prefer them when they’re stickers of free
in the wild not in captivity. Here we have some pearl present stickers. I would love
to wrap a present just in the same fashion that these presents stickers show and then
cover said present with these pearl stickers. Hi Santa, Santa’s waving at us that’s
kinda cool he’s got his big bag of toys that he’s bringing to the little’uns.
Here we have some Ying Yangs. Very 90’s these things you know you saw them everywhere-everyone
would draw them in the 90’s. Apples oh apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fuzzy…
Fuzzy fuzzy hippos, oh they’re gone. Here we have a sparkly smiley um aww these are
great I love how big these smileys are and I got one in green as well. Yeah I just love
those love them. Penguins I love the little baby penguin in the middle here all surrounded
by his penguin friends. I’ve never seen March of the Penguins I don’t know. What
? Is that a movie ? Is there something I don’t know ? Here we’ve got some more smileys
umm holographic super cute glow in the dark reindeer I love glow in the dark stickers.
Look at these wreaths foil wreaths very beautiful. Here we have some marine animals so we’ve
got an orca we’ve got a big ol’ fish we’ve got a turtle we’ve got all kinds of different
things on here as we go down I can see what I thin is a shark and a blue whale, octopus
and a big ol’ pink sperm whale. Alright here we’ve got St.Nicolas and he’s got
his walking stick and a tree tied to his back as you do when you’re out for a walk. Sandylion,
oooh! this one’s unpackaged no this one’s packaged in the package still. I love Halloween
stickers I really like those Jack o lanterns. Thank you so much for joining me today, I
had an amazing time going through these stickers with you. I hope to get back to stickin’
in my next video so make sure you Subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be reminded
when the video comes out. I’m Anthony Stickerman, buh bye. This lot of vintage Hallmark… Today
while I…What was it ? You know seeing it all layed out before me, no I’m not going
to do that. I’m Anthony Stickermaaan. Also that’s just my way, it’s not just for
the video it’s just this is how I am so it’s going to take a little longer to get.

8 thoughts on “100 Vintage Sandylion Stickers | Mail Day Haul pt.2

  1. yasssss!

    Those egg decor stickers, those fruits (mostly the grapes ugh tooooooo cute!) the pets are adorable, golly gee! AND THE PASTEL HEARTS, AND THE HOLO DOLPHINS, the fuzzy hippos and and and they're all so good! Thanks for sharing your haul! 🙂

  2. Wow, these are some GREAT stickers! I love the kitty, bat and the Woodstock stickers too. Those Disney Xmas sticker are my fav tho! Hi Eliot!! 🐱

    Anthony, can you give my some hair dying tips? I usually go to the salon, but my health has been bad. I wanna go red again, but I dont wanna fry my hair.

  3. I’m a big Sandylion sticker fan!!! I would love to see whole pages of just Sandylion stickers. I mostly keep my stickers on their original backings but I’m starting to dip my toes into actually sticking my stickers. I have sticker sticking commitment issues lol!!! Let us know if we can mail you some stickers to see them used in your videos. My favorite type of stickers is Opalescent/pearly like the cute Sandylion whales you have in this video.

  4. Oh, Mrs Grossmans has a sticker club again 🙂 I love getting their sticker mail at the beginning of every month!!! They include one vintage sticker module as well
    And that’s always very exciting to receive 😉

  5. Found these……https://lastcraftdesigns.com/products/john-waters-sticker-sheet-5×7-vinyl-stickers

  6. Anthony do you have a public PO Box? The holographic hearts reminded me that I most likely have stickers never released to the general public. My sister in law gifted me a box full of sticker “duds” made by a place she used to work. They’re all the same design-holohearts 💕- and really pretty. I give them out as freebies for Etsy orders as Thank yous.

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