10 times Harry was an absolute sweetheart

10 times Harry was an absolute sweetheart

Harry do they follow you absolutely everywhere? Who are you talking about? Your fans.
Oh, they’re the best people in the world. You good? Alright? Good? Good? Are you doing okay? Alright? Alright? Yeah? Good rock bands that can stay together Alright, I hope you enjoyed your food at swingers. You too, man. What’s that? I’m TMZ. Yeah, I’ll take out I’m hungry man. What is it? It’s a burger. What kind of burger? Thank you, Harry. Can I get a quick picture? You’ll be aware that there’s bit there was a documentary film made about about fans Which showed some who really take it to great lengths? And there’s there’s a side to being a big fan of any individual artist or a band which borders on the obsessive Do you ever worry about how much…. I think People especially You know this age like they’re all kind of the same age as us And I think you know,when you’re at that age You’re passionate about everything. You remember like your first girlfriend at school when you’re like 13, and you convince yourself that you love her And I think looking in not everyone can understand it, but to you know that girl or that boy It might be the most important thing in the world and just cause you know we don’t understand it doesn’t mean you can say it’s crazy Good? Okay? Are you okay? Good? Yeah? I love you so much, I’m so sorry, I’m such a loser No,no,no Can we get the lights up for a second please? Good?You ok? Are you okay? Oh! Is your mom really a nurse? Yeah,yeah What would she suggest doing like right now? I don’t know maybe…I’ll go call my mom, I’ll go call my mom Can you help me up please? I’m hurting. The baby is coming Hold me like this,like a chair No,I don’t feel ok. Can you call my husband,he is the first person on my list please? Breathe with me He’s leaving a message. Can you just breathe with me please? Hi, I’m here with your wife, and she’s giving birth I think I AM GIVING BIRTH Where are we? Louis, where are we? What studio are we at? You all have been pranked by Nickelodeon Yes man! Yes man! Harry was the worst! You

100 thoughts on “10 times Harry was an absolute sweetheart

  1. When she pranked them in the end i just looked and niall in the background just chiling there..

  2. My baby .wish everyone in this world was a sweet heart as him .love him till my last breathe 😍😍😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

  3. This is The reason why i love this Guy maybe A person. he married is lucky because Harry is always there to comfort His wife😢💗…………..


    WHY THE FUCK I AM crying?!!😐😭😂

  4. I'm completely blown away by the minute harry said those things in order to defend his loyal fans. The best thing about harry is, he truly appreciate people in his life and he always manage to stay grounded and never ever let this "superstar thing" change his true self..

  5. Why can't I stop watching this kind of videos of HS? Am I in love with him?!!! He is so handsome, and the fact that he's so sweet to people makes him even cuter ❤

  6. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that during the Nickelodeon prank, Niall pretty much sat on the couch the entire time😂

  7. Love you so much harry so so so much more than anything and everything I swear I never see like your heart and kind you are the best thing happen in my life and my all world and my deep deep heart I swear I never love someone like you I love you more than myself I swear you always in my mind and thoughts you are my other half you everything to me I hope 🤞🏻 I see you one day I hope 🤞🏻 because I can’t see all this people see you and go to your show and hug you but me no I can’t I swear everyday my heart burns fire and more ❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💋💋 I now I talk I lots but I won’t you to now all this things I talk all little on you harry because you more than this all 😭❤️💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😔🔥

  8. Im the person he gave his water I still have it :'). I have a medical condition but he made it worth the risk to go.

  9. All of them were my favourite one he's such a nice guy I can't explain this in words I love you so much Harry

  10. I used to hate him but looking at this I don't know why, he's so nice!!❤️💜💙💖💕💓💘💚💛💝❣️💞💕

  11. They pranked Harry with the baby thing, but to me, he was the sweetest. He was the only one who was holding her hand and staying by her and breathing while the rest stood around and were awkward and uncomfortable. It just made him more attractive, to me.

  12. I love harry andi wanted to see him and if you want to know were my country is well I'm in England in Ashton

  13. He is truly the most beautiful and perfect human in this world I love him Soo much I'm crying who ever hates him more for me stay away his mine lol

  14. The number 1 vid was actually one the first vids of 1D I saw and I remember thinking that harry is such a sweetheart! He has a Precious heart. God bless him!

  15. 10 times Harry was a douche (no sarcasm) I think he's arrogant, but hides it and only is "kind" for publicity, nothing else. I bet he's a jerk offscreen.

  16. This should be 25 years, two months, and 16 days long. Love your channel so much 😍😍

  17. Teacher: Who is your favourite artist?
    Me: Anne Twist and Desmond Styles
    Teacher: Why?
    Me: They created the most perfect human ever, Harry Styles

  18. Hes too pure for this world, protecc him please 🥺💝💜💞💚💙💓💘💚💜💕

  19. So proud of my baby😊 Idolizing him was the righest thing i've ever done in my whole life.😍😍

  20. I would kill to meet him not being horrid all the fans not even lived I been through shit sister died, mum died but nothing that good would happen it not his looks its his songs, writing and performance that's amazing his not a tag doll his a person but I can understsnd how young fans get wrapped up I. It all

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