10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

I’ve tint out with sugar my hair to bring you guys this amazing hair hack video! They’ve been kind enough to do a giveaway here as well So if you’re interested there’s a link down below, check it out after the video Hi guys, it’s Wengie here, welcome back to my channel, or welcome if you’re new! Today I’m doing a ten hair hacks. You’ve gotta try these, they are so good This video is sponsored by Sugarbear And these are amazing hair vitamins that are specially formulated for the health of your hair They have all the amazing vitamins you need to keep it shiny and strong And I know Kylie Jenner uses this to maintain her hair as well so it is amazing Hold up, if you’re not part of this family already, click the subscribe button that’s floating on screen Or if you’re on a mobile device it is down below and you can join this wonderful family! We’re such a lovely bunch and we all give welcome hugs, so here’s your virtual hug if you’re new! And if you’re part of this family already, let’s try to get this video to 15,000 thumbs up I know we can do it guys, it would be amazing if we could So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the video, let’s go! Healthy hair starts on the inside So knowing what vitamins are important for hair health is a super useful hack Keep your body stocked up on omega 3, fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, folic acids, Sugarbear is specially formulated to provide all these important nutrients plus more And they’re 100% natural and vegetarian friendly I actually love how they taste And I take 2 every morning to make sure that I’m not missing out on any essential nutrients for my hair And look how cute they are, oh my gosh, I am in love! Grab them at Sugerbearhair.com or on Amazon I’m guilty of rarely cleaning my brush So I’m probably spreading a whole lot of old grease and oils into my clean hair, which is like ew to think about it To clean your brush thoroughly, start off by roughly teasing out old chunks of hair With either a fine straight tooth comb or even a kitchen skewer Next make a brush bath with a bowl of hot water And apply some shampoo straight onto a toothbrush or on your brush , and give it an old scrub a dub dub! You can also do this while you shower to save time Don’t forget to clean the brush base, that’s where a lot of grime is hiding Dry it off with a towel and you are done! An extra hack for great smelling hair, perfume contains alcohol which will dry out your hair Use a dryer sheet and punch it in through the brush bristles When you brush your hair with this, it will not only de-frizz your hair But it also leaves it smelling SO super fresh, like who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? Like, I love that smell. Just smells so cuddly! To make your ponytails look longer just do half your hair in the usual ponytail And the other half slightly lower than that Now, hide the second ponytail by teasing your hair and using some hairspray You’ll look like your hair is much longer from the back From the side though, I must say, it sometimes does look a little bit funny Let me know if you guys can do this like better Because from the sides you can kinda still see the bottom ponytail Either way, it looks amazing from the back. Applying a hair mask before you shampoo Is actually a great way to condition your hair without weighing it down so you still get your volume Just take two teaspoons on coconut oil or however much you normally need for your hair length And melt it in a bowl of warm water or in the microwave. Then take a basting brush and baste yourself like a roast chicken Like, seriously, that’s really what I felt like when this was happening But make sure the first thing you do is to massage it into your scalp having a healthy scalp actually leads to super healthy hair And once your scalp is down, comb it out and distribute this oil evenly throughout your hair And on the ends where it’s like super dry Then let it set for 30 minutes and then wash it out in the shower This is literally a three in one, full of antioxidants, antimicrobials, closes the hair pores So you’re not gonna wash all your dyed hair out, which means longer lasting colour Also makes it much easier to brush. I always dried my hair with a towel because that’s just kinda what I’ve been doing since I was little But actually it’s super bad for your hair because the long fibres of a towel causes friction and frizz Which leads to a lot of damage and breaks in your hair And oh my gosh guys do not rub with a towel. That is the worst thing What you wanna do actually is wring out your hair first in the shower Then pat it dry with a t-shirt. The fibres are so much smoother and less damaging to your hair Remember: no rubbing, no rubbing! And you can also use it as a super sexy head wrap by like flipping it over and tying the sleeves together Yeah, Max loves when I do this, like I look super amazing, it’s so sexy! Here are three quick hairspray hacks which are super classic The first thing is to Use hairspray on a makeup brush to smooth down your scalp flyaways for a silky smooth parting And to control your pesky baby hair in the front when you tie your hair up Like I have so many of these Use a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and brush it back and this will give you a super polished high ponytail look Lastly, an old favourite is to spray some hairspray on a bobby pin And make sure you’re using the bobby pin the right way around Which is the curly side is under like I didn’t know this for the longest time And the hairspray will give your bobby pin an extra bit of tackiness to keep it in your hair For those of you guys that hate split ends There’s easy ways to trim split ends at home in between appointments All you need are a sharp pair of hairdressing scissors Not regular paper scissors ’cause this actually can damage your hair because it’s not sharp enough And just twist your hair until the split ends stick out from the sides and then snip them off when you see them You can kind of do this when you’re bored during class So just keep a pair of scissors like whenever you’re just sitting around The other method is the three finger method Grab a bunch of hair and kinda put your hair under, over, under your fingers And as you slide your fingers down your hair length The little split ends will kinda just pop up and say hello and then you just snip them off So you can do this over some old newspaper or a bin so that you’re not creating a huge mess So people aren’t just finding bits of your hair everywhere. That’s just kinda disturbing. It only takes me a good 30 minutes to curl my hair But if you only have 10 minutes and still want some sexy waves Just tie your hair up in a high ponytail, split it into 3 to 8 sections If you split it into more sections it’ll be more curly, and less sections is like more just wavy And just quickly curl each section, this is so much faster It kinda gives you these like ‘bed hair; don’t care’ kinda wavy look and I actually really love this Like for the amount of time it takes, it’s a super duper awesome hack So I like to use dry shampoo for those in between days where your hairs getting like super oily And if you don’t have that you can use corn starch or a baby powder And apply this actually at night before you got to bed It gives the powder enough time to fully absorb all the oil from your hair and it saves you so much time in the morning And here is the best bit: instead of brushing it out in the morning Just blast it with a hair dryer and it’ll all just blow away Like it magically disappeared before my eyes and I was like so amazed by this hack it is INSANE So you have no more annoying white streaks left which I usually do and also it gives you so much more volume Like my hair just poofed up like, super sexy hair, it’s so good A lot of no heat hairstyles require you to braid your hair It toss and turn at night while it’s in these elastics The friction eventually damages your hair, making it brittle and break So don’t sleep with your hair in a ponytail But if you must do it, a few tricks to keep your hair healthy is to use a super gentle hair tie And you can actually get super old nylon stockings and cut it horizontally This will make a super gentle hair tie How amazing is this? It’s so much better for your hair Also, don’t do your braids too tightly. Make sure they’re very loose and bouncy, if you must do them And then sleep on a satin pillow case. This will minimise friction because it’s so smooth And you know what? Satin pillow cases are super great for anti-aging Because you’re less likely to pull on your delicate skin I love this last one because it’s a skin care hack and a hair hack Do you guys use any of these, and if you do Let me know which one you already use down below, or you’re planning to use See you soon! I love you!

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