– [Robby] Ten away. – [Woman] 86. 88. – [Robby] 90, oh my God! 6 more. Oh, Oh, 998. One million! We got a million! Woo! – [Woman] How does it feel? I feel like I really
have to pee right now. – [Woman] You did it
though. Look at you go! – [Robby] A million! – [Woman] A million! – Thanks guys. Next
we’re doing 10 million. I’m coming for you PewDiePie! Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and if you guys are watching
this then that means I hit a million! (Vengaboys – We like to Party! playing) Woo! Wahahaha! If I didn’t hit a million yet, then, this is your Christmas present. I’m posting this on Christmas so. I really hope I hit a million, that way I don’t look, kinda stupid. At about 200,000 subscribers I said, I was gonna get a “craft” tattoo. I didn’t think I’d actually hit
a million before New Year’s. Crazy stuff. Very crazy.. Huh? I was at 4? Well guys, this just proves
that Tori is smarter than me. Anyways, let’s uh, transition
to me getting the tattoo. Go! I’m actually getting this
two days before I think I’m going to get a million so. (song playing) There it is. Whoa, that looks so good! Everyone was saying,
“Robby, get a glue gun.” And I was like, “That would be so silly. Why the heck would I get a glue gun?” I think everyone legit thought
that I was gonna get like, a craft that I made tattooed on me. And I was like no, I’m literally
going to get the word craft tattooed on me. My buddy
Jake he has a tattoo on his wrist as well that says “Make”. – I get asked a lot about
this tattoo that says “Make”. – And he has very inspiring
story behind it and I really liked it when he told me. He told it to me in person.
I heard about it in person before he posted the video,
and uh, I don’t know, it was just, I thought
that it was really cool. I’m going to read out the
definition for craft for you guys. An activity involving a skill
in making things by hand. I’d say I do a lot of
that. Um, I’ve always loved making things. I’ve always
loved crafting things ever since I was a little kid I’d always make stuff. When I was a little boy, I was like, “Mom I want to be an inventor.” And uh, I just wanted to, just make stuff. And uh. (exhales) So weird. A million subscribers. I didn’t think I’d ever,
I didn’t, I didn’t know if I’d ever actually do it.
Right before January started I said I wanted to post a video
every single day in December And uh, I don’t know, it was
crazy. Each one of these videos they take 20 hours plus of
man hours to make some of them and uh, its crazy. So I
just want to thank everyone who’s like helped me. My
editors, thanks so much Chris. Thank you, Chris. Thank you so much for
helping me edit all these. I probably couldn’t have done
it without you this month. Thank you so much to my girlfriend Tori. Sorry I haven’t hung out
with you as much this month. It’s just been so crazy. I think we’re going to have
a really good 2019 guys. Merry Christmas. No! No! That’s not right. Merry Craftmas! Oh gosh! (expletive) I messed up! No! Okay guys, I love you guys so
much. You guys have yourself a very Merry Christmas,
Hanukkah, New Year’s, whatever. Anyways, I love you guys so much. I’ll see you guys again, real
soon. Peace, love, and Wi-Fi. Awkward ending. Okay. Merry Craftmas. Bye. Ah!

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