😍 How to Create Your Own Sticker Pack in Viber 📲💬

😍 How to Create Your Own Sticker Pack in Viber 📲💬

Hello everybody! In today’s video, you will see how to create
your own sticker pack in Viber, a popular messenger. Now, Viber offers a new feature – you can
create your own sticker packs. It means you can turn any photo, meme /mi:m/
or phrase into special stickers and send it into a chat with another user so that you
can express your emotions without any words. At the moment, this feature is available on
Viber for Android only. If you are using this messenger on PC or iPhone,
you’ll be able to receive such stickers in a chat, forward them to other users or download
them from the sticker market. And the goal of this video is to find out
what exactly you should do to create a sticker pack of your own. So, let’s begin. How to create a sticker pack
In order to create your own sticker pack, open Viber – More – Sticker Market – tap “Create
Stickers” button in the upper right corner, next to the gear icon. Make up a name for your sticker pack so you
can find it easily later. Add a description to always know what it is
about. This is particularly important for public
packs. The first sticker you create will be the pack’s
thumbnail in the sticker menu One more thing is to decide if you want this
pack to be public or private. How to create a sticker
Now let’s have a closer look at creating a sticker of your own. Tap the plus button and choose from the three
options: “Gallery,” “Camera” or “Just doodle.” Let’s put first thing first. Tap “Gallery”, find a photograph and select
it. Now you can edit the photo or add various
elements: “Magic wand” – remove the background. Use your fingers to change the photo’s angle
or zoom and focus on a particular detail. With the “Text” button you can write anything
on your stickers. Tap “Stickers” to add stickers from Viber’s
collection. Use “Doodles” to add your own freestyle
shape, picture and text. When your sticker is ready, tap “Save.” Each pack can have up to 24 stickers, and
you can create no more than 20 packs. How to edit or delete a sticker
Any sticker can be edited or deleted. You can do it at any time but only before
the sticker is published. Editing after publication is not supported. Tap the “x” icon at the top of any sticker
in the pack page to delete it. Tap on any sticker to edit it. How to publish a sticker pack
When you are finished with making stickers, the last step is publishing them. Tap “Create Pack” at the bottom of the
screen to publish your pack. Remember: as soon as you create a sticker
pack, it can’t be edited. Before publishing, double-check everything,
and then tap that button. How to send a sticker to a chat
After publication, your sticker pack will appear in the sticker menu. In order to send a sticker, open the menu
and find it on the list. Open it and click on the sticker you want
to send. That’s all – now anyone on Viber can see
and receive your stickers, and send them to other people. How to use stickers in Viber for Desktop
To send stickers from a computer, they should be uploaded into the messenger first. Do it by clicking on this icon and opening
the sticker panel. Now click the arrow up to display all your
sticker packs. If you want to add the sticker packs you created
to your Viber for Desktop, click on the “Sync” button. When everything is synchronized, you will
be able to use them from your computer as well. Public and private sticker packs
As you may have noted, any sticker pack can be created as public or private. You can let other Viber users access your
sticker pack, or close access to it only when you create this pack. When it’s published, you can’t change
anything. If you choose a private sticker pack, you
can use its stickers in any chat but no one else except you can see the whole pack. However, anyone who receives a sticker form
a private pack can forward it to another chat. A public pack will have a unique link. Any other user will need this link to download
the pack. This is how you can share a link to a sticker
pack with friends and family: Send a sticker from the pack in a chat, and
other people in this chat can tap on the sticker to download the pack. Or send the direct link to the sticker pack
to any user you prefer. How to download a user-created sticker pack
Now, how can you download a sticker pack created by another user? First of all, it should be public. Secondly, you should either receive a sticker
from this pack, or a direct link to the pack. When you tap on the sticker, you will be redirected
automatically to the page where it can be downloaded. Every sticker pack is assigned a unique link. To let other users download it, share this
link with the people. User-created packs in Viber are absolutely
free or charge. You can create, download and use them without
any payments. How to delete a sticker pack
Any sticker pack you created can be deleted easily. However, the packs downloaded by other users
will remain in their collections. In order to delete a sticker pack, open the
sticker menu, tap the gear icon, or open “Settings” – “Sticker Market” – the gear icon. Before you do it, remember that deleting it
from Viber is a one-way street, and you can never get it back. No one else will be able to download it. However, anyone who has downloaded the sticker
pack before will still have it in their collection. It may take as long as 2 hours to have the
sticker pack deleted. How to restore sticker packs when moving to
a new device If you are planning to change to a new phone
and worry that your special sticker packs may be gone, calm down. They can be downloaded to the new device easily. Tap More, open the “Sticker Market”, then
touch “Settings.” Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap
“Restore my stickers” to have your sticker packs downloaded to the new phone. If your sticker pack is a public one, you
can download it from the sticker market by following the direct link. By the way, if you’re about to change to
a new phone, visit our channel for a good video tutorial about moving data from an old
device to the new one; check the link below as usual. That is all for now! I hope this video was useful for you. Remember to click the Like button and subscribe
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