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  1. Cheers! Nice vid. Really gave me some ideas on where to start 🙂 Cheers! 🙂
    Never mind the salty comments 😉 Just take them with pretzels 😉

  2. I really love these kind of "abstract" or geometric logo's. Even making them is so much fun, but its actually not easy to make them to be usefull. I mean, they still have to somehow point to the topic, or company, or feeling it wants to express and i have to tell you a LOT of people and costumers dont see what they should in them, (and lets skip the part where you say "make it better you are just bad", that can be a part of it yes) . And thats just 1 thing, the other is : They dont believe in them, or how much skill it requires to make a good one. So they are going to be reluctant to buy it…especially from a beginner designer….any tips on this? Should i just keep making non abstract ones for years, just because it sells better?

  3. hey bro listen please i'm from Pakistan i ask you a one question about your Logo Design book price? kindly tell me waiting for your Reply?

  4. I love those simplistic, 2 minute, stock looking, fiver worth "designs" being shown as "logo" design tutorials. If you can do it in 30 minutes instead of 3 with the use of a tutorial its not going to be worth more than 30 minutes of unskilled labor… These logos are trash, illustrator is a garbage program for vector design, every professional uses it for exporting files, fleshing out the design is done in something less garbage to actually interact with than illustrator.

    You suck m8. This is a throw away nothing. Not a logo.

  5. But no Brand Strategy. This is the problem with most logo designer tutorials. They don't explain that there's so much more work involved in designing a brand identity. A logo is not just a little symbol. That's easy. A logo is the core essence of a brand. How do you create a logo correctly without first understanding the core essence and brand strategy of a business. That takes hours and days of meetings to flesh out and solidify. If any logo designer designs a logo using this overly simplified way then you only deserve $5 for your logo no matter how aesthetically pleasing because the work was not put into designing it.

  6. Way to go man! It is something i'm happy to watch! I hope you can make more video of such topic! Looking-forward 🙂

    By the way, is it ok if i can get your advice on these android app I have posted in play store below? I am still a beginner and hope to learn from you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!…

    Kindly search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Play Store (P & A are case sensitive).

    thanks alot !!

  7. Ok, now I know that “Logo Modernism” Taschen’s book is to buy 🙂
    Generally you could create a video on BOOKS on that subject which you recommend for future designers.

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  9. Bro when i should come into illustrator from pencil drawing logo, i mean the time period between pencil drawing and the illustrator?
    reply must please.

  10. I’ve done a few fake and a few real dot.coms in Wix, I now have Illustrator 19 from 1997 installed rarer late, I like the visual effects in Illustrator, Wix had limitations, and might be easier to use, but with limitations, with Illustrator – a whole new cup of tea.

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  12. I want a logo design for my New club Can you help me by making logo design.. It's will be great help to our club..

  13. When you pay a professional logo designer 700 dollars for a logo of your big electricity company and he sends you 3 lines stacked on top of each other

  14. thank you, to design logos is it necessary to have adobe Illustrator or can you create just as good logos using Photoshop?

  15. Will Paterson, you're a very gifted logo designer. I've done things similarly to how you have and designed logos and won a contest or two as well. Ignore the dumbasses who come here to talk shit, and know that your efforts to make the world more beautiful are appreciated.

  16. Interesting video. Simple, straightforward and clean designs. You're right, it's good and right to meet the client to understand their business. We use Corel Draw, Photoshop and InDesign to make our logos. We lean toward modern and futuristic designs. Visit us online. Click on our Logo on the left to visit our YouTube page and our website CafyDesigns. (com) Thank you.

  17. The hardest part is not designing logo, but why you design it, strategy behind it & the idea strategic behind the visual.

  18. Hi Will can you please create any video or give any reference about grid system in logo design.not about a particular logo about any logo. Thanks.

  19. I like to join 2 or 3 letters into 1 to shorten the word. So you use the right side of the letter, so it’s the start of the left side of the next letter. You know what I mean. Hmm

  20. thankyu i'am higlhly inspired with your videos
    i'am always stuck with ideas and i realize may bad is always starts from illustrator maybe should try from the sketching like you do. and i really want to know what skecthing book you use it
    i can't found it on google :'0

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