¸„.-• Glow Ink + Glass Pen Drawing! •-.„¸

¸„.-• Glow Ink + Glass Pen Drawing! •-.„¸

(quiet, simple instrumental music starts playing) And here we are playing with some water, and glowy ink. Which we’re gonna use to draw with in a moment. Each drop of glow-y ink upon hitting the water and diffusing makes the jar a little bit brighter even, if it’s barely noticeable. Maybe, maybe looking at things and getting little drops of inspiration works the same way I dont know, maybe, maybe, my brain jar will get so bright one day that it’ll just explode or, or none of the drops will make a difference anymore. Who knows? I don’t know how it works. I havent tried adding that many drops yet. The real question is how to get those drops of inspiration from… the world… from reality. Some people wonder about, how to get milk from almonds. That’s another good question. It turns out they soak them and blend them and strain them, and probably add some sort of sweetener they probably add milk. But anyways… Reality is out there and we somehow have to soak it and blend it and strain it and, sweeten it up with some milk somehow and squeeze out every. last. drop. of inspiration and drippely drop it into our brain jars and brighten it all up so that we can… put it out onto the paper, whatever your paper happens to be Maybe your paper is some poetry you’re writing Or just, maybe just the way you interact with each other. I don’t know. I kinda waxing a little eloquent here. I didn’t want to do that. I just want to draw a picture. OK. OK, let’s just draw a picture. Let’s do it. I had the lights off. I had all the lights off. I just have a glass pen here. Ok, I have a glass pen. Um… What’s this ink called? It is called… Noodler… Uh… Does it even say? It does say: The Blue Ghost Noodler’s Ink. So this ink is actually intended for fountain pens but it worked well with this… glass pen I bought. Actually I was not… I did not buy it. It was given to me. It was in a previous glass pen video. And… it works well with glass pens. I’ll, put links to stuff in the description. Look… It’s fun to combine different art supplies. Stuff that necessarily wasn’t meant for each other can work fantastically. Like that one time I used a banana, in ink. OK, maybe one of those things was not an art supply. You know… But. Ya know. Whoever intended… Whoever invented ink and bananas did not intend for them to be TOGETHER. but ink… just tastes… so dang good. But look. This drawing was great. I had to be very careful not to get any of the glowy ink on my fingers ’cause I was touching the paper a lot with my left hand and I knew that very easily I could start smudging, and any smudging would be so… painfully… apparent. Usually I’m fine with some smudging but this time I wanted to keep it as crisp and clean as I could And, you know, so all the lines would seem uh, the lines I DID put down would seem you know, as sharp and bright and glowy as possible. And I think it turned out pretty well. This ink doesn’t smear very well if you don’t touch it when it’s wet. And, this… interestingly enough, when you have the black light shining on it it’s actually a completely different color when it’s wet. It’s like a little bit… It’s like a brighter… blue. And then it… as it dries it turns down into, like a different less bright blue. That’s just common sense. but, um… Am I saying “but, um” a lot? but, um uhhh… And then I… This is a Paperblanks notebook I’m drawing in I bought it at some corner store, somwhere. Chicago I think. But they’re available on the internet somewhere. They’re kind of expensive, but they’re fun mostly because they have really ornate covers. Uh, you know that can be inspiring. Right now. That can inspire you to greatness. Just an ornate cover. Sometimes, on the other hand, though I like a really plain cover. Because, then, I’m like Nobody knows… You know, really just a plain black, or plain white cover. Like nothing… Like there’s no.. kind of like, hidden waters… Isn’t there a saying like something… “hidden…”? still waters? Anyways! You just like don’t know what’s on the inside until you open it up and it all jumps out at you, blowing your face off! These incredible drawings, and doodles, and whatever you put in your sketchbooks sketches ART! There’s art inside! Yes! And you couldn’t tell, it’s totally nondescript on the outside ’cause you know, like, what if someone was, like, holding it up, like… You know, you hold up a a plain black notebook nobody looks twice at it and you just say Wait ’till I show you what’s in HERE. You hold up one of these Paperblank notebooks, with the super ornate cover people will expect a LOT. People will expect a lot, out of a sketchbook like that. So you gotta be careful. Ya know, there’re two ways to approach it. Anyways, this one ahh, has an awesome cover. Uh, ya know… And, uh, this… You know, do whatever you want. You can also buy a plain one and draw on the outside. So, maybe that’s the third… you know, door number three. Go for it! Do whatever you want. But I had fun with this. There’s a lot of different… glowy inks out there, by the way. Some of them are meant for different purposes. I’ve used glowy ink that was intended as printing ink. I’m not sure what that meant. But that’s what it was advertised as. I’m not sure if you were supposed to put it in a printer but that seemed to work fine for me. I used it with brushes… and… I would paint my fingernails, and it would only show up in black light, and it’d look pretty awesome. and I got it on my skin a lot, and then I found out… on the bottle it said… On… It said “Never EVER get it on your skin” “or your eyes” and It had all these crazy warnings But I’m like, probably that’s just worse case scenario… There’s probably like .01% of the population that’s allergic to printer ink or something. I probably don’t need to worry about it, right? What are the chances? But anyways, there’s never anything.. bad things that happened. You know, if you’re wondering. Um, everything was OK. Except I probably forgot to wash it off that night and then I probably got it all over my pillow and I didn’t know it ’cause it was invisible . hhhhh With great super powers… come great messes. That’s what I’ve found out. Anyways! So get out there get those almonds of life make that inspirational almond milk You know, however you have to go about it squeeze hard Get the Blendtec blender, you know… Will it blend? Life… It’ll blend… Oh it will! You might have to set it on “puree”. uhh, but you can get it. Even the most simple Simple things that might seem the hardest, the toughest… uhh maybe they just need to soak for a while That’s the first step in making almond milk. Just let it soak for a while. Over night, or up to two days. alright? No rush. let it sit let it simmer let it marinate It’s gonna be OK. Alright! Uhh, y’all take it easy. Uhh. Goodbye. *whispers* Goodbye. Uhh yeah I feel, hhh…

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  1. Some of the supplies I used in this video:
    Glass Dip Pen: http://amzn.to/2n1keKd
    Invisible Ink: http://amzn.to/2n1pHRg
    Ornate Sketchbook: http://amzn.to/2mYIICW
    Black Light: http://amzn.to/2newY0J

  2. He needs to do ASMR!!! Like I've been watching his videos from some time now and its amazing and also so relaxing

  3. wow amazing amazing…. super clean, awesome n beautiful art, n loved how in the end you wrote on it n had the cool effect. awesome work 😀

  4. Your doodles remind me of a cross between Aztec or Mayan hieroglyphics and a psychedelic watching of The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

  5. My goal as a grad student is to become a concentrated ink of knowledge that can be dropped into my students' jars of knowledge and diffuse, making their inks glow brighter because of it. Thanks for giving me this clear image of what I should strive for. Love your videos and your artistry. ❤
    Edit: they probably add milk 😂

  6. Glowyart on Instagram posted a sponsored advertisement using your art and videos which they failed to credit you for. I sent them a message to make them aware but I suggest you check it out and report them for copyright if they still don’t credit you

  7. is anyone else reminded of nicodemus writing with the gold light in the beginning of the animated classic ‘the secret of nimh?’ no? just me then? okay.

  8. idk whether you're just talking some senseless stuff that comes to your mind or if you are just on a way higher emotional state of being or smth

  9. You know what i've noticed? so far none of your art pieces that i've seen are symmetrical, and i like that, it somehow gives it a more natural feeling to them, restricting oneself to staying on that symmetrical path can at times cause artists to be anxious from what they draw if they think it's not perfect

  10. you have a very shane madej slight lisp and with the way you were stammering with your confusing nut milk analogies for life it's just nice, you're nice, watch some buzzfeed unsolved of you haven't it's nice and is sort of milky for me so maybe you should try milking it too

  11. Hi there Peter. I’ve noticed some ads on Facebook that had clips of this video in it, they didn’t seem to credit your channel or anything and I wanted to be sure they weren’t stealing your content to advertise. Sadly I forgot the name of the company but I’ll be sure to edit this when I see it again 🙂

  12. There is a website that is definitely using bits of footage from this video to advertise their glass dip pens on Facebook… do they have permission for that? https://uncomplikate.com/products/vintageart-pen?variant=20126468276297

  13. Holy shit, everything about this video was enrapturing! First time I’ve ever watched your content… instant addiction 😅

  14. the opening was so great who needs asmr when there is a channel with a broaden dialect, a great voice to create and set alive the narrative you truly are magical no homo, held so immerse in the story of ink being our life, Glad i found this channel

  15. His voice is so beautiful and inspiring, it jerked tears up my throat and out of my eyes… My chest tightened quickly and when the music stopped I could breath more clearly than before.

  16. was brought to your channel by a friend, glad they showed you to me, i haven't spoken to them in a long time, and i wish i had, if you see this keep in touch.

  17. The short clips of real-time speed were super satisfying to watch. It’s like drawing with a lightsaber. Very cool, Peter!

  18. I bought the ink and I didn't get the same results. I was not impressed at all. It did glow in the dark but after lot of exposure and didn't last long. Also not blue.

  19. The intro to this video was truly beautiful. The imagery, the narration, it all just blended together. Like almond milk.

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